Nothing Dangerous


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Scene Title Nothing Dangerous
Synopsis Adam tracks down Alia who has been in his periphery, then decides he needs a computer tech on the payroll.
Date August 12, 2009

Brooklyn Public Library

The central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library was designed to resemble an open book, two wings stretching out along the bordering streets, with the main entrance located at their hinge. Inside is the heart of one of the nation's largest public library systems; the Central Library alone contains over 1.5 million books, magazines, and other materials. It also contains the Brooklyn Collection, an assortment of references and ephemera that chronicle the history of the borough, and a Multilingual Center for non-English speakers and linguistic scholars. A cafe on the first floor sells coffee and snacks, while a restaurant on the third floor (open weekdays only) sells cafeteria-style meals. Internet access is freely available throughout the building.

Alia is sitting at her desk, not exactly the front desk, but not far from it, back in the office areas. Computer parts are skattered across the thing, as she tries to put one of the library's ancient machines back together. On the cubicle's wall hangs a fencing rapier (with the safety point, no sharp edges), and a few certificates showing what she's certified in tech-wise. There's a noticable lack of any pictures or other real personal touches. There's also a lack of cursing, which most people likely would be doing after three hours of trying to make a computer work.

Compared to some people Adam has tried to find, Alia Chavez was not terribly difficult. Even if he hadn't been curious about that oddly efficient digital painting, the rapier to try and save the people during the incident a week ago certainly drew his eye. So finally, he's tracked her down to the public library of all places. He left Michael outside in the car to watch the exits, not particularly believing he had anything to fear. He had sat down and just watched the woman work for some time, but eventually stands and heads along the wall of the cubicle. Finally, he appears over the wall of the cubicle to address her, "Hello, Alia. Long time no see."

Alia looks up, then nods in greeting as she sets down her screwdriver. "…. Adam, right?" She's to the point. No verbal fencing, no real chitchat. Then again, she never was good at either.

Adam considers her for some moments with a faint smile before he speaks in his British accent, "That's right." he says. Before getting to the real issues, he glances towards the rapier, "That's a nice practice sword you have there." he offers in a sort of coy tone, "It's possible I can teach you a thing or two."

Alia raises an eyebrow a bit. "Been a while since had someone offer to spar." She states with just a touch of caution to her words. She clears a bit of room on the desk, and offers with a hand gesture, a seat across from her.

Adam smiles and walks over. He sits down in his seat and says, "To be honest, I don't often offer. I…" he pauses, as if formulating the right phrasing, "Tend to not have many good partners." he finally finishes. He lifts one shoulder in a shrug, "I suppose you could say I'm quite advanced and sometimes you just need a challenge, I'm sure you understand." eventually he leans on the desk with his forearms and says, "That was quite a…talented picture you drew of the bank."

Alia shifts nerviously in her seat. She was wondering if that would come up. Particularly after learning the name Adam from the news of the Hospital Hostage situation. She otherwise stays calm, keeping her hands folded on the desk. "Steady hands. It's a hobby." She smiles a bit and, it becomes obvious that she is watching Adam's body language quite closely. "Details only were that good as I did it quick afterwards." The words have a strained quality to them, as if she has trouble finding the right ones, then putting them together.

Adam leans back in his seat comfortably. He carefully crosses his right leg over his left and his hands meet, folded, over the knee. He still has that faint smile, it never stopped. "Yes…quite detailed. Hard to believe they were done by hand. They look quite special to me, though I must confess, I'm not computer technician. But again, special. Do you think of yourself as special?"

Alia almost winces at the word 'special', but controls it so it's more just a twinge at the word's usage and emphasis. To her, it's a label she's hated her whole life. Having it applied to her hobby… then it clicks what Adam REALLY means, and she grins. "Talents are snowflakes." She muses mildly. "Unique." Her choice and shortness of words aren't meant to be rude. IN fact, she sounds amused nwo that she realizes you aren't trying to insult just that: her ability with spoken word.

Adam considers, "I suppose, but then, we don't all get to be snowflakes." he nods a bit as if he feels that what he suspected has been confirmed and leans forward again, dropping his knee from his hands and looking at the woman quite intently. He pauses, "I really don't like to have my picture spread around that way, for various reasons." one of them probably being that he's clearly some type of criminal.

Alia slides one hand calmly off her desk beside her chair, resting on, if one could see through her desk, the top of her backpack. "Once loose, data rarely disappears completely." The words are a strain, and it shows, mostly in her eyes. The work it takes to make them meet up in her mind, to make them flow properly. It's as likely as not as close to an appology over that it's a little late for her to do anything about it now as she's willing to give. After all, the only digital copy she gave out was to the police.

Adam watches this display for a few moments, considers what appears to be a brief moment of strain. He resists the urge to ask what happened, still, he believes he has some idea and then he begins, "Alia…I'm sure you realize that I'm not exactly a man who walks the side of the law. But what I am is a man with a lot of money." his head tilts to the side for a moment, "Would you consider working for a man such as me?"

Alia considers the words carefully… Her hand stays out of sight even as she replies slowly, picking her words with great care or effort. Maybe both. "Depends… on why you clash with the law."

Adam considers this question for some moments. His eyes glance down as he considers his thoughts and then he looks up. His face is grim and yet he still holds that faint smile of his. He says, "Because the law is wrong. To be honest, the police themselves hold little interest to me. They are trained guard dogs for the powers that be, and it's those powers that be that I clash with. I want to make the world a better place, truly I do, Alia. But there are some very powerful organizations out there who make that impossible. They're who my fight is with. The police just get in the way."

Alia idly fiddles with a screw with her free hand. "Computer work, I assume?" The words are practiced, and roll off her tounge, far easier than anything else she's said this entire time. She mentally sighs and tilts her head in curiosity, letting her body language say 'I'm slightly nervous but not afraid'.

Adam nods, "Well, in the broadest sense. Things to do with computers, let's say." he smiles, a bit more broadly now, "Nothing that would put you in danger," mostly. "But I need someone I can go to with computer problems and you seem to be the best option available to me right now." he watches the woman quietly, "And, it doesn't hurt that you're gorgeous." he offers the last with a bit of a twinkle in his eye. Attacking from all angles it seems.

Alia smirks, and flicks the screw to one side, then opens her desk drawer and pulls out a business card which she offers to Adam… it has a cell number on it, with her name and the line "Computer Repair, Any Time"… below that is the price of 70 an hour plus parts (And under that, a note that mileage is extra for commercial house calls) The card itself is only otherwise distingishable by the rather odd 'parchement' look border, giving it the apperance of a torn off bit of some old document, pasted onto a business card. Odds are she designed it herself.

Adam tilts his head a moment at the business card. Having recently acquired so many himself, he seems to be quite the expert on them. He flips it around in his hand before he reaches into his jacket pocket and puts it in. Finally, he stands and offers his hand towards her, "Thank you, Alia." he says quietly, "I shall be in touch soon enough."

Alia eyes the hand warily. Before shaking it because it would be rude not to,b ut she keeps it short and to the point. "Call when you got work." She says simply. After all, it's paying work, and so long as she's not breaking the law to do it, what does she care?

Adam continues to smile during the handshake and then turns from the desk and heads out of the library. All told, it was an interesting meeting.

Alia leans back in her chair… and finally takes her hand off the backpack and the concealed rapier hidden within. Interesting… and Alia has to wonder what kind of mischief she's gotten herself into this time.

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