Nothing Is Ever Off The Record


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Scene Title Nothing Is Ever Off The Record
Synopsis Especially when it deals with terrorists. Elisabeth is questioned after she's asked for by Remi and because of her association with the telepath.
Date March 23, 2011

The Nite Owl

Food. Coffee. necessary things for early morning meetings between FRONTLINE and Homeland Security. The Nite Owl is no stranger to such things, in the wee minutes after freshly opening the soonest that curfew allows and it's clear that both women who are parked at the booth are here for business. Audrey sitting just so, so that she doesn't irritate her abdomen, pouring hotsauce on her scrambled eggs like it's sugar in a bitter cup of coffee. Of which, next to her, the bitter cup of coffee has none.

"Your name came up, as someone to notify that she was moved" Remi of course. "You placed frontline officers on her door, which thank you for that. I can always count on frontline to help me out in these situations" Or die, or nearly die in these situations, but then again, that's what they're there for. "You also were in and out of the room, talking with Ms. Davingnon." Audrey's slate blue eyes lift from red drenched sunny eggs to the blonde across the table. "Unfortunately, you won't be able to visit her where she's been moved to finish her convalescing"

Elisabeth ordered herself a bagel sandwich of bacon, egg, and cheese with her coffee. It might be all she gets to eat today, depending on how things shake out. Sipping from her own cup of half-drunk coffee, the FRONTLINE officer nods to the Homeland agent. "I was told," she tells the agent mildly. "And FRONTLINE was glad to help both in guarding her and in the manhunt for the attacker. The initial reports were very confused about whether it was one Sylar, two Sylars, a man with glowing eyes who LOOKED like Sylar…" She sighs and sets the cup down. "I know the official position, ma'am, so you don't have to tell me to keep my trap shut."

Liz pauses a moment and then nods. "I was in and out a couple of times briefly, just to check in. Remi lives in my building and we've had lunch a couple of times. I wouldn't say we're friends but I thought that the least I could do was check in on her. She was pretty freaked about the whole situation, and her family is overseas, so…. I did allow her roommate and her friends to take the kind of rotating shifts that family would normally be allowed, so long as a guard accompanied them."

"I'm sure her family overseas has been notified and will be in contact with your neighbour" She'll make sure they're contacted. "She should be out of the hospital by end of the week, but after that, she's somewhat in DoEA hand due to her display of her ability that does not match up with what was listed." What that means, Audrey doens't know, just that when asked to move her to a more secure location, Staten Island was the only option. She's of the opinion that it means that to get to Remi, Sylar has to go througha veritable buffet and therefore give them adequate heads up.

"You're an audio kinetic, mind giving us a little privacy?" If thats possible, but she knows it's possible. She's seen Liz's file from Apollo.

Elisabeth nods slightly to the information that Remi may be in a tight spot with her Registration, though she says nothing on that topic. Instead, she glances around the diner and slips a silence bubble into effect around the table, making it obvious by muting all the outside noise. It's simpler than running a filter for just the outgoing noise from the table. "Privacy, Agent Hanson," she says, her blue eyes coming back to the other woman.

This is her first time experiencing it, and she glances around as well before carrying on. "You know, as well as me, that there is a midtown man still out there. That in fact, on your little jaunt to Russia and to the antarctic to stop a nuclear bomb, that he worked hand in hand with the government." How lowley audrey got access to super secret eyes only information who knows.

"There was two of them, at the gala. One was masquerading as one Avi Epstien, the other was masquerading as my friend and a member of the Department of Evolved affairs for at a minimim of 8 hours" Audrey takes a moment to shovel a mouthful of the hotsauce drenched eggs into her pinch faced mouth. She doesn't look happy that they masqueraded as anything.

"You know then, and I know, that directed consentual telepathy is not high on his list of things to take. No one would want it. It's limited and night to useless" A fork is pointed to Elisabeth. "So, off the record, girl to girl, what does Ms. Davingnon have really, in the realm of telepathy, that would make Sylar use me to get to her, and why Eileen spurling or Ruskin, whichever she's going at and another copy of Sylar that she is currently screwing, would work to keep him away from her"

the fork is thunked down, tine at right angles to her plate. "Don't feed me bullshit either. I got stabbed in the gut. I've been thrown off a bridge and survived, I am tired of letting this man make a fool of me"

Elisabeth listens quietly. If Audrey hadn't needed to know, she wouldn't. And Liz herself is not ashamed of her activities in Antarctica, so it's not like she feels it a problem Audrey knows about it. She nods slightly to the woman's insistance. "So far as I can tell, she has basic telepathy. It doesn't seem terribly powerful. She seems to catch surface thoughts if they're loud. I don't get the impression the woman uses it all that much except to work to tune it out as one would ambient noise in a crowded room. Obviously I'm in no way qualified to determine whether her power is stronger than that, Agent Hanson, but…. for what my opinion is worth to you, the version of Sylar that was attacking her came across to Ms. Davignon as …. essentially rabid. Telepathy itself is a useful enough tool and so far as I know it's rare enough that it alone might, in fact, make her a target."

She eats a bit of her bagel sandwich, considering the other query. "I wasn't on the teams with either Ruskin or Gray, so my exposure to either of them is limited at best," Elisabeth says. "But I got the impression that when they went to Antarctica that they'd honestly seen the errors of their pasts." She shrugs just a little. Audrey can take that for what it's worth. "Perhaps it was an extension of that, if they were present. I wasn't privy to that information, but … it seems to me that a copycat killer — hell, someone with a power like Gray's at all — would not be something anyone would want on the loose."

"Then you need to tell her to be a good little telepath and flat out state that she has general telepathy, instead of what she put down. They're more apt to go lenient on her. They will ferret it out, especially in light of what she displayed at the gala" General telepathy that was displayed, made more sense. But to what end did he want it? There were at the minimum, a handful of other evolveds. There was something specific about Remi and her telepathy that he wanted.

"Spurlings violated her probation. She's wanted in connection with human trafficking, subversion of the registration system plus who knows what else. Add on assault and attempted murder of a federal agent" One of many. That she's done.

"There's currently, to the best of my knowledge, three of them. One that Frontline attempted to corral that was hiding out at the lighthouse but were unable to take down" and subsequently left Audrey blind for a week or so. "And the two at the gala" she doesn't know about the one in the bird, or the Teo version. "So far, he's being marketed as a copy cat, lumped in as the actions of his father, and a shapeshifter"

"I'll be happy to talk to her, if I'm allowed, Agent Hanson," Elisabeth says quietly. She continues to nibble at her breakfast as they talk. She nods to the information given, responding quietly, "Marketing it as a copycat is probably wise. Knowledge that the man is still alive could spark a panic, especially if it gets out that he can shift shapes. Personally I think that would lead to a lot of blood in the streets." She shakes her head a bit, sets the sandwich down to have a sip of her coffee, and then adds, "I don't envy you this investigation. Is your friend all right? You said he impersonated her. I hope he didn't…." Kill her.

"She's fine, unharmed" The rest of the eggs finished with nearly no effect other than a need for coffee by the way she gulps down some of the hot bitter liquid. "To the best of my knowledge, Ms. Davingnon is being allowed access to a phone to converse with her friends. She is being provided counsellors to help her with the traumatic incident that she's gone through, but given that you know about Sylar and his penchant for face changing, you can understand why we have her in protective custody and physical access is pretty much non."

"You aren't even allowed there Officer Harrison, and that's none of my doing. I'll be going to visit her to talk more. Like i said, she'll be out by the end of the week, and the DoEA will decide from there whether she's still in need of protective custody and whats to be done." Her hashbrowns are pushed around before going for the bacon. "It's not like she'll be dancing anytime soon. All her physical and mental needs are being seen to and cared for"

There's a slow nod, and Elisabeth notes, "I'm aware that I'm barred. I am, after all, under investigation. I'm glad to hear she can phone friends, though — that will set her roommate's mind at ease, I'm sure." She grimaces a bit. "At least as much at ease as one can be with the fucking Midtown Man cruising for your friend." She looks down at her plate with a sigh. "What a mess," she says wearily.

Audrey knows all about the investigation. "What's Graeme Cormac's connection with Richard Cardinal" Out of the blue really, but his name did come up, and she has her reason for asking. "What exactly is your relationship with Richard Cardnal"

There's a tilt of her head and a frown. Elisabeth looks genuinely baffled. "I'm … not even sure they know one another, actually. Not that I know everyone Richard knows or anything." And she sips from her coffee cup, her blue eyes on the agent. "He's my friend. Occasionally my lover, if that's truly any of your business. Why do you ask?"

"It came up, that's all. I'm just trying to put things in perspective, in order. You never know what connections might be valid, and which are just tangents" Audrey points out. That liz is in a relationship, that has no bearing. "Do you know of his connection to Ms. Daivngnon?" Cardinal's, that is.

"I believe he's met her a couple of times, if I remember right. I think he said something to me about having spoken to her about security for her home, but … I don't know if Redbird's doing the home security stuff. Personally I would have sent her to Morgan Security for that — Laura Morgan did my father's security."

Audrey nods, filing that all away. "Okay" Okay. The last bit of bacon eaten, toast, fruits and hashbrowns abandoned as she starts to get her jacket and wallet, putting money on the table to cover her meal. "If I have any more questions, will you be available to answer them? I doubt that I will, but, you never know when it comes to Sylar. I haven't had a chance to talk in depth with others who were in operation apollo and around him. Well, not with ones that I want to talk to"

"Of course, Agent Hanson. You know where to find me if you have questions. I'll be happy to help any way that I can." Elisabeth smiles a little and makes no move to get up — she's going to finish her own breakfast before she leaves. "Good luck with the investigation."

Audrey's carefully removing herself from the booth, favoring her midriff, that's for sure. "I think I'm going to need all the luck that I can get my hands on" The pinch faced blonde mutters, before her steps carry her away towards the exit so that she can start what will be sure to be a very long day.

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