Nothing More To Be Said


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Scene Title Nothing More To Be Said
Synopsis Elisabeth tells Len of her meeting with Teo and why Len's chance for vengeance has to be set aside.
Date November 3, 2009

Central Park

The chill is starting to set in, but it's still bearable. Len has not gone through a New York winter yet, but he's been warned, so he was actually heading to get himself a leather jacket to keep the chill out.

The call from Elisabeth Harrison took Len by surprise. It probably shouldn't, but as he watches her name on his phone as it rings, there's a glimmer of hope that perhaps she's got a lead on Laudini. It's the only thing he's working on.

Of course, it just could be she needs a favor. Len is already in town so he tells her to meet him at the park, where they normally meet and he'd be there in half an hour. He parks in front of the shop he plans to visit and walks the rest of the way to the Park. He actually makes it a few minutes early as he takes a seat on the bench. No secret meeting going on here. Move along.

Elisabeth is dressed for the cool weather — it's 50 degrees, she's merely wearing a fleece zip-up at this point, not even a heavy jacket over her long-sleeved shirt and black slacks. It's great for hiding her shoulder rig, though; she loves fall and winter for that. She walks along the path with her hands in her jacket pockets, and when she reaches Len, she stops to stand in front of him. Not sitting. "I've got some intel for you… and you're not going to like it. Laudani made contact."

As courtesy that has been drilled into him since he was a small child dictates, Len stands as Harrison approaches. So, when she stands in front of him, he offers a spot on the bench with a sweep of his hand. His motions are tentative at best, because the way she words what she says makes him just a little cautious as his eyes dart behind her, in the direction she came.

There's even a small hint that perhaps she's set him up. He's only been acting a little paranoid as of late.

"Tell me you have him in custody?" His eyes are covered by a pair of dark sunglasses, so the only expression that she could see is the grimace that crosses his mouth as he already has a feeling Teo is not in custody.

Shaking her head in the negative, Elisabeth says quietly, "No." She lets that sink in and says softly, "And since he's already attempted to turn himself in and your own boss is, to repeat the phrase he used, cock-blocking that move on his part, I won't be able to turn him over to you." Those haunted blue eyes study Len Denton closely. "He went to Dalton herself, asked for a mindwipe. I'm assuming it's a wipe of certain information he didn't want the Company to have. She apparently obliged him. And she cut him loose. She knows exactly what he did to Minea, Len… she has to. And like every other compromise you've ever had to make for the Company… you're going to have to let this go. For now. From what I gather, he may be in a position to take down the remnant of the Vanguard that has the nukes."

It's always about the 'greater good', isn't it?

Len is quiet for a moment. In fact, far too quiet. He doesn't say another word. However, the way his eyebrows curve downward just before he lifts his head to look upward, only a glimmer of his eyes being seen behind the shaded glasses before he clenches his jaw and swallows.

He almost looks for one moment like he's going to say something, but he catches himself and forces his lips together. The espression that crosses his face is no longer the tired, weary Len, but something darker, as if just this moment coming to some conclusion. His hands are thrust into his front pockets and he turns and starts to walk off.

"Denton?" she starts to ask softly. And then he pivots, and Elisabeth is alarmed. "Len!" She bites her lip, not reaching out to stop him, though. She is no more pleased by this information than he, her expression as she gave him the news gave it away. The death of Minea Dahl eats at her guts; the fact that the woman will get no justice makes her feel both empty and useless. And like she shouldn't bother being a cop anymore either. She watches the back of the agent as he walks away, and then drops her eyes to the ground. There is nothing more she can possibly say here.

There's a brief pause in his step as he hears his name being called out. Seems that there's someone he needs to talk to now. And besides, if Harrison had said it out loud, he'd agree.

There is nothing more to be said here.

His pause is only brief, as he continues on and disappears around the corner.

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