Now You're Talkin' My Language


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Scene Title Now You're Talkin' My Language
Synopsis Flirting and firearms. Isn't that how the best friendships always start?
Date Sep 2, 2010

Redbird Security Solutions, Basement

Early afternoon in the basement of Redbird Security, behind the biohazard symbols and barred entryways is a somewhat somber and silent place. The few lights that are turned on show interesting silohuettes of posts, connected by strings, and the muted glow of a computer somewhere back there in the darkness, but in the right third of the room, the range is alight with life and sound.

Standing behind the range line, a bit dirty from something he had been doing previously in the day, is Jaiden. It's been a while since he's been able to practice with anything resembling military weapons, and as he loads the MP-5 he withdrew from the armory and sets it to single shot, he feels the old practiced motions getting back to normal. There's a small boombox with an iPhone plugged into it, U2 Playing loud enough to be heard, but not too loud as to be heard outside the bulletproof range.

"I want to run, ~ I want to hide, ~ I want to tear down the walls, ~ That hold me inside….

Jaiden sends a target down to 50 feet and prepares himself. When it reaches the end, the gun snaps up and there are nine shots - three bursts of three - that pepper the paper. Three in the head, six in the chest.

The blonde descending the stairs isn't necessarily surprised to find people here, but she's perhaps just a touch surprised as to who it is. A smile slides across Elisabeth's face as she watches from the far side of the bulletproof wall that protects the main part of the basement from the firing range. She's not simply studying Jaiden's skills on the targets, though a practiced eye is noting that information. He's a nice bit of eye candy too!

When he's finished the clip that he loaded as she first descended, she steps inside the door onto the firing line. It's only then that she catches the music and grins faintly. "You're going to go deaf shooting in an enclosed space with no headgear," she comments mildly. For her own part, she simply mutes the higher, louder cracks of gunfire from her own hearing. "Nice spread." The twinkle to her eyes may give away that she's more than aware of the double entendre there.

The sound of gunfire is kind of loud, the soundwaves bouncing off the far wall and back, the ringing of the shells as they *ping* off the concrete floor an interesting counterpoint. When the clip is empty he lowers the gun, pulling the clip and checking the breach before setting it down on the carpeted tabletop, reaching up to pull a pair of foam ear protectors out.

He was using ear protection. He's seen to many folk go deaf from things like that.

"Thanks, Lizzie." Jaiden says with a grin as he reaches up, pulling the string that recalls the target, the 'zombie' that he was using peppered through with ragged groups of three in major areas that would most definately stop someone without too much of a problem. The interesting thing is, some of the shots are in places where armor normally isn't located - neck, elbow, and armpit. Wounds that would stop someone, but not kill them in most cases, and are lightly protected. "Not bad for only going to the range once or twice in the past few years. It's like ridin' a bicycle, I guess. You never forget."

Ah! Well, that makes her feel far better. She, too, has seen too many people suffer hearing loss from gunshots too close to the head. Elisabeth winks at him with a smile and then inspects his target more closely. Noting the placement of the shots, she says quietly, "I like that. As our folks start spending more time in here, I'd like it if you showed them how to aim for those kinds of areas. For most of our folks, they'll be using wide-dispersal firearms if they're armed at all. Right now I've got them training for center mass just because it's the biggest target, but if you see some showing talent, I'd like to have the element of surprise in shots fired."

She smiles then and adds, "And it is something like riding a bicycle. Two years off the range altogether and it only took a couple weeks before I was qualifying again." Nowadays, it's a constant thing. She does a lot of her shooting practice out at the base — shooting here is for fun.

"I'd like to think our people are a little better than most. I mean…" He gestures to the posts. "We're all about precision. The smallest change for the greatest effect. I learned this because we were taught this fairly early…dead is bad, but gets one guy off the field. injured gets two guys…one bullet effectively takes two people out if you hit it right." He pokes his finger in the hole in the right shoulder of the target, wiggling it around. "I can do lessons now and again, sure. Just tell me when people are here and I'll make sure I show them how. The last thing we need is someone wantonly spraying bullets."

"It's _fun_ to do that…" he concedes. "But it's not economical." Jaiden grabs clip #2 and reloads the MP-5. "Show me what you can do?" He offers the gun, safety still on, ready to be loaded.

She steps forward, still wearing the all-black getup that she goes to work every day in, and takes the weapon. Elisabeth quirks a brow and says, "When I gotta shoot, I'm generally shooting for my life, mister, so I don't care if I shoot to kill." But she grins at him and moves into the space next to the one he'd been using, since there's a target already on it, unblemished.

Her movements as she checks the weapon are economical — she's familiar with it, at least. She loads the first round into the chamber and flips the safety off, not bothering with ear coverage. Her ability allows her to mute the sounds by extending around the weapon itself so that neither of them can hear the sound.

And as he did before her, she fires three three-round bursts, one to the crotch, one to the upper chest/throat region, and one to the head. May as well have a little fun while you're at it. One of the crotch shots and one of the throat shots are outside the body outline, but the others are well within what would be considered normal parameters for a qualifying hit.

Jaiden's fingers are poked into his ears when the gun is loaded and raised, the man stepping behind the firing line while she shoots, squinting through the safety goggles with each three-round-burst, grinning a little as parts of her are set to jiggling cutely with each punch of the rifle against her shoulder. The nice thing about those shots, too, is that even if they're technically outside the line, having bullets flying so close to your dangly-bits is generally an 'oh shit!' moment that gets someone diving for cover. And that's the purpose of the three-round burst too. If one bullet doesn't hit, chances are one of the other two will.

"Not bad." He observes with a grin. "FRONTLINE go into combat with weapons, or just powers?"

Elisabeth laughs quietly, looking over her shoulder. "No man's going to just stand there and let me shoot his junk," she chuckles. "We're not stupid. Weapons are standard issue. Powers are just a bonus. Some of their powers aren't even useful in combat. Some of them are." She shrugs a bit and steps back, safetying the weapon once more and holding it out vertically with the muzzle pointed up to the ceiling for him to take.

AFter the first shot has no sound, he removes his fingers and just watches with a smirk. When she's done, he takes the rifle, grins, and sets it aside, the clip pulled, the breach open. Safety first, as far as guns go. "Well, I hope to never be on the other end of you shooting me. I rather like my junk and having high-speed lead shot delivered there is not something I would ever seek to have happened. And I ask because I don't know. I really hope I never see that armor on the other side of where I am, but if I do, it's nice to at least have an idea of what I'm facing."

"I'm going to quote Henry Rollins here. There's something about a chick that can lock and load and kick your ass that just has something different.""

"If you're ever on the opposite side of a firearm from me, Jaiden, I'd have to say that more has gone wrong in the world than I ever hope to see," she admits with a grin. "The armor is… damn nice. Adaptive. So if you shoot at me, it's similar to a ballistic vest, only it morphs around to address the force that's just come at you." And then Liz pauses and cheekily replies to the last part with a mock-curtsey amid chuckles. "So glad I can impress you."

"Wouldn't be coming around as much as I have been if you weren't damn impressive. Always had a thing for being friends with strong-willed women." Girls like Elisabeth mainly come from Australia. Tough girls. Girls that know what they want and have no shame in telling a guy exactly why they're wrong, stupid, incorrect, or otherwise in the way of the right thing.

Hanging out with a girl that can kick your ass is a bit humbling, but it's nice being on the same level. Elisabeth fits the mould of 'she's not a girl, she's cool.' that's often bandied about by teenage boys.

"So….want to do a speed drill? See who's best right now?"

"Fft," Elisabeth retorts, a faint flush creeping across her cheeks at the compliment. "Strong-willed? That's a polite way to phrase it," she laughs. "You don't have to sugar-coat it. I can be a big bitch. Major! Just ask Cardinal!" It doesn't seem to bother her a bit. "Sure! I'll load up new targets while you set out the weapons?"

"Well, I wouldn't exactly put it that way, but having a little bitch around now and then keeps you on your toes." Jaiden smirks and takes the MP-5 back to the armoury, coming back after a few moments with a pair of matching pistols and six clips which he stands and loads while Elisabeth sets up the targets.

She takes zero offense, and by the time he comes back with the handguns, Elisabeth has new targets on the clips and is reeling them down the makeshift target lanes (clotheslines for the win!) Only then does she reach for one of the guns and the clips that accompany it. "I can't remember the last time I did speed drills. This'll be fun!" And she's not kidding — she doesn't shoot just for work. It's a fun passtime and she seems to genuinely be enjoying herself. "Wanna put a wager on it?" she asks, slanting him a grin.

Loading the clips takes a moment or two, but Jaiden does it fairly efficiently, making sure that each one has the same number of shots in it, taking one for himself and the glock, setting it on the table in front of him. "Okay…this is the drill. Clip out, hands on each side. When we say 'go' load the gun, then fire three shots at each target." There are two for each. "Highest score combined for each target wins."

He leans back, the gun left on the bench. "Oh? What'd you have in mind? I already owe you a date."

"Owe me?" Elisabeth asks with a smile. "Well, I don't think you owe me anything, Jaiden. Though a real honest-to-God date would certainly make me smile. The only things you know about me are work related. Dancing after dinner if I win?"

Jaiden laughs and nods. "And here I was thinking you were going to do something horrid involving lack of clothes. You're on. Real honest-to-god date if you win. Dinner and then dancing at a real honest-to-god posh place. And if I win? Hrm…" He's got to think about that for a moment. "You come kayaking with me in the bay." Any excuse to see her in a swimsuit.

Kayaking? Really?? Elisabeth eyes him. "You wanna kayak in the Hudson? She shudders and sighs. "Well….. okay. Eew. Maybe I should have done something horrid involving lack of clothes. Though I'm not sure how to take that you think anything involving me and a lack of clothing is horrid," she retorts good-naturedly.

She moves to her side of the table and grins. "You get to call the start."

"I really meant something outdoorsy. Camping. River rafting. Hiking in the woods somewhere. As far as horrid, I meant me in lack of clothes." Jaiden moves into position, leaning back to look her over. "You in less clothes would be quite lovely. You certainly filled out jogging shorts rather well this morning." He smiles and leans back, hands on the table. "Ready?" He waits for her assent before saying "Go!"

"Outdoorsy I am more than happy to do. The Hudson's just gross." Elisabeth grins and nods her acknowledgement to him, swooping up the firearm, jamming the clip home, loading the first round, and firing until the clip is empty. It could just be luck, or it could be that Jaiden's that out of practice whereas Liz is on the range at least three times a week. Or maybe it's that he's busy watching something else instead of his target. There's no real way to know what influenced the first round, but every single one of Elisabeth's bullets bite into the target in a tight grouping just at the base of the silhouette's throat. Trouble is, it shocks her so much that it throws off her aim for the next clip, and by the time she hits the last clip, she's giggling at how poor her showing is! Jaiden, on the other hand, seems to just get better and better… and by the time the targets come back up the alleys, Liz is both damn amused and absolutely disgusted with her own performance.

"Well, shit," she comments idly. "Jaiden, I'm thinking you're going to get outdoorsy and lack of clothes, given that kind of shitty marksmanship on my part!" Elisabeth looks up and grins cheerfully.

He's not a bad winner. There's no taunting or 'victory laps' or arms in the air cheering. Jaiden is methodical and, once he's figured out the range and the weapon, gets markedly better on the third one, only barely missing one target out of the last one. The empty clip is removed, the gun put aside on the bench, the man grinning. "Here's the problem, now. I get to figure out a good time to do this. How's this weekend sound sometime? (OOC'ly Saturday night-ish, played out Sunday evening or monday morning and back-dated due to me being out of town)." He grins and looks Elisabeth over, winking. "Don't you worry too much, Lizzie. I'm a gentleman when the situation calls for it. Your virtue will be in no danger with me around." Unless she wants it to be, of course.

"Sounds like a damn shame, if it's true," Elisabeth drawls in response. Her smile is easy as she leans back on the table with her hands near her hips. "This weekend should be great, barring any work problems." There's a pause, though, as she considers their flirtation and what's just been said, and then she says, "I should probably warn you up front, Jaiden, that I'm not…. looking for a serious kind of thing. I like you. I'd like to spend some time with you. But I'm …. " She looks almost confused for a moment and admits softly, "I'm kind of in a long-term relationship. It's open — we're… we don't require monogamy of one another. But I'd be lying to you if I let you think we'd wind up going anywhere."

Always the good ones seem to be taken. Ah well. "I understand, Lizzie. As long as the other half of your relationship is fine with it, I'm fine with it. Only reason I'm considering it is 'cause you're a friend and you trusted your gut on giving me a chance. I ain't expecting anything, 'course. I just like hanging out with you and if we have a little fun with each other during?" He smiles playfully. "So much the better."

As she remains leaning against the table, Elisabeth laughs softly. "I'm not entirely certain how to take that," she admits. "It almost sounds as if I'm propositioning you into something you don't want to do. I'm perfectly fine with leaving it at flirting and spending time, Jaiden. A good friend is far more precious than a roll in the hay." She pushes off the table and stands upright. "I just didn't want things to go beyond flirting and realize that I'd somehow lead you on, that's all. I don't fool around with people's feelings when I can help it. It's a good way to lose friends. And you do flirt so nicely," she adds with a grin.

"It's how I keep my rapier sharp. Practice, practice practice. Honing that edge to a mirror's sheen." Jaiden moves away, taking a seat on one of the folding chairs facing the firing range, right in front of Elisabeth, turning it around so he's straddling it, arms crossed over the back. "Flirting and spending time is exactly what I want, and if it leads to the occasional physical encounter, that's fine too. I just don't want it to be a random hook up. If we're to be friends with benefits, I want it to be friendship first, benefits second." He reaches out a hand for her to take if she chooses. "I appreciate you telling me, Lizzie. You're not propositioning me. You're just telling me like it is." He grins.

"See, now there's a man who absolutely gets the way I live my life," Elisabeth replies with a smile, slipping her hand into his easily. "So now that you've kicked my ass on the firing range and we're squared away on that front… where're we heading for this wonderful outdoors excursion?" She pauses and then looks thoughtful. "You know, if we're not entirely swamped come mid-October, we should go hike up in the White Mountains. I found some maps last weekend at my dad's place that marked some places we went a few years ago." She shrugs slightly, no memory of actually doing that hike but there were some photos too. She left all that stuff up at the cabin.

Jaiden gives Elisabeth's hand a squeeze and gives her a smile, remaining in his seat, looking up at the blonde standing above him. "Like I said, I like strong women, and you fit the bill rather well. Going to a cabin right before November sounds like a bloody good plan. Nice and cool, able to wrap up in a blanket in front of a fireplace."

Elisabeth chuckles, slipping her hand from his after returning the squeeze. "See, now you're talkin' my language," she laughs. Her movements are casual as she picks up emptied weapons and clips to remove them back to the locked cabinet at the far end of the firing line. "So I caught that you are well acquainted with Pink Floyd and U2. What else do you listen to?" As she stores the firearms, she glances over her shoulder. "I was a music teacher," she admits. "I kinda miss it sometimes. My friend Cat used to tell me to come play at the Rock Cellar, but I've not really found the time since I met her."

Sometimes being with someone isn't about the physical. Sometimes it's about just being there and sharing a moment. Truth be told, if Jaiden had his way, skipping right to the main event would be something only done rarely - the build up…now that's the fun part, and finding a kindred spirit who enjoys the same things? "Reggae, rock, jazz, classical, electronic….pretty much anything save polka and by default Tejano. I listen to it all and like a large portion of it. I can plunk at a guitar too - know a few chords, but nothing that would get me any kind of recognition." He watches her move around, noting her efficiency and the lack of wasted movement, smiling as she bends to put the guns on the low shelf where he got them from. There was a reason he chose that spot, y'see.

She may or may not realize exactly what he's looking at, but it's a nice show nonetheless. If nothing else, being in FRONTLINE and having to stick to a military physical fitness regimen has done quite a lot to tone and strengthen her slender frame. Not that she was a slouch in the cops either, but it's a whole different ballgame hanging with the military crowd. They're far more into the PT than most other jobs. "Nice," she replies, finishing what she's doing and moving to lock the cabinet. "I'm not a huge fan of country, though I can listen to some of it. Bluegrass is a definite no. Most other things I enjoy to varying degrees, but I admit to being primarily a pop and classic rock person. Classical has its points, especially when you play piano, and there's much to be appreciated. But I like something with a beat. And I do love a good reggae or salsa band." It seems like so long ago now that she used to actually go clubbing. Huh. Might be something she needs to rectify all the way around. As she turns, she smirks faintly at the expression. "You'd probably like Cat's club. It's a lot of local artists, not usually terribly big names but almost all very talented. Cat herself sometimes plays there." She smiles faintly. "You and she will have friends in common, too. And Abby's planning on reopening a new club soon, so I think we'll all have to frequent it to make sure she's got enough business." Hey…. the end of the world is easy. We'll survive or we won't. If we do, there's still the rest of life to live, yeah?

True, she may not realize it, but that doesn't stop Jaiden from partaking in the view. "Country has it's place." he says, straightening and smiling. "It's not something I listen to all the time, or even sometimes. It's so formulaic. It's either a triumph of the cowboy or a lament over something lost. Some of the really old things - hank williams senior from the 50's - is so different because it tells a story. Reggae and Salsa…Yes. Very yes. I just wish I knew how to dance salsa."

Ooooh! A man who wants to dance? The look on the woman's face is like you just gave her Christmas a few months early. "Oh, honey," Elisabeth drawls. "I knew God owed me something - a non-gay man who wants to dance salsa with me? We're gonna have so much fun." Oh yes. Oh my my my, yes indeed we are.

Jaiden stands and slides the chair out of the way, taking Elisabeth's hand and pulling her close, causing her to spin to end with her back against his chest, one hand on her waist, the other in her hand. "Most certainly not gay. Honey, you did something right." Jaiden grins and spins her again, out this time, holding her at arms length before releasing and clapping his hands together above his head. "Ole!"

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