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Scene Title Nu-c-u-lar U-mans
Synopsis Some people can't pronounce anything right— In the meantime, Kincaid goes to Russo for an important talk about women.
Date December 3, 2010

Studio K - Russo's Office

"I don't think you realize how serious this is," Brad's expression is stern as he opens the door for his visitor. His hands finger points at the blonde haired man with every syllable uttered for extra emphasis— requiring particular annunciation of the consonant sounds, "Repeat after me… slowly this time— " Russo stares expectantly at the other man. "Nu-cle-ar."

Dirk, Kristen's assistant rolls his eyes. "We've been through this already!" The blonde-haired, rather short man, tugs on his dress shirt, "Nu-c-u-lar. See? I totally pronounce it correctly! I mean I could school anyone at that first grader show— "

"I think it's are you smarter than a fifth grader— " the host corrects, longingly glancing at the hall, hoping for Kristen's assistant to make a timely exit. The afternoon has been filled with interjections from the short blonde man who happens to constantly get on the host's nerves. While all people are annoying from time-to-time, others have the gift of irritation. To Brad, Dirk is one of these people. Despite his irritation, Russo manages a polite, albeit tight, smile, and he even manages to suppress the roll of his eyes.

"Have you ever heard someone who says U-man instead of hu-man?" the guest suddenly says, with a joking smile. Kincaid often has a joking smile on his face, even when he doesn't get enough sleep, or his daily coffee. "They couldn't understand that the h isn't supposed to be silent," he continues, as he moves in closer. His right hand has a bandage around it, freshly changed, but no sign of what caused him to have to get it bandaged. That's what bandages are for, aren't they?

"I actually need to talk to you, if you got some time… Mister Russo." The use of Mister seems awkward, as if he's not entirely sure what to call the man still.

"Yeah, that one is just…" Russo shudders at the U-man comment, complete with a sour frown which is quickly supplanted by a smile. YES! An out! "And on that note, it looks like our time is up for today, Dirk," like all of this is just some grand appointment. "You should… check on K or something…" his eyes shift back to the hall, silently pleading that Dirk take off, particularly in light of this discussion with Kincaid.

"Riiiiiight," Dirk counters before shuffling through the door.

All too emphatically, the host shuts the door behind Dirk, and with the slightest tremor in his hand, he laces his fingers together, and mouths a silent, 'Thank you.' With that, he beckons Kincaid further into the office. "Call me Brad. I'm pretty sure only the guests call me Mister Russo. Seriously… when I hear the name, I look for my grandfather. And the man died a couple years ago, so it's just weird."

The office itself is large. The back wall contains ceiling to floor windows with a desk just in front of it, strategically placed to keep Russo from staring out it. Shy of the desk is a small sitting area— a couple of black easy chairs and a coffee table. It's here where he ushers Kincaid sit down. "Have a seat. What can I do for you?"

"Of course… Brad," Kincaid says, though that seems awkward even then. "Some of my friends call me Cade, but others call me Kin. Only the cute girls can get away with that one, though— and Kristen's already dubbed me K2," he tosses out as he sits down, his voice quiet and tired.

"K approved my idea for a show, with Humanis First, but one of the guests I lined up… It turns out you know her already, and she wanted me to talk to you first about it. K, not the guest." For a few moments he's quiet, fiddling mildly with his bandage on his right hand. "It's Melissa Pierce. I went to her because she was a counselor at the Suresh Center, to see if she could reference me to any of the young Evolved she talks to who might have had issues, but she apparently had issues of her own, so I thought my search was over— but it seems she knows you…"

Brad's face pales slightly at the mention of Melissa's name, yet the smile remains although it does weaken some. "Melissa Pierce," he repeats quietly before running a hand through his hair. His thoughts, however, are not easily discerned, yet his hand tremors again, drawing him to his feet and back towards the desk to open a drawer which he determinedly closes moments later only to look up at Kincaid with a well-rehearsed 'easy' grin.

"She's a very competent young woman with lots to offer," he manages finally, with a flash of teeth as his hands are shoved into his pockets if only to prevent another visible tremor.

"That's a very 'safe' sounding response," Kincaid admits with a grimace, before he straightens up, trying to look a little less like a worried intern. After all he's supposed to be less annoying that Dirk, right? So he would hope, at least, and the more kiddish he acts, the more likely he'll be to come off as… less than a competitent assistant producer.

"If you got no protests, I'll add her to the roster along with Magnes and Peyton Whitney. Should be an interesting show, especially if I can get someone actually from Humanist First to show up." Odds of that he knows are slim, but he's going to do his best.

"There was an auction yesterday, for charity. One of those 'sell yourself' for a few hours things— I ended up buying Melissa, so that I could get to know her better. And Kristen bought me. But I have a feeling she's just gonna torment me."

Another hand rakes through Russo's hair. "It… actually has little to with her," Russo admits with a shrug. "Well… that's not… it's… it's complicated," and there it is. And there it will stay. "I have no objections, I'm a professional. In fact, I can't remember the last time I objected to anyone being on the show. K, on the other hand— " he holds out his hand and teeters it in the air. "— she's kind of protective of me, I think. Mostly." His eyebrows knit together.

At this, however, he shrugs. "Point is, I have no objections." And there it is, plain and simple. He manages a more forced smile. "She'll have a lot to say and she's very opinionated about things."

He chuckles at the notion of Kincaid being purchased by Kristen. "She'll probably make you do Dirk's job or something equally bad— I seriously don't know why he's still around here…"

Leaning back in his chair, Kincaid's dark eyes stare at a spot beside the older man's head rather than directly at him, as if he's lost in thought about something. A lot of somethings, actually. "K's an interesting woman," he says finally, eyes shifting to look directly at Russo again. "But yeah, she does seem to be overly protective of you…"

There's that hesitation again, before he speaks rather bluntly, "Do you like Kristen? As in more than a professional relationship, more than friendship."

There's another flicker of a smile, and Russo opens his mouth to say something only to think better of it. His gaze moves back to that drawer, lingering there as if it will open with his stare. With a sigh, his gaze returns to Kincaid. "K is my oldest friend and the closest thing I have to family." He clears his throat as he glances down at his desktop.

"Some things are more important than others." Whatever that means. He finally returns to the sitting area and assumes his chair again.

In response, Kincaid has a sad smile on his face as he stands up from his own chair. "I understand, just… Once I waited too long to tell someone how I felt, and it ended up being too late, do I don't want to see others make the same mistake. Even if it means you might lose something important, you might gain something even more important at the same time."

For a moment, he looks like he's trying to smile, but it doesn't quite work. "I'll let you know when I get the show scheduled so you can prep yourself, but I'll be running it, so I'll feed you questions and advice. K put me incharge of this one, so it's one of those things. Sink or swim."

"Life is complicated. The last time I let myself get swept up in feelings— and after a very short romance and an even shorter engagement— I lost everything. All at once… and I have no one to blame but myself," the statement is more rueful than actually forlorn, and he manages that sedate smile— weary rather than merry. Yet moments later, Russo's tone hinges on bitter, "But then, I guess I get the pleasure of living on."

Brad whistles, "Well, Cade, I think you may be in the big leagues now. K doesn't exactly pass her work on to anyone else." His smile grows again, complete with a flash teeth. "This show is our legacy. Do us proud."

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