NYC Chinese Mafia Boss Killed

CHINATOWN — Late Monday afternoon, NYPD officially operating on a tip about a case related to the murder of James Barber last week, raided Hittetsu Arms an antiques shop located on Canal Street. NYPD officials operating in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security were confronted by notorious mob boss Chang Ye along with several members of his gang the "Flying Dragons." In the resulting shootout with police, Chang Ye (76) and three of his subordinates Huong Gao (27), Dan Chi (30) and Xu Ci-Chiang (22) were killed. A fourth member, Wo Yunxu (25) was critically wounded and died of his injuries a short time later at Saint Vincent's Hospital.

Initial reports indicate that an attempted extortion was unexpectedly interrupted by the heroic actions of New York's finest working in conjunction with the federal agents.

New York Police officer Elisabeth Harrison and FBI agent Felix Ivanov were both seriously injured in the line of duty, and are both expected to make a full recovery. During an interview with the New York Times, Homicide Detective Richard Myron — who has worked Chinatown for the past twenty years — was quoted as saying, "If it were not for the heroic and capable talents of officer Harrison, agent Ivanov, and detectives Ezra Grimes and Kaydence Lee-Damaris, this case would not have been closed nearly as quickly as it was. I would like to extend my thanks to the many other fine men and women in the NYPD and DHS that helped on this investigation."

Authorities are still looking for Chang Ye's son and daughter for questioning in their involvement in this incident, and we will keep you up to date on any further developments in this story.

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