NYC Cop Found Murdered

CNN News

The image fades in to the newsroom familiar to those who watch a goodly amount of CNN programming. The anchor sitting at the front desk has chin-length blonde hair, a smart pink suit with both a breast cancer awareness ribbon and a tiny American flag pinned to the sharp lapel of her blazer. With a neutral expression and eyes that are wide and alert, she greets her viewing audience. "Good evening, I'm Randi Kaye. Thank you for joining us tonight. Our top story tonight comes out of New York City where an explosion rocked an abandoned building on Thursday night. Firefighters were able to arrive on the scene quickly an extinguished the blaze, where they discovered a man tied to a chair with multiple gunshot wounds. Lights and a video camera had been set up to record the man's murder. Commissioner Karen Lau of the NYPD was unwilling to issue a formal statement at this time, though she did assure the citizens of New York that the murder is being investigated. Speculation has suggested that Lau's hand-picked counter-terrorism unit is on the case." Miss Kaye pauses a moment, either for effect or to steel herself for the rest of her report. "Commissioner Lau and the NYPD have not released the video recovered from the crime scene. However, CNN has received a copy of the tape, and we feel compelled to share it. I want to warn our viewers, the footage seen here is disturbing and graphic."

The scene on the television changes, though the ever-present ticker at the bottom of the screen remains as the video flickers to life.

The man on screen flinches at the sudden exponential increase of light, squinting, he peers through at something behind the camera. He's bound to his chair by zipties. "Hello.." He says shakily and somewhat in a panic. "My name is Joseph Thomas James, I am a police officer." A deep breath. "And an activist against Evolved Rights." He gives a quizzical glance to something on the other side of the camera, then back to something just off to the side of the lens. "I have recently been captured to show the world that intolerance will not be accepted." A deep, terrified breath.

"Go on." A woman off-camera sing-songs with false sweetness. "Keep reading." Despite the saccharine, there's a dangerous edge to her words.

"To the New York City Police Department. If this video is not displayed to the public.. What?" The man asks, staring agape at the things he's been told to read. "Why does it say that? Why do I have to say that?" He asks in horror, again wrestling with his restraints.

There's a muted sound and the man recoils in pain as blood spatters in the bottom of the frame - the side of the man's foot having been hit by a bullet. He cries out, voice echoing off the walls of the room.

"Don't worry," the woman's voice assures and threatens the man, "I'm sure my aim's improving. It'll be better next time."

The man panics. "Oh God. Oh God, let me go, please." He looks pleadingly presumably to the woman behind the camera. "Oh God.. I.. If this video is not displayed to the public, the bodies will continue to drop." His face screws up at the next line. "Fortis et libre?"

Then, the screen goes blank, though the audio reel keeps rolling through the sound of a second muted gunshot.

Moments later, Randi Kaye is visible again, and obviously perturbed by the footage itself. "As many citizens of New York City know, the words 'fortis et libre' or 'strong and free' are the slogan for the Evolved terrorist organisation known only as PARIAH…"

The broadcast continues with facts known or suspected about PARIAH as well as expert commentary and speculation…

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