Nypd Detective Connected With Humanis First

New York Times
January 4, 2010

Sources within the Department of Homeland Security today have released information pertaining to a possible corruption in the New York Police department relating to the dangerous anti-evolved terrorist group Humanis First. At a press conference this morning with members of the Justice Department presrnt, Operations Director Jason Pierce of the Department of Homeland Security cited that the ATF and FBI had been performing a joint counter-terror operation in coordination with Homeland Security and elements of INTERPOL to connect possible ties of Humanis First to the New York Police Department.

This investigation began in 2009 following a concerted attack by Humanis First on the Metropolitan Museum of Art during a gala held in honor of the FRONTLINE organization's christening. Repeated failures within the NYPD to track the elements of Humanis First down on their escape into the ruins of Midtown Manhattan led many to suspect possible inside operation by the terror group.

Today those fears were confirmed. The FBI released snippets of classified information obtained from an anonymous intelligence operative who had been working undercover in Humanis First for the last several months. This information implicated NYPD Homicide Detective Daniel Montgomery Walsh in New York's 5th Precinct.

Walsh, a Gulf War veteran is alleged to have connections to what is being called the largest illegal firearms smuggling operation in the United States. According to sources within the ATF, Walsh may have moved hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition and tons of explosives into the United States from South America utilizing his NYPD connections to buy off Coast Guard and freight regulatory inspectors.

A raid on what is believed to have been one of Walsh's primary arms depots on Staten Island revealed a cache of military-grade body armor, armor-piercing rounds, assault rifles and other illegal firearms and hardware, all which has been seized. An attempt to apprehend Walsh in tandem with the raid ran into unspecified complications, and both the FBI and ATF claim that they are 'tightening the noose' around Walsh's operation and will be looking more carefully into his associations in the NYPD.

NYPD Police Commissioner Samuel Irons spoke out today against Walsh citing, "That a decorated member of New York's finest would turn out to be allegedly connected to such horrible and inhumane acts is unthinkable. The NYPD are cooperating implicitly with all federal agencies to ensure that Walsh is brought to justice."

Individuals with information leading to the arrest and capture of Daniel Montgonery Walsh are being offered a monetary reward of $160,000.

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