NYPD Detective Murdered in Brooklyn

RED HOOK, BROOKLYN - Officers from the NYPD in Brooklyn responded to an emergency call of off-duty officers following an presumed escaped suspect from a string of strange evolved murders from two months ago, Tyler Case.

NYPD Dispatch was later radioed in to the call of an officer down at Textile Factory 17 in Red Hook, with reports of shots fired. First responder Officer Oliver Wilson from the (Chinadown District) called for immediate medical assistance. A short time later NYPD-SCOUT and an EMT crew were present on scene, however they arrived too late to resuscitate NYPD Detective Richard Myron (52) who succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained in an attempt to arrest Case.

An immediate investigation of the facility revealed a high number of anti-government propaganda on laptop computers, and a collection of what NYPD officials are calling "key leads" that they feel makes fairly certain that the facility was under use by the civic-group Phoenix which was purported to be responsible for strings of graffiti across New York City last fall citing their key phrase "Rise Up" along with a high-profile collection of healings in major hospitals and impromptu charity events.

The United States Department of Homeland Security lists several alleged members of Phoenix on their anti-terrorism watch list for purported involvement in the explosion of Consolidated Edison in Queens and the Verazanno-Narrows bridge in Brooklyn earlier this year.

NYPD Officer Caleb Hartsdale claims that a strong amount of evidence linking activity in the textile factory to Phoenix operations in the area potentially ties Detective Myron's death to the organization. A full investigation is still pending, and the NYPD urges anyone with information regarding this organization to come forward to their anonymous tip line. A reward of fifty thousand dollars is currently offered for tips leading to the arrest of known members of Phoenix for questioning in relation to this incident.

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