NYPD Gets Evolved

NEW YORK — Today the NYPD receives their newest Officer… The Registry of Evolved recent addition, Thomas Keown. With his ability to reportedly turn into a human volcano, a living man of stone filled with intensely hot magma.

The NYPD's Media Liason offered the following comment upon being contacted, "Officer Keown comes with very high regards and glowing recommendation from the LAPD's very own Chief of Police. That he is in the Registry, which he joined entirely of his own volition, means little compared to Officer Keown's dedication towards justice and the law." When asked about the ethical dilemma regarding if Officer Keown should be legally allowed to invoke his abilities in the course of his duty, the NYPD offered only, "This is an ongoing matter of discussion internal to the New York Police Department."

(Beneath this are Man-On-The-Street style interview snippets. Some along the lines that we don't need 'freaks' to protect us. Other comments say they feel safer knowing the NYPD has another leg up on criminals on the street.)

The question remains, what will unfold with this addition to the City's Finest?

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