NYPD Intervention At Soup Kitchen
Date March 29, 2010
Relevant Logs The Great Soup Breakout

MARCH 30, 2010 — A series of brief altercations broke out at the soup kitchen at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The New York Police Department sent two officers to keep the peace. One volunteer sustained minor injuries, but the situation was defused quickly after the police arrived on the scene, and no other damages were incurred.

Allegedly, the violence broke out because of food shortages, as well as individual demands for restaurant ordered food. The unseasonal cold snap is likely responsible for the increase of traffic the soup kitchen has seen in the past few weeks, although there has been no reported violence before. Organizers are now concerned that this will discourage volunteers from working at the Cathedral.

Patrol cars are slated to surveill outside the Cathedral during the soup kitchen's operational hours for the next month.

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