O Canada


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Scene Title O Canada
Synopsis Remi's pleasant relaxation back in France after being deported is rudely interrupted by someone with a familiar face.
Date April 16, 2011

Davignon Estate — Marseilles, France

It's a lovely spring day here im Marseille, France. The sky is clear, the weather is pleasantly temperate, and spring is definitely showing its face across the French countryside. The Davignon estate is a particularly good example of this, with remarkable landscaping, and fields of lavender growing around it. It's lovely here, really. This is certainly a pleasant change from the dreary, oppressive atmosphere of New York City. While it is morning back in the states, it's the afternoon here.

And Remi Davignon is glad to be back. She's sitting in the gardens, right now, enjoying the sunlight and the cool yet pleasant air of the afternoon. She wears a simple, pleasant dress with quarter sleeves, lounging in a comfortable chair as she quietly reads a book. Her ability is on, but thankfully, there's nobody within range. Just silence, and peace, nice and cozy at home.

This is where she belongs.

France is rather nice, it's too bad this is your last day here. Remi hears the familiar voice of Magnes J. Varlane ringing in her head, standing behind her in his blue denim, hair slicked back, and with a goatee. Unlike most people, the changes to his look are likely more apparent to Remi, as she's spent most days of the week with him at ballet.

It's hard to tell how he snuck in, but he stands behind her with his arms crossed, staring with a very dominant expression. I'm not your Magnes, I'm from another time line, and that's all you need to know for now. I'm taking you back to New York. We can either do this in a very calm and pleasant way, or you can be drugged for the entire trip. We're going to Canada first, then I'll get you across the border.

Blue eyes raise above the dark sunglasses, brows raising slightly as Remi turns quietly to peer at him with brows raised. "Magnes?" She blinks a few times, staring at him with wide eyes for a moment. How on earth did he get here? How on earth did he get past the security systems? And why is he here, and looking so…silly. In denim. Ew, denim. Such a common fabric, unless it's from her mother's company.

The thoughts reach her mind, then, the redhead blinking up at Magnes a few times. After a moment, she straightens in her seat, reaching for her cane. I'm not going back to America. I am just fine here. What do you want?

I want a telepath, you're a telepath, you're going back to America with me. And since you won't comply I'll just have to take you. Varlane holds a hand up, and she can feel herself being held in place, then he leans forward and whispers, "Does this smell like chloroform to you?" he asks before slipping a rag around to hold it over her face as he waits for her to slip into unconsciousness.

Struggling is futile. As if I would work for you with this kind of treatment! Remi squirms, held in place by something she can't see. As he pulls out the rag, she manages to hold her breath for a moment, glaring up at Magnes with fierce blue eyes. She'll at least give him a nasty headache before she goes unconscious, which she accomplishes by directing a scream into his mind. The duration is only as long as she can hold her breath.

First comes a cough into the rag, and the inevitable gasp for breath. Then, eyelashes flutter, and Remi goes slack, held stationary in the hold of Varlane's gravity manipulation.

It takes a bit to get everything in place, but after a bit of drugging her and cleaning up his bloody nose, Varlane stands in the airport looking at his tickets, an arm around Remi's shoulders. She's high, but not in an outright noticeable way, she's just docile, maybe even a bit tired. For all anyone knows, she took one of those sleeping pills that many often take before getting on a plane. "O Canada, terre de nos aieux…" he mutters to himself as they begin to board.

With having to get across the border and potentially fighting mounties, they won't be back in America until very early Sunday morning. But the important thing is that Mr. Varlane has his telepath, and soon he'll have a boat.

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