O' Death


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Scene Title O' Death
Synopsis Mortimer is insane again, or at least a part of him is, and he calls Cardinal for information on Azrael. He wants to kill someone.
Date September 2 2009

Unfamiliar Alley

It's been two hours since insanity was triggered by Logan's Pimp Hand. Cardinal was called, and Mortimer's voice sounded a bit, well, like it used to, asking him to meet him in a certain alley not far from Burlesque. He's sitting on a dumpster, legs swinging back and forward in his blue jeans, light-blue denim t-shirt, unbuttoned black suit jacket, and black boots. He's just humming O Death and waiting for Cardinal now.

"Mortimer." The shadows of the alleyway thicken, but there's no sign of anyone stepping out into the open; no approach by foot or descent from the rooftops, just a general darkness that spreads across the wall and a hollow, echoing voice from nowhere, "What can I help you with?"

"I prefer Mister Jack." Mortimer corrects in that breezy tone he always had with his insanity. "I'm not completely sure what happened inbetween blowing up the Company and waking up with a man's hand on my neck in a strip joint called Burlesque, but I have to say, I feel like killing someone." He laughs quite manically after that, looking around for the source of the voice. "There's a woman named Cassidy, a cop. There's also a killer she wants gone. I'd like to know this killer's name."

There's a silence that lingers for a long moment, followed by a hissing weave of a sigh through the darkness. "Ah. You're back, I see…" Well, he can use this. "Azrael's the… alias he goes by. I don't know much more. Mind control, possession, something like that's his ability."

"I didn't know I was gone, but I'm buzzing around in my subconscious too, bitching and moaning in a little dream. I can come out in a morning when I go to sleep." Mortimer speaks in a very confusing manner, but he's clearly talking about two different people, continuing to hum whenever Cardinal speaks. "Azrael? Like the Smurf cat. I'm going to have a ton of fun with him. I find serial killers distastful, trying to turn murder into something beautiful, believing they're all special flowers. I'm a good ol' fashioned spree killer."

"Best of luck," Cardinal admits, that voice from the shadows, "I'd rather like to see him peeled into small bits and pieces myself."

"You'd be amazed what you could do with a few fishing hooks and an exercise bike!" Mortimer laughs again, sliding off the dumpster, then starts heading down the alley. "Oh, and don't tell Cassidy I'm back, I'll start bitching about it later, and I don't wanna hear it."

"I have to, I'm afraid," notes the shadows, "I rather owe her. I'll make certain she knows that you're being… helpful, however."

"Just make sure she knows I'm still here too, but it's not my fault, it's my fault." Mortimer snickers one last time, then turns the corner, gone.

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