Oakdale Community Center
Owner The Department of Evolved Affairs
Employees Various NPC volunteers
Hours of Operation Unlocked 8 AM through to 8 PM
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Breakfast, lunch and dinner; charity drives and distributions

A long, flat building of concrete and wood and white paint, the Oakdale Community Center favours functionality over appearance. Open from eight in the morning to eight at night, any and all residents of the E-Blocks are welcome to receive charity and "enjoy" a place to socialise. The main room is a large eating hall, with one long row of tables as well as smaller, more private clusters of eating places. Food is served every breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has the same quality of nourishment as homeless centres on the mainland. Lots of soup goes through this place.

There's an office that one can schedule an appointment with a social worker to talk things through such as Registration, personal needs (like medications, clothing, etc.), and usually they are tended to with enough swiftness according to the priority it takes. There is minimal security here, but security is always on call as needed.

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