Objects In The Mirror Are Gorier Than They Appear


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Scene Title Objects In The Mirror Are Gorier Than They Appear
Synopsis Audrey and Cooper bring Rebecca by the Hunter condo to get a better and more evolved glimpse of the murder.
Date March 19, 2010

Hunter Condo, Solstice Condominiums

Depending on how good - or bad - this went, would factor whether Audrey carried through with her plans for the other crime scenes. Rebecca Nakano, Post-cognitive specialist. Private Detective who found information through the use of her evolved ability. How often did Homeland Security call on her services? One would probably never know but the curt call had come the night before that her services were needed, Homeland Security had a job for her and to show up at a specific address at a specific time. She performed well, there would be other jobs too for her.

Apartment 102, also known in the news as the condo that belonged to the Hunter Heiress, was where Cooper and Audrey waited with a mirror that was as tall as them and looked to be moveable thanks to castor wheel's on it's base. Crime scene tape long since taken down and the family in the process of boxing up things. Rumor has it, the place was on the market. Whether it would actually sell or not was a completely different question.

"Saw the bastard too, when I dropped Petrelli off at the house. If i'd only know" She could have barged out of the car and ended up dead on the lawn too. She knows that. Audrey's been filling Cooper in on the Petrelli findings, and who the perp actually looks like.

Hands in the pockets of his open trench coat, Cooper listens to his companion with a raised brow. "Saw him?" His head shakes back an forth slowly. "What is his game I wonder? Seen by you.. then attacking the presidents brother? That's just…. careless on his part, good on our own." He turns looking at the mirror again with speculation as he passes it, glancing through door ways without actually leaving where they are at.

"Man.. I am in the wrong business. Look at this place." He makes a slow round of the room, looking at various items. "So this guy turned to smoke that Thatcher person said? He threw Petrelli through a window without touching him?" He glances over at her, twisting his body. "I didn't think there were others like that Sylar guy? Not saying it couldn't happen. Just… you'd think it was really rare."

Once law enforcement, it's hard to get that out of your system. However, Rebecca Nakano was always rather the stickler for the rules that were given to her under the banner of law enforcement, but ever since she's become a private detective, a number of those restrictions have been lifted for her. She is only accountable to herself and her clients. Of course, those sometimes cross paths with her old work, as this time she's hired by Homeland Security.

They agreed to her price, though with this particular case, she would have done it for free. She still has to pay the bills. She has never been to Wendy Hunter's place, and in fact, she has only met the woman one time before. It wasn't as if they became best of friends in that first meeting, but Rebecca did reach out and offer to help if Wendy needed to talk. She seems pretty bad off and Rebecca was almost certain she was going to fall back into that addiction.

Not anymore. Rebecca attended the funeral, though only for a few moments and stood far in the back away from the rest before disappearing. And what a coincidence it is that she is called on to look into this. Though there is probably more to this than Wendy Hunter for her to be called in on this, Rebecca is happy to help no matter the reasons.

She steps into the place and looks around, really unsure of what to expect, when she spots the two law enforcement types and walks over. She wouldn't know Cooper, despite her being a former NYPD investigator. She was probably in rehab when Cooper appeared, then without a job shortly after. Who knows what rumors run rampant about her? "Hi. I'm Rebecca Nakano. I was called to help out on this case?"

"He was waiting outside, it never occurred to me to stop the car and ask him why he was lurking outside the Petrelli Mansion. I had a sick brother of the president in my vehicle and he was shitting golden nuggets on another case. I mean, Twenty-four carat gold round shaped nuggets of pure information" Audrey's back straightens and shoulders square when Rebecca comes easing in the door of the place. The smell of paint and cleaner still strong in the place. Many people make money off crime scenes. Likely the floor and walls in the studio where the young woman had died will be ripped out and replaced before being sold.

"Ms. Nakano" She hadn't seen the woman at the funeral, too focused on others. "Agent Audrey Hanson, Detective …Cooper" She doesn't know his first name. Shows how much she cares.

Turning sharply on the heels of his sneakers, gotta love those Converse, Cooper is actually looks a touch surprised. There are preconceived notions about people, one develops and it seems he was wrong about this one. Hello there. That is what that looks says, before he puts on that crooked smile of his. Thankfully, he knows better then to flirt on a case, though he does occationally slip up. Hands slip out of his coat, so he can offer one to the young woman. "Detective Thomas Cooper." He supplies rather happily, only a sideway glance afforded the agent.

"Hopefully, your talent can shed some light on a few things." Cooper offers a friendly smile, even though he studies her curious. "And I admit to being curious to see you work."

The mirror is ignored, intentionally so, as Rebecca steps forward to accept Cooper's hand to shake before noting ot herself that one was HomeSec while the other was NYPD. Not that it's unusual for them to be working together, just she hadn't expected it. "Rebecca Nakano." She looks from one to the other as she sets her bag down onto the floor. The mirror was noted when she walked in, so she knows she won't need the one she brought with her, so it's set aside for the moment. She removes her jacket and drapes it over her bag and reaches up to brush some stray black hair from her eyes. "Where would you like to start? And is there anything in particular that you are looking for, I mean, besides the obvious." Wendy's killer.

"There were no security cameras within the apartment and the hall" Right down to business it seems, Audrey gestures towards the hall, studio and front door. "call came in just after nine thirty about a domestic disturbance in the condo. The victim was a female, 29 years of age and was found in her studio. The perpetrator is thought to have entered through a vent" Audrey lifts a finger, crooking it towards Rebecca and gesture to the hall and the vent that held traces of ash. "I assume there's no way to record this?" Probably not but she was going to ask. If she could, she's sure that the woman would be in high demand. "I want you to witness the scene and tell me anything about the man who did this, how his form worked, where he went to, any details you can give us. Then we'll go to the hall and I'll need you to do the same there for an individual who came after the perpertrator was disturbed."

As they seem to be getting right down too it, Cooper pulls out his little notebook, with it's navy blue front and starts the process of looking for blank pieces. There is one thing Audrey isn't warning the young woman about, so he feels obligated, "I know your former PD, and I know you've probably seen a lot of stuff. This is one of those scenes that will be.. messy. Like.. Hannibal." He reaches into another pocket and pulls ot a digital voice recorder. "Hope you don't mind."

Having been on the forensic team for the NYPD, Rebecca has seen quite a bit. Not only that, in her time there, she's also had to go back and witness the murder of those she's known. It's never a pleasant thing, and sometimes even takes her by surprise, even though she's expecting it. Without looking directly into the mirror, she maneuvers it into position so that it looks directly at the vent and she turns back to them. "It's fine. I've been through this before." She does offer an apologetic smirk in Audrey's direction. "Sorry, there's no way to record this. I'm the only one who can see it." Lucky for them, Rebecca has a keen memory and will remember plenty of details that may answer many questions for them in the future. Glancing at them both, she prepares to get started. "Is there anything else I should specifically be looking for before I get into this?"

"The man, the tools he sues to extract her brain" Audrey immediately offers. "Anything about his tools, any markings he may have, distinctive features. THere's an individual who came in at some point through the door, I want to know what he did in here." Audrey didn't bother to inform Rebecca of the obvious. Cases that have very little information leaked tend to be messy. "

"Sometimes a little warning is nice." Cooper comments with a smirk. Even an 'Oh god.. the blood!', from a rookie can prepare you a bit better then going in cold. The recorder is shifted into the hand holding the notebook, resting it against the back, freeing up a hand to write with. His head jerks over to Audrey. "What she said." A small smile touching the detectives lips before he glances at the mirror again curious. Good thing about Audrey is he doesn't have to talk much, which means fewer chances of sticking his foot in his mouth.

She doesn't respond verbally, but just nods at the both of them before turning towards the task she's been asked to perform. She takes a deep breath, lets it out, and then looks into the mirror.

She's the only one in the room who'll see what she's about to see. What she does see is Wendy Hunter painting. Painting and smoking. Rebecca will occasionally look to the vent, and almost misses the wift of smoke that slips between the slats of the grate. The agent and detective would see her head tilt curiously as she watches with interest suddenly. The smoke looks most controlled, intentional in its movements as it almost seems to stalk Wendy, swirling around her feet and up.

Rebecca takes a step back when the smoke forms into a solid and a man is there. She begins to describe him out loud. Blue ballcap, what he wears, his approximate height and weight, and a guess at his age. The cap is a crippler here, as it covers his eyes and eyebrows, though the two can see Rebecca squat down to try and look under the brim with little result, as she finally stands back up.

Then the attack. There's a flinch from the former forensic investigator as Wendy is thrown. She repeats some of the words he spoke, "I've been looking for a woman like you." The remaining dialogue is recited word for word to the detectives. Finishing with, "I want your power." And then finally she announces the weapon in question. "Scapel." Something she's quite famliar with. Then it's over. Rebecca drops onto her knees in front of the mirror and just stares at the vision.

There's a moment where Rebecca doesn't say a word as she sits and watches Wendy, dead. But something rouses her from her, as her attention is drawn by someone else entering the scene. "Someone else is here." She feels like she should know who this is, but the name is not quite there. The police arrive, though the man quickly dispatches of them and flees. Once he leaves the apartment, she no longer has a visual of him and she drops her gaze from the mirror, trying to gather her wits.

Audrey listens, watches Rebecca with her notebook out and feverishly writes. It all matches the man that she saw outside the mansion, matches what Thatcher told the authorities in her statement. Wasn't Sylar. Wasn't her whale who did this contrary to what Peter had proclaimed. It was someone else. "The man who came in. What did he do?" She asks. "Do we need to adjust the mirrors angle for you?" Becasue unlike Cooper, she has an interest in the man after.

Just watching someone you knew, no matter how little, is an experience one should never have to go through. That being said, Rebecca turns her attention finally to Audrey. "Once he left the apartment, there's no way for me to follow him. The police came, and he did something to them and fled. But the killer and the man after crossed paths. It almost looked like the second man knew the other or at least noticed him. The first man had a vapor or a smoke form that he could apparently turn into. He was the killer. Not the other."

Those words seem to satisfy the Homeland Agent. Sylar didn't do it, first person did who she's dubbing the smoke man, underlining it in her book. "We already knew the second individual happened on the scene, but confirming that he noticed the first individual was something we didn't. So they crossed paths. Ms. Nakano, we have two other crime scenes and I understand that you may be too tired after what you'd just witnessed here. The two other scenes relate to this victim and the smoke killer."

Audrey digs folded paper from out of her pocket, unfolding them and offering them to the woman. The first beign a sketch of the man from the Petrelli Mansion. The second being Sylar. "Are either of the individuals the ones you saw?"

Flashbacks are draining for Rebecca. She'll sleep well tonight. "I should be able to visit another site tomorrow. I have found that having more than one in a day is far too taxing." Even though she hasn't had any of her headaches since being in the hospital, she's not going to tempt fate by overdoing it.

She rises to her feet and glances at both of the photos. She immediately points to the second man, "That's the one who came in after the murder." She takes a closer look at the first. "I can't say for certain on this one. He could be the guy, but he — he was careful about not showing his face."

The detective is kinda glad he has the digital recorder going, cause as Rebecca starts talking, Cooper can only stare at her like she grew another head. The words draw a cold chill down his spine and yet again he's glad he doesn't have that specific gene. What was that saying? With great power comes great responsibility? Though it seemed like getting an ability like Rebecca's needs to come with a warning label. 'Objects in Mirror might be Gorier then they appear.'

He glances down at the images offered out, studying the one of Sylar curiously. Cooper's seen other photos of the man. Grainy pictures and all from videos. The question rolling around in his mind was. Why did he come here at all? The detective looks to the agent, it's a question he'd pose to Audrey when civilian ears are no around. If Sylar didn't do it, but was he coming there to do the same thing but got one upped? So many questions.

"Monday, as scheduled. Jersey" Audrey reminds, seeming to be satisfied with Rebecca's performance here. "That's all, we can have someone take you back to your office Ms. Nakano, the Department of Homeland thanks you for your co-operation, i'm sure the NYPD does as well" The agent looks to Cooper and his recorder. "I want a copy of that" She pointedly comments.

"Oh the NYPD does indeed, Ms. Nakano." Cooper gives her a lop sided grin, before he turns his attention to Audrey. The recorder is clicked off and stuffed into his coat pocket, he flashes her a toothy smile. "As you wish."

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