Obligations And Destinations


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Scene Title Obligations And Destinations
Synopsis Abby asks Katherine to care for her bird. Someone's going on a trip.
Date November 18, 2009

The ride to Long Island City isn't generally too arduous. Depends if there's an accident or something. Abigail had stopped, as usual, to pick up Katherine along the way. Francois was ferry'd to wherever he wanted to go. The pink haired woman's got a few things on her mind today and fading marks on her cheek.

"So how's the new place working for you? Don't need to call an exterminator or anything do we? Cause we can get a good discount through the guy who sprays the bar. He owes me"

Katherine is all buckled into her seat with her backpack at her feet, as they drive towards the class. When Abby asks about her new place, which she's moved into only a couple of days ago, she gives a shrug. "It's not too bad. The building needs to fixing, and I've done a little to help it out. There are other things that could probably be done. I haven't seen any bugs as of yet, but if I do, I'll be sure to let you know." Kat has been giving Abby a double take. "Did something happen to your face? You have a mark.." she reaches over and points slowly.

"Nothing serious. I had an accident. Give it a few months and then you should see what you could get off your rent by fixing things around the place" Abigail points out, steering away from the topic of the fading bruise on her face.

That is given an inquisitive glance. Perhaps something poking at the inside of Katherine's brain that hints that perhaps someone is not quite being candid with her, but she's not really of mind to question if someone tells her something that she feels might not be truthful, so she drops it. "Okay." At least what she's making at the bar is covering her rent. "I'm doing what I can to help out. Is everything alright?" Not necessarily about the bruise but in general.

Everything is not all right. There's a wrinkle of her nose and a soft sigh. "Do you think, maybe, that you could take care of my bird for a bit. I got Brenda to take Scarlett, but she's got other cats and they aren't trained to leave Pila be." Abigail spares a glance from the road to Katherine. "I have to go out of town, family emergency and I don't know how long i'll be, and my roommate, he's been a little spacey lately and I just wanna make sure that Pila will be taken care of" She slows the SUV down for a red light, taking time to really look over at Kat. "she's just a budgie, small, and she'll have her cage and her food and everything"

Family emergency. That's something Katherine doesn't have to really worry about. She doesn't have family. She barely has friends. Just a couple. Veronica's leaving. Abby's leaving now. Hrm. Maybe not so much in the friends department anymore. Perhaps a bird will help. "I don't think I've ever had one before." Of course, her memory is like swiss cheese still. "I can try, if you leave me instructions on what to do, and who to call if something doesn't look right."

"She's really easy to take of, I promise, I have the rest of this week before I have to go, you can come over and get to know her and decide. I'll leave you my number too and the number of a vet and money in case something comes up and she needs to go to a vet" There's a smile on her face. "I wouldn't put her with just anyone. I think, you'd do good with her and her you. She can be a bossy little demanding thing and she really like to sit on shoulders and watch TV or when you're reading"

The smile turns a bit grim. "It could be a week, could be two, that i'll be gone, I don't know, but i'll try and keep you up to date. I have to see about school and whether they'll let me pick up next semester or you know" Another glance over before she eases into the intersection. "I uhh, i'll leave you my car too if you want. So you can get back and forth to class"

Kat wrinkles up her nose as he considers the offer. "I can part it in my spot, if you want. I don't know if I can drive. I mean, I can't remember if I can drive. I have a license, but I.." Kat makes a face. "I don't want to wreck your car, but I'll watch it for you. Unless you have someone who can actually use it. I'll just keep taking the bus."

"Nah, I can park it at the bar, they'll keep an eye on it. I just thought maybe you might like to drive instead of taking the bus" Finger grip the steering wheel as she turns. "How about you? How are things with you? Besides the fixing stuff and the going to school?" She honestly wants to know, focus on someone else. "Where would you go, if you didn't have school or an apartment to pay for? For fun and for vacation?"

Lord. Eyes forward. Watch the road. "Honestly, I don't know. I just go, where I go. I should probably make some sort of plan or something, but I don't know that I could. I think the most I've planned recently is going to school. I just like to keep busy." Which is true. Katherine can barely just sit around doing nothing. "Where's family?"

"Louisiana. Near New Orleans. Butte la Rose, this really small town on the bed of the river" Abigail grins at the thought of home. "I was there two weeks ago, sat down with them and had dinner, was real nice. KAt" She looks over, blue eyes shifting from the road to the brunette. "You're doing good, you know that right? You have your own place, your going to school to learn to do a really good thing. You have friends, and you're gonna be doing me a great favor and taking my mind off Pila, by taking her in while i'm gone. You're a real good woman"

One thing Katherine has a hard time trying to determine is if she's truly happy. Some days she feels good, some days she feels lost. Abby's words, however, touch her somewhere deeper. "Thanks. I'm trying my best. I just try to remember that what happened to me was not my fault. Maybe one day, I'll get all the information I need, but for now, I just want to get to the point where I feel like I have some sort of purpose. I think I'm getting there."

"We all want to feel like we have some sort of purpose. Needed, wanted. Some sort of strange desire that we're born with. To please people too and get praise" Lips press together but in a good way. "You'll figure it out, it'll take time. I mean, it sucks to hear it but, like everything else in the world, it'll take time"

"I think that's all I have right now." Time. Katherine turns towards the road, and catches her reflection out of the side view mirror. After a few moments, she turns back to Abby. "I hope everything goes well for you during your trip home." She smiles and leans back to relax against the back of her seat for the remainder of the trip to school.

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