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Scene Title Obtuse
Synopsis You can't get more obtuse than Kameron. Srsly.
Date February 24, 2009

The Lighthouse


What do you get a blind girl?

Flowers would seem the obvious show, but you just second guess everything when you're Brian. They're pretty for the eye, but they also smell good and she could appreciate that, plus it's not just the flowers but the sentiment behind the flowers which usually does the work, but then again maybe that sentiment isn't really what he thinks it is, or she'll think something—

After a long time of inner debate, Brian has finally come home. The kids taken upstairs, one of the Brian's has walked in the door with a bouquet of roses. Closing the door behind him he starts his search for the young woman.

Kammy is just the eensiest bit restless, pacing from room to room. Of course she was busying herself with helping Colette get settled in, and now that the girl was out with Prince, Kameron was free to have a little time to think. Wondering about Cally, if Brian had found anything out. And struggling with her own desire to be able to -DO- something, with the rationale of the monumental stupidity of that thought.

The sound of a cane tapping lightly on the steps announces Kameron's presence as she makes her way down the steps, focused entirely on counting. "..twenty three, twenty four, twenty .." She stops short at the sound of the door, tilting her head cautiously as she lingers on the last few steps. She was up on the tower, for a while there.

"It's me." He announces at the door, taking a few steps in, his eyes resting on her as a warm smile flicks up his lips. "Can I talk to you?" He asks, making his way in towards the kitchen, setting the roses there for the time being. Making his way across the room towards her, he doesn't move to take her hand or anything just yet but rather just looks up at her.

"Hi," Kameron smiles lightly, "I was hoping you'd show up." Well where else is he going to go? "We got a visitor earlier. A runaway," Kameron hops down the last few steps cautiously. "She's out with Prince now, taking him for a walk. I think you know her though; she said her name is Colette." The request to talk is a bit puzzling, and Kameron frets for a moment, "Is everything all right? Did you hear anything about Cally?"

"Colette." It does sound familiar, but he'll think about it later. He's been rehearsing this in his mind all day. "I'm sorry about that talk we had with Teo. I know it upset you. And I know I haven't been fully upfront with you. But, I want to be." The young man admits, "Do you want to come sit and talk with me?" He asks, gingerly going to try and take her hand. "Nothing on Cally yet." He adds a bit sadly.

Kameron shakes her head, "It's all right, it was just a little odd, that's all. He seems very nice though." Even though she didn't really -talk- to the other man. She watched him as best she was able though, that was enough for her.
She's a bit resistant at first, particularly at the lack of news on the Cally front. "Hn." Is her distracted response, "Well, I appreciate you trying anyway," she feels her hand taken, and moves forward on this cue, shifting her grip on the cane. "You've already got a lot of things to think and worry about, and everything. You're a good friend, you know?" So the least she can do is listen, "You don't have to be entirely up front with me, Brian. We're all entitled to our secrets." says the girl who speaks the least about herself. But she'll go and sit on the chair or couch, because she's concerned.

Guiding her over to the table he goes to direct her where to sit. Sitting next to her he goes to fold his arms on the table, ignoring the flowers for now. "To other people." He agrees. "I don't want to keep secrets from you, Kammy. I trust you, I…" He takes a deep breath. "I've died three times. The first time I was killed by a man named Peter Petrelli, for an experiment. The second two I died trying to stop that guy who had the virus. And another one of my replicates is just gone. Not dead, but the link is gone. Like I've been turned off or something."

"That's why I get so depressed, so angry. It makes me very unstable. That's what you're helping through, what you've been helping me through. I know this is kinda heavy, and.. weird.. but. You deserve to know."

"Ah.." He died? Three times? What the hell do you say to that? 'Sorry to hear that' so doesn't cut it. "Um.." She rubs her palms against her knees, thoughtfully. "How.." … "If you…died.. how are you sitting here right now?"
Oh wait. His clone. "You…" Um. Um. UM. "I knew you'd been through some kind of trauma, but I .. didn't think it was anything like that." She frowns a bit, "I'm .. not exactly sure how I'm helping, but - I-I guess I'm glad that it is."

"I was homeless when I first came to the city." He admits. "I know how to use guns. I've…killed people." It sounds exremely flat and hard for him to say. "Bad people. People who were working for that guy. But still." He waves a hand. Continuing on with his vomit of confessions and held back truths. "I am a Lieutenant for Phoenix. I believe in God, and I live my life to serve Him. Though I mess up a lot." Brian admits. "I…" He takes another breath. "I have a lot of issues, I get angry easy, depressed easy, I'm not a great person." It sounds like he has rehearsed this over and over in his head.

He's certainly been through a lot. ".. I think you're entitled to a few issues, after being even half of those things." Lieutenant for Phoenix. He's killed - there's a slight twitch at that, and shies away from the topic. "Brian, why are you telling me all this..?" Unless the conversation he had with Teo… was he going in alone? "Are you dying?" Again. Of course that was a little tactless even for her, and she winces, "Sorry, I just - I mean." She draws back a bit, shaking her head, "Issues aside, being angry and depressed, there's nothing wrong with anyof that." In moderation anyway. "It makes you human."

"I just want you to know, Kammy." He murmurs, frowning at her reaction to wha the said. "I want you to know everything. Because I care about you. A lot." He says tensely, moving his hand to the table he goes to nudge the roses her way on the table, perhaps she'll smell them or open her eyes for a second, or something. "You're very special to me." He manages to get out, it's a miracle she can't see how red his face is, though it's likely his voice gives away enough of that already.

Someone less obtuse would probably Get It(tm) without poor Brian having to struggle through the situation. Kammy's blindness extends to more than her sight, it seems. She does hear the rustle of the roses being nudged her way, and automatically turns at the sound. It's the scent that clues her in first, and then Brian's voice. Awww, he's embarassed. For bringing a center piece? Someone must have been giving him a hard time about it. Tsk!

Reaching forward, Kameron chuckles, "I know," she raises a hand to pat his shoulder, completely misunderstanding. "You told me before, remember? Are those roses I smell?" Now her attention shifts to the flowers, "I bet they'd look really nice on the table, as a center piece."

Swallowing hard, Brian stares at her with wide eyes that he would never give to a person he knew could see him. He brings up a hand to wipe at the sweat appearing on his forehead. He takes a deep breath. She's smiling and chuckling, either she wants badly not to have this conversation or she really doesn't get it. Brian's nature makes him more apt to believe the former rather than the latter. Mustering a smile, he gives a nod at the pat on his shoulder.

"Yeah. I bet they will." He agrees, his voice more subdued now as he silently decides not to try and pursue his actions, figuring they will only end in complete disaster. "I guess I forgot. Whoopsies." He murmurs in response to how he had told her before. "Yeah. To say I was sorry." He lies.

Sadly enough, Kameron reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally doesn't get it. "I bet they're gorgeous." Kameron drops back onto the couch, shaking her head, "Why are you sorry? Sure they'll probably only survive a few days, but they're nice, and I'm sure they'll cheer up people that need it. A flower can do wonders to someone who's unhappy." She pauses at the subdued tone, thinking, wondering if she somehow offended Brian or something. "Are you sure everything is all right?" She's silent a moment. "Oh. /Ohh/." Wait, wait. She got it? After all that and she got it? "You're worried about the rescue attempt aren't you." And Kameron rolls a gutterball. Jeez. "You're not going in alone, right? And I don't mean with other 'you's."

"They are." He confirms quietly, going to plop next to her ungracefully. His gray eyes rest on the flowers, they can cheer people up, or they can be an incessant reminder of recent failed attempts. Forcing a smile that she won't even see, he looks over her about to say, of course it's alright. But then she seems like she might be getting it aaannd…

Nothing. Brian's features practically drop, though he gives a little nod. "Yeah." He murmurs. "Well I.. We're working on it." He informs. Dropping his hands into his lap, he lets his head crash into the back of the couch, holding himself like a man defeated.

Gosh! Kameron is soon going to have the ability to tell when people are faking smiles, at this rate. She nods thoughtfully, drumming her fingers on her leg,.. and feels compelled to say, "It's going to be okay, Brian. You guys will find Abby, and Cally, and everyone gone missing, and.." And then one? Save the day? "…." My god that's the cheesiest thing in the world. Opening her eyes, she tenses briefly, remembering the /last/ time she looked at someone.
But Colette isn't here. And Brian looked.. just.. well. "Hey," she reaches over to tap his shoulder, "Chin up." She may not be able to see his face, or anything else, but the way he was flopped was worrying.

"Thanks Kammy." Brian murmurs softly. When she reaches over to tap his shoulder he gives a little smile. Sitting up a bit. "I should go.. manage things." Get things ready, or whatever he had to do to 'manage' things. Leaning over he goes to wrap her in a quick squeeze of a hug before settling back over on the couch and then goes to stand. "I'll see you later tonight."

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