October's Pause Stirs Political Fire

Associated Press
October 5, 2010

The October issue of Pause, just now hitting the news stands has created an immediate firestorm of controversy in the political arena. Little known journalist Rose Westen, employed by the Village New Voice newspaper in Greenwich Village managed to secure an interview with New York City Mayor Sylvia Lockheart.

The unbelievably open interview, contained in full below this article, portrays Mayor Lockheart as a woman terrified of the Evolved with what many are calling unapologetic unprofessionalism. Immediate claims against the article's authenticity were brought up in reaction to the article, but the mayor's office has been silent on the matter.

Rose Westen, a nom-de-plum for West Rosen, a California native has no formal college education or a background in journalism. When contacted, Pause magazine confirmed the existence of audio tapes of the interview and that "sufficient material was cut from the article to make it accessible to readers, but it did not in any way change the context of the questions."

Both Westen and Mayor Lockheart have been unreachable for comment. If the audio tapes do indeed exist and the article is not revealed as a hoax, it could mean severe political damage to Lockheart's position as mayor, not to mention jeopardizing Lockheart's position in office entirely.

Mayor Lockheart is scheduled to make an opening speech at Columbia University in front of a crowd of over one-thousand students and faculty for the Department of Evolved Affairs on Wednesday.

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