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Scene Title Odie
Synopsis Savannah gets a drunken Amadeus back on his feet.
Date August 27, 2010

Outside a diner, New York City

It's around 8PM, an hour before curfew, and Amadeus happens to be sitting outside of a diner with the closed cellphone in his hand and the black MLB bat bag on his back. He looks a lot like crap right now, just hunched over, possibly not even expecting Savannah to come. "Fuck it, if the cops pick me up, at least I get a fuckin' bed… where the fuck's my van?"

There's the sound of feet on pavement, a person walking past, and then an abrupt stop as Savannah halts behind Amadeus. "Up you go, on your feet." A hand is offered down towards him. "We're getting some coffee." Her usual warm smile is there. "And don't even think about saying no. I insist."

Amadeus reaches up and takes her hand, wobbling a bit as he gains his footing. "Fuckin', today sucked…" he says while smelling like whiskey, Jack Daniels to be specific. "Fuckin' dad sucks, fuckin' straight-laced chick sucks…" He's not protesting, he's walking into the the diner with her.

Savannah keeps a hand nearby to make sure he doesn't wobble fully over as she opens the door, ushering him inside before moving towards a booth. She flags the waitress down on the way, simply ordering them two cups of coffee before she slides into the seat. "So what happened? You sounded like crap on the phone. Could hardly figure out half of what you were saying."

"First, like…" Amadeus hunches over with his arms resting on the table, seeming as if he's in the midst of sobering up, but still a bit drunk. "That chick I don't have a crush on, she said, like, her dad wouldn't approve of a guy like me, that I was too much trouble. Then she said she found a better guy, a guy her dad would like, and that she couldn't be seen with a guy like me. Then I go and fuckin' get drunk, and I see my fuckin' deadbeat dad and I'm askin' if I can get my baseball game. And he throws me into a table, then tosses his fuckin' wallet at me, like that fuckin' pays for everything."

"Shit." Savannah's not much for swearing, but the story seems to call for such sentiments. "You know what, then? She's not worth your time, Amadeus." She idly recalls her book signing, when someone had mentioned to her consider discussing the topic of class in one of her novels. She chews on her lip, glancing over. Where's the coffee? She glances back to Amadeus. "First of all, if a girl has to get approval from her father to date a guy, she's got daddy issues. Secondly, if she says she can't even be seen with you, she's a stuck-up snob. People shouldn't treat other people like that. Like they're not worth being around. Like they aren't worth anything. And you know what? Fuck your dad, too. I'm sorry, Amadeus. I really, really, really am. It's… it's not right and you deserve better." She frowns, then seems eased as the waitress comes over with the coffee.

"Fuckin' sucks, fuck my life." Amadeus grabs his cup and starts taking small sips, hunched over it as he inhales the steam. "I'm gonna get laid tonight, then, like, then…" He seems to be unable to think of a next phase for his plan. "Fuck those straight-laced bitches."

"You need to get your shit together, Amadeus. I'm not saying become a doctor or a lawyer or something, I'm saying, get yourself somewhere to live, get yourself a job. I'm not saying you should change, but… the best way to get revenge on people who seem to think you're worthless is to prove to them you're not." Savannah states, slowly sipping on her own coffee, though she pauses to put cream and sugar in.

"I'll fuckin' figure it out." Amadeus sounds more dismissive than anything when he says that, just seeming to want to relax at the moment over his coffee. "Is it too much to ask that I just fuckin' chill out for a night and not worry about shit? I had a bad fuckin' day, I'll worry about the future tomorrow. Lemme crash with you tonight."

Savannah purses her lips. "I'd give you my couch, but I've no apartment nor a couch yet. I'm actually in the process of moving here, to New York, and my furniture hasn't arrived yet… though I'll have to find a place before that. I'll put you up in a motel for a night, though. I'll give you that."

"Why can't I just stay with you for a night?" Amadeus asks with another coffee sip, placing a hand against his forehead for a few seconds. "That sounded fuckin' suspicious that I'd wanna stay with you instead of gettin' my own place, didn't it?"

"Just a little." Savannah chuckles, sipping her coffee quietly. "You'll be fine, though. I promise you'll have a bed to rest in tonight, at least. You can drink your coffee and then we'll go get you checked in somewhere. You could even read your book for a bit. Fiction's good after a long day."

"I even read her fuckin' sex book, it was all romance, and sex, like every four fuckin' pages. I thought she was givin' me a hint. Why's a chick give you a book full of sex if she doesn't want you to fuck the shit out of her? This must be like that psychology thing, see, I know smart shit too." Amadeus points out as he holds a finger up, as if he's about to say something intelligent. "See, when a t-rex gets all pissed off, it kills its dad and fucks its mother. His name was Odie, like that dog from Garfield."

"T-Rex?" Savannah looks confused. "Oh, Oedipus! I see." She peers at him. "She gave you a romance novel? Why the devil would she do that?" She scratches her head. "In any case, I'm sure you've bot something better to read that isn't full of pure romance and sex."

"I've got the book by that chick with the picture. I didn't read it much yet 'cause I was tryin' to hurry and finish Delia's book. I just thought it was one big hint and got excited as hell. Shame on fuckin' me." Amadeus seems to be looking a little better as he sips his coffee, grunting a few times. "But seriously, it's gonna fuckin' suck bein' by myself tonight."

Savannah shakes her head. "I'm sorry. If I had my apartment already, I'd let you crash for a night, but I don't. You can read, and then just go to bed when you can. Things will look better in the morning. I can promise, at least, that your book's a good read?" She smiles. "Just don't dwell on it, alright?"

"I'm tryin' to fuckin' sympathy my way into your fuckin' pants, take the hint." Amadeus finally just throws out there, though he seems to be getting a little tired despite the coffee, and just plain lays his head against the table. "Gonna sleep like a fuckin' rock."

"While I'm terribly flattered, I'm afraid that's not going to happen. I'm a lot more complicated than a sympathy screw." Savannah looks back at him. "So I'm sorry if I won't make you feel better in that aspect, but at least you'll have a bed and you can sleep it all off."

"Yeah it's cool, I'm too fuckin' tired anyway." Amadeus finally sits up, then slips out of the booth after finishing his coffee and stands. "Let's get the hell out of here, if I ain't gettin' laid tonight I wanna call it a night and go to sleep. Fuckin' curfew sucks."

Savannah takes the last few swallows of her cup of coffee, getting to her feet. She flags the waitress, slipping her more than enough for the two cups, and she gestures towards the door. "After you. I'll get us a cab."

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