Of Puppets and Fairies


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Scene Title Of Puppets and Fairies
Synopsis Mortimer and Chloe meet, they have a short crazy person debate about fairies, then Chloe thinks Mortimer wants to run away with Chirpy.
Date April 26 2009

The Bronx

An Alley.

A BRIGHT AND SHINING MORNING! .. Well, actually, it's the middle of the night, but they're all pretty much the same to Chloe. Shoving a bunch of newspapers off from atop her, she sits up in the dead-end alleyway with a yawn, stretching her arms idly. Ahrmhrm! She'd been hanging out in the area for quite a while now — a few weeks — but she'd just kept on stubbornly checking that spot the sparky woman told her to, waiting to be.. CONTACTED! She stands up slowly with a wobble, brushing off the clothing a bit — then glances over toward the mouth of the alleyway.

The sound of a Slinky can be heard, and no, it's not a reenactment of Meteor Man, Mortimer appears genuinely curious as he stares at the object, slowly walking into the alley with completely silver eyes. He likely has men hanging back not far from him, but if he does, they're not visible at the moment. And his weapons are hidden right now, being outside of Staten, he certainly doesn't want to be caught with grenades or guns.

Head-tilt. Zuh-Whuh? Chloe looks rather confused as she stares at the tall man heading down the aley; she closes one eye and peers with the other. Dusting herself off just a little more, she slips off to the side and starts walking down toward the entrance of the alley in opposite. She peers curiously a few times, and then turns her head a bit. "You can have this place! I'm done." She says, as if trying to pass off her presence. She has grown sli~ightly more wary of strangers after being zapped.

Mortimer stares at her for a moment, eyes going from silvery to normal blue eyes. "Are you sleeping in an alley?" he asks, looking her over as one end of his Slinky hits the ground, hanging from his hand.

Tilting her head to the side again, Chloe eyes the man with a curious stare. For a long moment. A /long/ moment. "Huh? No, I'm wide awake in an alley." She replies, in a rather guileless tone; she takes the comment a bit too literally, perhaps. She tries to pass Mortimer before stopping — then turns on her heels to look at him, keeping her back to the exit.

Mortimer turns around, tilting his head as well, observing her with great curiousity. "What do you do?" he asks a vague question, apparently intrigued by her attitude as his eyes go silver again, staring.

"Do?" The question clearly has Chloe mind-boggled, a quizzical expression on her face — she clearly has no idea what Mortimer is asking about! Do? Like some sort of.. job? She's certainly never had one of those. As she ponders, she lifts a hand, daintily scritching at the side of her head a few times.

Mortimer walks closer, suddenly pulling his Slinky so it snaps up into one hand, standing about two feet from her with completely silver eyes peering into her's. "What's your job? What do you like doing? Why are you in an alley in the middle of the night?" he elaborates, tone casually observant.

Pausing for a few more moments, Chloe slowly lifts her puppet — her fingers start wiggling inside the beak to make it 'talk'. "You're really weird!" She says, in a higher pitch voice than her normal tone — all the while moving her fingers to match the beak movements with the words. "I don't 'do' anything, I guess." She adds, in her normal voice.

Amadeus suddenly focuses on the puppet, speaking to it as if it were any normal person. "A talking bird, that's strange. What's your name?" he asks, hunching down to get eye level with Chirpy. "I didn't know you had a friend." he says as he looks up at her and smiles for a moment, then looks back at the puppet.

After emitting a 'Tweet tweet' noise with her puppet before leaning up a bit higher on the ends of her shoes. "This is Chirpy." She says, perhaps a little.. oddly, given that she made a 'Tweet' sound for it rather than a 'Chirp' sound. But alas! She closes one eye, and frowns a bit. "And I'm Chloe. He isn't strange. He's quite normal! Much more normal, for example, than this strange priest guy I met once." She nods firmly!

"But where did you find a talking bird?" Mortimer asks, standing up straight and moving one hand to gently pet Chirpy on the head. Then at the mention of a priest guy, he stares curiously and asks, "Strange priest guy?"

"Oh, I met him at.." Chloe mumbles off, and then suddenly jerks her arm back away! She glares, furrowing her eyebrows — "Chirpy doesn't like to be touched by anyone but me." She huffs out, her other hand's fingers curling in and out from her palm a few times.

"Oh. Sorry Chirpy." Mortimer frowns slightly, a bit disappointed as he stares at his Slinky resting in his palm, as if expecting it to do something. "I wish I had a talking bird. I didn't know they existed, must be one of those hidden races. You ever see fairies? They're the reason random accidents happen, like a sign falling on a guy or something."

Chloe suddenly looks at Mortimer quite oddly! Fairies? Sentient puppets, that she can accept — after all, it isn't terribly different from what she does — but fairies? She suddenly giggles, and quirks her eyebrow. "That's weird! There's no such thing as fairies. Right, Chirpy?" She converses to her puppet — her hand wiggles inside to make Chirpy nod his head in agreement.

"But it's true!" Mortimer insists, suddenly holding his Slinky up with both hands. "Fairies chew on dimensions, ones people can't see, and once the fairies have had their meal, that piece of dimension falls apart, then an accident happens. They're especially attracted to places where Murphy's Law is most probable." he explains, silvery eyes peering at Chirpy again. "But I've never seen one of those."

Lifting her hand, Chloe peers flatly at Mortimer — she suddenly snaps her fingers closed near the end of his words; it's almost as if she'd actually grabbed his lips with the touch, as they're clamped down together by quite a bit of force. "You shouldn't get too curious about a girl's friend, or she might think you were trying to steal him away from her." She murmurs out, with a tension in her voice — she eyes Mortimer warily, as if weighing her options on what to do.

Mortimer suddenly tries to open his mouth, mmming in alarm with eyes wide. He moves his hands up, tugging his lips in confusion, then looks to her hand with a frown. Apparently he's realized she's doing it, and starts slowly approaching.

W-What! Chloe seems quite surprised when he starts approaching — panic sets in, and she quickly tries to take hold of Mortimer the rest of the way with her ability; much like what happened with his lips, it'd feel like a pressure all over his body, gripping at him and preventing him from moving anything but his eyes. Almost like a straightjacket for the entire form.

Mortimer suddenly stops, staring at her as he continues trying to tug, but nothing budges. How did he get himself into this? Is this woman going to kill him? God, she's possibly the most fun woman he's ever met. In the middle of being completely trapped, he suddenly starts laughing loudly, mouth closed, he's just filled with amusement.

The muffled laughing certainly does absolutely nothing to put Chloe at ease. She bites her lower lip softly, just standing there for a moment and eyeing Mortimer warily — what now? She seems vaguely thoughtful for a moment, and then lifts her hand again; she starts to swish her wrist in a slow circle, trying to turn Mortimer around to face away from her. Time to have a Simon Says battle!

Mortimer, getting turned around, stops laughing and just stares at the alley wall, quiet as he anticipates what could be next. He tries to say something, but it's very muffled and impossible to understand, so he just stands there and waits.

Chloe walks steadily forward a few steps — as she does, Mortimer would no doubt find that pressure pulling at his legs to do the same; the motions are a bit jerky, however, quite accutely a foreign force pulling Mortimer's limbs rather than movement caused by his own body. Chloe's speed increases just a little bit, as if testing the waters.

Mortimer walks, still muffled talking as he tries to look back, but finds his neck won't work either. Is he really going to die? It's hard to say, this woman does seem like an enlightened individual, so hopefully his death will be a good one…

Now that she's fairly confident that this will work, Chloe beams just a little bit. A plan! It might be somewhat apparent to Mortimer too, perhaps — the end of the alleyway is coming up rather quickly. Once in range, she suddenly lunges her body forward, taking a plant on the ground — not the most glorious or elegant of maneuvers, and something she could've perhaps worked out less self-detrimentally with a little finesse; either way, however, she's given a dirty shirt — and unfortunately for Mortimer, when that force yanks at his body, there is not enough distance between him and the rear alley wall to promise such a benign result. Hopefully he's got a counter plan by now..!

Mortimer thuds against the wall, stumbling back as he holds his head, disoriented, then falling to his knees. He groans in pain, eyes turning blue as he tries to get rid of his double vision. "Y-you're pretty fun. Wanna be friends?" he asks weakly, then falls forward on his face.

Lifting herself up off the ground, Chloe starts dusting off the front of her shirt — but she looks quite crestfallen when Mortimer, too, rises! She furrows her eyebrows and looks quite pouty. "You were supposed to be unconcious, and I'd be victorious!" She huffs out plaintively, having already counted her chickens before they hatched, so to speak. "Definitely not! I'm not friends with people who don't follow my instructions..!" What instructions? Apparently, arbitrarily deciding things should happen a certain way counts as 'giving instructions', to Chloe.

"My head hurts." Mortimer mumbles from the ground, not bothering to get up, he just rolls over on to his back and stares at the sky. His eyes turns ilvery again as he averts them up to her. "But you're so fun, and you have nice strings, we could do a lot together!"

"I already found someone I'm going to do stuff together with." Chloe replies, puffing her cheek up childishly for a moment. She takes one step back, and then another — perhaps to see if Mortimer will give chase, as it were.

"You're a cruel woman." Mortimer decides with a disappointed pout, then just closes his eyes to inhale the fresh air, which most likely includes pee, trash, and whatever else you'd find in a New York alley. His men will collect him soon."

Finding a mediocre victory in that, Chloe puffs out some hot breath before she turns on her heels — she wanders out of the alley, leaving Mortimer in her wake; at least she wasn't the one left in a pile of ouch this time! That's.. kind of a first for her.

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