Off The Books


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Scene Title Off The Books
Synopsis Len asks for Minea's help with Danko and Crew. Off the books, of course.
Date September 22, 2009

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

It might be the most bizarre place to meet, but Len Denton texted Minea Dahl to meet over at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge over in Brooklyn. The bridge itself is not functional but the wreckage that remains is still very spectacular to look at. The devastation that was left after the January explosion still rings loudly just by the mere glance at the former passageway to Staten Island. It now just stands as a monument to the havoc and destruction that has run rampant in New York as of late.

What used to be the entrance to the bridge is what Len is looking at as he leans against the hood of his Jeep and stares over towards the island while he waits for her to show up. Having just come from Coney Island, this is not really a part of town that Len finds himself in, so he's going to take his time getting back as he crosses one leg over the other, his arms also crossing across his chest.

Bizarre is a strip club, or like disneyland or the gymboree. The veranza narrows bridge however, is not strange. At least to Minea. But len is there and Minea's SUV shows up not long after his vigil starts. The engine cuts not long after and the door opens to eject the brunette agent from it's innards so that she can mosey across the roadway till she's come to a stop beside her immediate boss. "Boy, have I got something for you" She mutters, looking out of the destruction and the criminal haven beyond.

Len hears the vehicle approach, her step from the car and her walk as she comes towards him. It's only at her words that he shows any interest. You see, Len has something for her as well. At least an offer of something. He turns his attention from the collapsed bridge back towards the woman as she strides up to him. "Is that so? Whatcha got, Agent Dahl?" he asks as he remains where he is for the moment, just sliding over a bit to make room if she wants to join him up against the front of his Jeep.

Minea's ass finds purchase on some front bumper beside the cowboy. "Emile Danko it seems had a mighty big confrontation down on Staten Island. We're tallking lots of weapons, gunfire, between him and his little posse and another group. Mr. Danko himself went at it mano a mano with another individual, so says an eye witness who really didn't want to talk to me till I invoked my badge. Ruins might be a dead end because it's a dead end. They might be on the island"

The island. Concidence that he was sitting here staring at it, and then Minea comes up and says they might be there. Perhaps. Could be something more providential. Regardless, Len turns towards her and nods. "Good work. That most definitely could be useful. Will need to get out there and do a little recon of the site and see if we can dig anything up. Which brings me to the topic of why I wanted to meet you out here, Agent Dahl." There's a bit of hesitancy in his voice as he speaks, and it may actually be the first time one would pick up on it. Len is usually more sure of himself, but in this situation he has to be careful who he talks to. Minea Dahl has always been one of the trooper, so he feels pretty confident that he can talk to her, but.. still. There's always that air of apprehension.

"I already brought a telepath over, but it's a little harder there, to suss out stuff as opposed to the ruins" BUt, Len has something and obviously, since he called her out here. Her arms cross and she glances over to him. "Then say whatever it is that you need to say Denton. I'm ears." There's a pause. "It's not about Crowley is it? THe brit IA?"

"Who? What? Oh, I don't give a horse's ass about that guy." Len glances at her for a moment, then turns his attention back towards the island. "I'm getting in with a group of.." brief pause, ".. guys. I think you know them. We're going after Danko and his crew." His brown eyes stare across the ruins of the bridge, shaded only by the brim of his cowboy hat. "Completely off the books, on my own time and there's nothing official about this. The organization is not part of this in any way shape or form." He takes a heavy sigh before continuing.

"I'm intentionally not asked anyone who works for me to help me out with this or imply that they are required to. The fact of the matter is, Danko and his group are messing with good people and that pisses me off to no end. It would be far different if he were cleaning up crime or playing vigilante, but he's not. He's a bastard, plain and simple. It's time to stop him. So, I'm throwing my hat in with a few individual and I thought you would be an asset to the team. I'm not telling you. I'm not requiring you. I'm asking if you want to be involved. It's off the books and no one else can know what you're working on as far as this goes." She should be familiar enough with that tactic. "As far as anyone else goes, you're tracking isotopes. I can promise you, this is very high risk. If they were to capture you, expect torture unlike any you may ever have imagined."

He finally turns his attention back to her, reaching down to run the palms of his hands against his jeans as if they had just gotten dirty only talking about Humanis First. "If you say no, I'll think no less of you. I just ask that you keep everything we've discussed to yourself. I think someone should know where I am, if for some reason I don't come back."

A palm bounces down on the hood of the jeep. "Count me in" No hesitation in her voice. "Lets take the fucker down. We wont' get medals, but he's someone that needs down and i'm pissed that he got away"

"There'll be some familiar faces, I assure you." In the group that Len is involved in, he means. "I'll let you know when we decide to get together again." Len pushes himself off the front of the Jeep and turns to her. "If at any time you want out, just tell me." He climbs into his Jeep. "See you back at base." Apparently he has other places to be as well as he starts up the engine.

"adios. I have a meeting with two detectives. Forgot to tell you. The informant fairy left me a finger that is supposedly fresh from the hand of a Humanis First member. I need to go talk to some men about it and get it run through logistics. I think, that a Psychometer is gonna try and get a read off it" She pushes away from the jeep so that she can head to her own SUV.

Len chuckles, shaking his head. "Any lead can help. Let me know what you hear about the finger." With that, he wheels his Jeep around and spins out as he heads back towards the city.

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