Off the Record


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Scene Title Off the Record
Synopsis Abby calls in Cassidy to quietly investigate the incident with the church.
Date May 23, 2009

Greenwich Village- Right Outside Guiding Light Church

In a time that seems long ago, Greenwich Village was known for its bohemian vibe and culture, the supposed origin of the Beat movement, filled with apartment buildings, corner stores, pathways and even trees. There was a mix of upper class and lower, commercialism meeting a rich culture, and practically speaking, it was largely residential.

Now, it's a pale imitation of what it used to be. There is a sense of territory and foreboding, as if the streets aren't entirely safe to walk. It isn't taken care of, trash from past times and present littering the streets, cars that had been caught in the explosion lie like broken shells on the streets nearest the ground zero. Similarly, the buildings that took the brunt of the explosion are left in varying degrees of disarray. Some are entirely unusable, some have missing walls and partial roofs, and all of the abandoned complexes have been looted, home to squatters and poorer refugees.

As one walks through the Village, the damage becomes less and less obvious. There are stores and bars in service, and apartment buildings legitimately owned and run by landlords. People walk the streets a little freer, but like many places in this scarred city… anything can happen. Some of the damage done to buildings aren't all caused by the explosion from the past - bullet holes and bomb debris can be seen in some surfaces, and there is the distinct impression that Greenwich Village runs itself… whether people like it that way or not.

Small hands make light work. Abigail had been on the phone all of the morning, gathering people, getting them all set up with buckets. How do you get rid of spray paint? They'll find a way. She's sure if she gets a hold of cat, that somewhere in that womans mind is the answer and if it's not, she'd find it out in a heartbeat. One of the phonecalls was to Cassidy, asking the police station to pass along a message. Abigail could really use her right now. The address in Greenwich isn't that far from the bar.

Some volunteers from within the parish itself had shown up and so the garish graffiti, slurs, racial epithets were still in red white and blue all over the front of the church with the HF! still on the front doors. Abigail was standing on the steps with a 3M pad in hand, contemplating that she might jsut have to see about someone buying paint for the front door.

There is a soft whistle not far from Abby, "Wow." Turning would reveal Cassidy standing there surveying the damage. She's dressed as always for work. Today being Saturday, she's gone more casual with a forest green t-shirt and blue jeans. "I would safely say those people are on the fast track to end up with an audience with the guy, with the pointy fork and high heating bill, when they die." She glances down at Abigail and offers her a smile finally closing the distance. "Hello Abigail. I heard you were looking for me. I can see why now."

"Detective Cassidy!" She came. Abigail meets her at the base of the steps, the scrubbing pad put down and wipe her hands on her jeans. "Yeah, yeah they are. Just not Christian to do it. I've called a bunch of people I know and then some, to come down and help scrub it off so that anyone who comes to church tomorrow doesn't need to see this. Pastor Sumter's out getting more buckets and cleaning stuff" She turns,t o survey the destruction once more, a wrinkle of her nose. "He didn't wanna call the cops. Because he doesn't want to file a report and cops tromping everywhere and it's what the Humanis First folks are wanting right? But, I mean, I had to call and let someone know. Even if it's just sot hat it can be acknowledged. I also went and got my camera and i took pictures of everything before folks started touching the walls" In other words, she's called Cassidy down regardless. "Dunno what you can do, outside of just, taking the pictures"

"Doesn't want to file anything? I'd think his insurance would demand it." Cassidy says casually, her eyes scanning over the defaced structure. She slowly turns to survey the various businesses in the area, her eyes traveling up the sides of buildings noting the various people looking out at them. "No one said they saw anything?"

Abigail shakes her head. "Nope. Nothing. He just came here and saw it. It's not like I think they have security camera's or anything. I was driving up to see what to bring for the social after service and found him outside. As for his insurance. Well, we got church members and I'm calling in all my favors to get it all scrubbed off or repainted over. Insurance won't matter right now" The red head points out. She looks where Cassidy's eyes travel, running a hand through her hair. "You think one of the other places might have caught something on their camera's?

"Yeah." Is the only thing Cassidy says at first sounding a bt distracted, digging out her notebook. "Most security systems have crappy video, but we maybe able to get a vague idea and maybe a make of vehicle if they drove up." She writes a few business names on her notebook. She glances up at the various light poles. "You know.. you'd think with how bad things are, the city would be more into putting in city cams. But nooooo… don't make my job easier." She glances at Abby and smirks. "Sorry. I know everyone screams Big Brother about cameras, but it would make my life easier. Oh, Can I get those picture from you?" The last said as an after thought.

"Yup, you can" Abby fishes an envelope from her pocket, passing it over. a little SD drive in it. "They're all on there, I'm sure you have something to pull em off at work. If not I can have someone print them off for you" There's a nod about the city camera's. "They could do good, but there's potential for abuse. like there is in all things" Abby notes. "Hows Detective Doctor Shelby?" She'll hazard to ask.

Taking the envelope, Cassidy gives Abby a little mock salute with it, before tucking it away under her coat. Soon she'll have to go to a wind breaker. She hated having uncovered firearms, no matter what Hollywood shows. "Thanks Abigail. You want this on the records or off since I owe you anyhow." The question about her partner makes Cassidy pause, her lips pressed together. "He's alright. Seems kinda distracted at times.. protective as always." A corner of her mouth quirks up into a half smile. "Still trying to get a feeling for his moods." She makes a couple of notes, glancing at the church occasionally. "He made me dinner the other night. Really nice dinner.. just cause I was moving back into my apartment." Her voice sounds nonchalant.

Abby says, "Probably off, or quietly on. Since Pastor Sumter didn't want to involve the cops. just figure, you know, if something else happens again, at least there's some record right?" But then there's moody Coren. "Do I need to come apologize? Would that help? I keep forgetting that sometimes the way I am, it can.. upset people. When it comes to gifts." The red head murmurs, looking back at the church and a frown. 'jerks. Wanna find them and strangle each one, but that would only make them say "see, told you so""

Cassidy gives a short firm nod. "Off the record then. I can do that." Lord knows she's doing enough questionable stuff lately. She glances at the other woman and shakes her head after a moment. "No. I think when it comes to that whole gift thing.. Let him stew. He'll get over it. He seemed find that day he made dinner." She gives a bit of a shrug. "I'm keeping my eye on him though."

"Okay" Abigail answers. "I haven't opened it yet. It's in my closet" Because the closet is where unwanted gifts go. "I should, go back to helping clean, I think I need to scrape off a sample of paint and go get some for the door" She scratches at her temple, pushing red hair out of the way before giving up and plucking an elastic that was around her wrist and pulling all of her hair into a messy bun. "Thank you Detective O'Shea. For everything. I won't keep you and it's the weekend so"

Notebook tucked back in her coat Cassiy nods. "Alrighty, I'll go and leave you to it. I'll get these pictures printed and see what I can find." She chuckles and shrugs at the weekend comment. "What am I gonna do on the weekends? I pretty much eat, sleep, and work." She gives a small wave of her hand. "I'll call you when I hear something."

"Take care and god bless detective" And with that, Abigails bounding back up the steps. Time to get down to business.

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