Offering Payment


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Scene Title Offering Payment
Synopsis Kaylee goes to Filatov Clinic to offer the owner payment for his help with Staten's sick kids.
Date November 19th, 2009

Filatov Clinic

The largest, most obvious feature of Dr. Filatov's clinic is that one wall, an entire wall has been almost completely with what appear to be tall hardwood china cabinets, or possibly some other form of storage furniture from a bar, or kitchen or apothecary that have been nailed to the wall and cobbled together into some kind of uniformity. The last one may be the most likely, because every row of shelves that no run the length of the wall are covered with jars and bottles containing all manner of drugs, medicines, tonics, ointments and tinctures. The drawers below the shelves doubtlessly contain more supplies necessary for the operation of the clinic, so perhaps it's best not to question exactly what can be found in them. Besides that, the room is dominated by two large examination tables, which are really just old, well-worn wooden dining tables, with some of the matching chairs resting against the wall opposite the medicines, the closest to a waiting room the clinic has. A simple wooden screen in one corner serves as a dressing area. The unadorned wood paneling and scuffed hardwood floor are not the doctor's doing; he freely admits that whoever occupied this place last had both a thing for wood, and poor taste. The only other seemingly permanent fixture of the clinic is Ranger, Dr. Filatov's absolutely ancient bulldog, who spends most of his days lounging by the dressing screen, or wherever the sunbeams happen to pass through the steel window shutters. Besides a short hallway leading to the rest of the building (most of the space of which is taken up by the enormous examination/emergency/operating room), an unobtrusive door with far too many latches takes up a portion of an inside wall. 'Employees only' couldn't be spelled any more clearly.

Moving is always most difficult when there's no destination. Constantine knows this all too well; he ran into that problem when he first came to the United States. He's having it now, when he's preparing to leave Staten Island. He may as well have left the United States, only to be going back to it. What a strange state of affairs. As it is, he's given out much of his more easily replaceable medicines, simply to have less to move. He can think of a few ways to use what's left of them.

Although he has no patients at this moment, anyone who chances to come by might be hard pressed to determine that, with several boxes that have been wrapped in duct tape sitting in the corners of the examination room. Constantine himself, rather than being downstairs conducting whatever research it is that he does, is upstairs, sorting out what remains to be done before he leaves for good. Ranger is, predictably, lounging next to the arrangement of boxes.

The sound of the front door heralds in the entrance of a certain blonde telepath, who steps into the clinic with a small smile on her lips, of course it's hidden behind a red and blue scarf that's draped around her neck. Of course, there is a slight look of surprise when she notices the boxes, her brows lifting enough that they disappear under a dark blue beanie pulled low on her head so it covers her ears.

"Moving Doctor?" The scarf is loosened from around her face and left to drape loosely on the warn leather of her jacket. "Glad I decided to come in today."

When the door opened, Constantine fell into an old habit of paranoia. And while his body obscures from Kaylee the fact that his hand is resting on the 9 millimeter handgun in his hip holster, he recognizes her; his hand is withdrawn likely before she even knows what he was doing. "It is fortunate," he replies, "Although I'm going to be here for a few days more, I have been meaning to contact you." So has Ranger apparently, as the bulldog rises from the floor and toddles over to the clinic's visitor. With a sniff and a snort, he looks up at her expectantly.

Of course, the dog can not be ignored, so Kaylee crouches down to give Ranger a bit of attention. Look up at the doctor, she smiles. "Contact me?" That thought seems to amuse her somewhat. "Is it about your payment?" She gives the dog another brush of her hand, "Cause I told you I'd make sure you'd get payment." Her hands lift to unzip her jacket enough to reach into it as she stands up again. With hope he doesn't take the gesture wrong, cause she extracts an envelope from a pocket within it. "In fact, it's why I came here."

"Well, that was a concern, yes," Constantine says, turning away from packing for a moment, "But also, I was hoping I might be able to ask you for a little help with, two matters I would like to be dealt with before I leave. It would make moving much easier if they were. If you might be interested in helping me, of course." Leaving her to think on this matter, Constantine turns and walks to his cabinets, now mostly empty of the bottles and containers they held before. What stands out most, in fact, is a small, unremarkable box wrapped in duct tape that he seems most interested in at the moment.

"Hmm… Well…" Kaylee holds up the envelope as she follows him, placing it on the box so that he sees it. ".. first… with hope this will give you a bit more faith in my word." A single finger barely taps the envelope, "The cost of the medication as promised, and another fifteen hundred for your trouble." Daddy is probably rolling in his grave in that moment, since it is from the trust fund of money he left his daughter.

Hand dropping away, it moves with the other hand to tuck their tips into the front pockets of her jeans, she flashes him a grin, "And I'm listening. How can I possibly help you? I can't promise anything, but I can at least hear it out and see."

"The first thing is," the doctor begins, taking the small box in his hands and then walking back over towards Kaylee, "Is that it will be much, much easier to travel, the less I need to carry." And with that, he offers the box to the women. "The children may still need more medicine, and these will be easier to find on the mainland, in any case. Right now, they'll be more useful to you than they will be to me."

He gets a surprised look as he approaches with the box and offers it to her, Kaylee's hands coming out of her pockets to take the box. Glancing at it as she holds it close, she looks back up at him, looking a bit flustered. "Um.. thank you. They will be very useful." She bites her lips as she considers something, "Before you leave the island… can I beg your services one more time? Mostly cause we don't have a lot of medical personnel. Paid of course." She nods to the envelope. "I hope I've proven to be good for it."

"You have." He must think so, because Constantine hasn't even bothered to check the contents of the envelope that Kaylee gave to him. "The second matter is simply that I have no new workspace on the mainland to move into. I was wondering if you might know someone who could help me find one."

"Before you answer, I want to make certain that it's clear that, should you need a doctor, I may be willing to travel back out here. Or to wherever you need me. Moving is simply a precaution."

Something about his statement, makes Kaylee's shoulders drop a little in relief. "Um.. that's great.. the being able to come out when needed, I mean." Her eyes drop in thought as she tries to think of anyone that might be able to help him. One name comes to mind and her stomach twists in protest. "I… I don't. No one that I'm certain can help you." Her teeth catch her bottom lip as she looks back up at him again. "When I went into hiding I burned bridges to save myself." one finger lifts off the box and wiggles a bit. "You know.. One guy I know use to live on the island and went to the mainland. Ran a pawn shop, Tuck? Not sure if he can help you.. but someone had to have helped him get his hands on that casino of his. The Speak Easy? Or something like that. I haven't been there for awhile."

"Beyond that.. the only other person I can think of I don't trust enough to send you too." Kaylee gives him a sheepish smile. "He's the reason I'm on the island." As if that explains it all.

Constantine nods quietly, presumably filing that information away for later. "I'll be sure to investigate in the coming days," he says, "I will be honest, before I can consider leaving, I will need a new workspace. I have some equipment I'm unwilling to leave unprotected. It would be impossible to replace. But thank you for your advice."

"Wish I could be more help then that." Kaylee offers with an apologetic smile. "But.. I will keep my fingers crossed that you find an new office sooner then later." She shifts the box in her arms getting a better grip on it. "And I'll keep my ears open when I do get the chances to go on the mainland, though I imagine you'll get a place well before that."

There is a pause before she starts again, "Um… As I said before, I wanted to ask your help once again… We've come into possession of some Vaccines for the kids, with the hope of keeping anything else preventable from hitting them… and we could really use someone who can give the shots to them. Shouldn't take too much for your time really." Her head turns slightly as she watches him, "Would you be willing to help us out?"
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Long distance to Brooklyn: Kaylee didn't see you unidle and offers a snug hello in between poses.

Likewise, Constantine is quiet for a moment, before he turns his gaze downward towards, of all things, Ranger. The dog looks back up at the doctor, before beginning his loud, snorting pant, as if he were trying to say something. Gibberish or not, Constantine must pull some sort of meaning from it. "Of course," he says, returning his glance to Kaylee's eye level. "Word's gotten around that I'm leaving. Everyone came almost at once, so it's slow right now."

"Thank you." And Kaylee sounds like she really means it, the relief plan on her face. "This should help relieve some of these problems. Maybe outbreaks like this will avoided in the future." She leans to the side enough so that she can look at the dog at their feet and give him a bright smile. "And I know the kids will be excited to see Ranger again. Many treats to be had." That last definitely directed to the dog.

Straightening she glances around, "I should let you get back to your packing." Blue eyes settle on the man again, a smile tugging up only one corner of Kaylee's lips, "When you have time come on by. I'll make sure they know you'll be coming by. You remember where the safe house is? "

Kaylee starts to turn, but pauses. Shifting the box again she offers a hand to him, "Thank you, Doctor. You've been a life saver."

At first, Constantine doesn't reply, but finally decides that the best response is a simple, "I have to be." He doesn't seem eager, exactly, to elaborate on why he has to be. But isn't that good enough?

That gets a curious tilt of Kaylee's head, her eyes narrowing a bit. One of her faults her her curiosity and those four words really snag it. She starts to open her mouth to ask, but decides it might not be the best time to ask why. Hand moving back to the box, she gives a small nod. "Alright." She offers softly, before glancing at the door. "I'll get out of your hair." Turning finally for the door, she says lightly over her shoulder. "Thank you for the supplies… And I hope you have a good evening, doctor." She turns a bit to glance at the dog. "You too Ranger." Her eyes move to the owner and gives him a final smile.

Constantine, a doctor sometimes of few words, replies with a simple, "Good night," before turning his attention back to his packing.

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