Officer Gunned Down

Just after midnight in Little Italy on the 20th of January on a routine patrol, Officers Castalides and Jackson stopped to investigate individuals who were violating New York's curfew and a shootout between the officers in question and the suspects. Jackson is reported to have sustained minor injuries and was released later in the morning but Castalides was killed in the line of duty and was declared dead on site.

Though an investigation is still ongoing into the incident, it is suspected that there was terrorist involvement and that the officers in question may have been targeted by the perpetrators. Witnesses to the shooting who lived in the residences above the scene claimed that multiple individuals were involved and fled the site prompting many to think that this quite possibly was an ambush. Police have footage of the incident and are going over the footage with the hopes that they can locate and bring to justice the individuals who committed this crime and bring justice to one of their fallen ranks.

"The NYPD will be hunting down the individuals who killed Castalides and seeing them brought to justice under the full extent of the law. They cannot get away with this and we will be taking extra steps to ensure the safety and protection of all our officers who go out onto the streets and keep the city safe." Officer Patricks had to say. "Castalides was a good partner, you could count on her to have your back. We've lost a good Officer and they will be very hard shoes to fill. If they can be filled at all"

A service will be held for Officer Castalides and her family has been calling out for better protection for the law enforcement officials who walk the streets and for the shooter to be caught. "She was a bright woman" Joshua Castalides her father, had to say. "We've long been a family and police officers and it was no surprise that she decided to walk the same path. She was devastated when her brother died in the midtown explosion and it seemed to drive her to be a better officer. At least we'll take a little comfort in knowing that she is with her brother and watching over us"

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