Oh, Another Family Member


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Scene Title Oh, Another Family Member
Synopsis Nicole meets Lucille for drinks and tells her about their connections, future and present.
Date August 4, 2011

A Dive Bar

Early evening time.. happy hour. And that means.. Lucille is a very happy girl right now. Currently seated in a booth in the corner of the bar that she's chosen for the meet. She nurses a beer and almost downs a shot, nice whiskey. She thinks in her mind as she slams the glass on the table and almost orders another before she realizes she should probably wait for the person that's coming.

Her dark clad pants are crossed at her ankle, and her chain with the locket hang over her dark red tank top. Dark brown cowboy boots make a noise as she sits up straighter and runs a hand through her hair. She promised Kincaid she wouldn't be out terribly late. He gets worried about his aunt.

The oldest Ryan daughter takes a brief moment to check her phone as one of her favorite songs by The Coasters begins to play over the jukebox. Smiling, it almost reminds of the days at Old Lucy. Good drinks, good music.

Nicole slides into the seat across from Lucille, having stopped at the bar on her way over to get herself a drink. A Tequila Sunrise from the blend of orange juice and grenadine. And knowing Nicole's affinity for tequila. "Hey," she greets just loud enough to be heard over the music.

She's dressed for the heat outside, in a red and white minidress (that the Sixties called about, and they want it back) and a pair of beige wedges. "It's good to see you again." Though the smile she gives is a little nervous. Under the table, she fiddles with the tennis bracelet around her wrist.

"Hey Nic." She says in a relaxed tone, though she doesn't know Nicole all that well. She gets good vibes from her, that's enough for her. Lucille leans forward and tilts her head at the older woman. "Good to see you as well." She comments before sipping her beer and setting the glass on the table.

"So what's up?" she's not entirely sure that Nicole called her here just to have a drink. But if she did that'd be even better.

"How've you been? Doing okay?" Nicole did ask Lucille here for more than just a drink, but she's starting to get cold feet. The last time she saw the elder Ryans girl, life under the radar wasn't treating her terribly well. She looks better now, at least. "Eating all right?" She's stalling, but the answers do matter to her. In that way, she's at least being sincere.

"I'm way better then the last time you saw me, that's for sure. Been staying with a.." she trails off, how does she explain Kincaid. "A friend, Kincaid. A real sweetheart," then her eyes widen a bit, "But not that kind of sweetheart." She wants to make absolutely sure that Nicole gets that. Lucille ruffles the back of her hair and takes another drink of her beer. "So life is pretty good, no matter that I'm still on the run." She chuckles, "What about you?"

"You're staying with Kincaid?" That name is far too uncommon for it not to be Kincaid August (er, Russo?) Lucille's talking about. "Then I know you're in good hands. Don't worry… I know who he is to you," she assures with a smile. "I'm doing well. Have you talked with your dad lately? No, wait. Let me start again."

With a rueful smile, Nicole cants her head to one side with a small shake. "Have you talked to Kincaid about where he comes from? What things are like there?"

Call it a Ryans thing, but Nicole's question makes Lucille straighten up and she tilts her head. Eyes squinted a bit, "I haven't spoken to my father and why?" Eyebrows are raised. If Nicole didn't seem to be friendly with her sister, she would have pulled her gun out now and held it to Nicole's head. No offense, she just protects her family.

She tries to relax a little but the fact that not everyone is suppose to know about where Kincaid is from unsettles her. Her brow furrows and she most definitely looks like her father at the moment. Aside from the chewing of the inside of her cheek, Lu drums her fingers on the table. Waiting for an answer, what Nicole says next determines a lot. One of those being if she gets a bullet in the head.

The thought of shooting the other woman makes Lucille pause, when did she get so.. ruthless?

Nicole should have seen the hostility coming. Lucille is a Ryans. Both hands are held up in a placating gesture. "There's a girl who came back with him. Her name is Ingrid." She watches the other woman's face for a few seconds before adding, "She's my daughter." And she's going to let that sink in a few moments before she drops the rest of that bomb.

Came back…?

Okay, so Nicole knows about Kincaid. Cool. Luc visibly relaxes and nods her head at Nicole. "Ingrid? Kincaid hasn't told me.. too much about where they're from. I don't think he likes to talk about it." Hell Lucille doesn't even know if she's alive or dead in this future. One thing is clear, she wasn't around too much in Kincaid's life.

Lucille doesn't seemed miffed about not knowing what Nicole is talking about exactly.

Years of staring down the sharks of the political world should have prepared Nicole for moments like this. But still, she shifts uncomfortably in her seat. "Ingrid is also your half-sister," she tells Lucille finally. Then, she braces for the reaction.

"Oh, another family member, wow we must have multiplied like rabbits up the-." Luci's hand hangs in the air as she registers what Nicole has just said. And then with a gulp, she waves her hand and soon there is another shot being brought over to her. She takes the shot and slams the glass on the table while grabbing her beer and chugging a bit of it down.

"You have a kid with my father?" she says in a hot whisper. "He's like 100 years old!" No offense dad, then there's the fact that. "Oh god.. Delia probably tried to kill her when she was a baby." Light grey eyes fix on Nicole, "So.. uh does my dad know you guys are procreating in the future? Because if not, it might be a great idea not to tell him. I don't want him having a stroke, Delia will never forgive me for letting it happen." Because everything always turns out to be Lucille's fault.

"Holy fuck," she says before drinking more. "Well.. welcome to the family Nic." She says with a smile, unlike her father. Smiles from Lucille come a lot more often. Though this one is confused and not sure what else to do.

"He knows. Actually…" Nicole brings her drink to her lips, wishing it were something harder. "Your father and I…" She sets her glass back down and slides it away. "There's no good way to tell you this," she admits, resting her arms against the table. "Your dad and I have been seeing each other for a little while now. And we're getting married."

Instead of answer right away, she quickly swallows the rest of her beer. She's definitely feeling a bit buzzed. Three shots and two glasses of beer. Nothing that will make her belligerent. "You're fucking what?!" she asks loudly, and she answers her own question. "My dad.." She looks a bit green for a second at the thought. Why is he even.. getting it.. on? Lucille takes her phone out and she's then pressing the number for her father. When she gets his voicemail, she decides to just leave a message.

"Hey dad, it's your daughter.. Lucille.. you know your oldest. Oh wait, Russo is the oldest now. Anyway, sitting here with your wife to be at the moment. I'm so excited for you father." She says through her teeth, giving a wink to Nicole. She sounds very happy indeed. She knows how to fake it, all those industry parties she's been to. "I'm overjoyed. Glad that she was able to tell me. Don't bother calling back. I'll catch you lata tiger." She chuckles as she ends the message.

"Sorry, go on?" her eyes are a little wide. Mostly shock, she's not really mad at Nicole. She can't logically be upset with the woman. It's just something new.. and..

That's right, Lucille. Your dad. Nicole is fucking your dad.


"He'll, uhm… He asked me to make sure that you don't kill him or anything. Have to say that I would rather you didn't." Nicole tips her head down as she pulls her drink back toward her again. With her bangs to shield her, her eyes get wide for a moment. She is dodging bullets at this point. When she lifts her head again, she's carefully neutral again. "I love Ben," she's quick to assure his eldest daughter. "I am never going to be able to replace Mary, nor do I want to. I know this seems really sudden, but… I wanted you to hear it from me."

"I would never kill my father." Blinkblink innocent smile. Then Lucille is trying to process what Nicole has just told her. She doesn't even dare comment on her mother. That's just forbidden territory to be honest. The young woman puts her hands on the table and takes a deep breath. Reaching into the bag beside her, she withdraws a cigarette and lights it. Blowing the smoke out from her nose, she drags an ashtray over from the end of the table to her and takes another puff.

"I respect you Nicole." There's no use of the new nickname Nic at the moment. "It takes a lot of guts to drop something like that on a crazy bitch like me." If Nicole has spent any time with Delia, then Deli would have told her how nuts her older sister is. "Thank you for coming to tell me and wanting to include me in all of this." She says with a genuine smile. "I have this ability," ?uh..

"And this ability has awesome side effects for people. I could be a good nurse or even doctor if I went to school for it. This ability helps a lot with healing. But," she leans in and stares dead into Nicole's eyes. "If someone were to hurt my family.. that ability could be used to hurt as well. Hurt badly." She takes another inhale and blows the smoke up towards the ceiling, she offers a cigarette to Nicole. And then she's back to normal Lucille, no menace in sight. "So, when's the date? Are you going for a late summer date or fall? Summer might be nice, we could all wear small dresses and look sexy sexy." If only she could get in contact with her old work friends. She'd have the perfect dress for Nicole brought to her. "If I could get a hole of some friends.. we could get you a to die for dress." She grins in Nicole's direction.

Nicole feels a lump form in her throat and swallows hard to get rid of it. She stares at the cigarette offered to her for a moment before shaking her head, waving it off. "No, thank you…" No, Delia didn't warn Nicole about Lucille's special brand of crazy. "Uhm, I think it's just going to be a very small affair. We haven't really talked about it. We can't really do anything on paper, so…"

Speaking of paper, Nicole's drawing some from the wallet she's procured from her dress pocket. A fifty is placed on the table and slid toward Lucille. "Here. For your tab, or whatever else you want to put it toward. I should actually get going… I haven't told your sister yet. Would you tell Kincaid I said hello, and ask him to give me a call?" She winces faintly and then pleads, "Don't warn Delia. I made sure you got to know first, but I'm afraid she'll throw something at my head when she sees me coming. She can hit me in the head after I tell her."

"Oh, thanks!" That wasn't expected. Lucille rises as Nicole prepares to leave. "Okay then, I'll deliver the message. Um.. see you soon then yeah?" she says with one hand in her pocket. There's a whistle from some patron and her free hand flips that guy the bird. She winces at the thought of Delia throwing things at people's heads. She's had to endure that many times, the two of them never got into knife play against each other though.

"Well good luck with telling her. I won't warn her, promise. Tell Delia I'm alright with it. That might make her a little less crazy over it." Lu offers in advice and then she's giving Nicole a wide smile and touches her shoulder gently. "Welcome to the family Nic, you'll have fun with us. We aren't a boring bunch."

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