Oh exploitable!


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Scene Title Oh exploitable!
Synopsis Upon taking stock of Danko and Company unawares at a dead drop, Magnes decides to make the most of the opportunity presented him.
Date September 7, 2009

Staten Island Coast

It's late, it's dark. It's Staten Island. Not too many miles down the coast from the burned out shell of a bone-strewn loading dock Teo and Elisabeth totaled with explosives a few long weekends ago, a rotted out old Buick half-buried in a pile of old tires and other miscellaneous debris rocks creakily with the momentum of its trunk being prised open with a crow bar. The marine wielding it looks to be a good six to seven inches taller than the compact older man in black at his side. The orange dot of a lit cigarette burning bright against a breeze whipped in off of black harbor water and the pale dome of his fuzzy skull make him easier to pick out at a distance than Danko'd probably like, but they aren't meant to be here for long, and the trunk's already open.

It's one of those nights on Staten when Magnes has decided to wear all black, including the plain mask with the black electronic collar clipped around it for voice distortion. There's not an inch of skin on his body visible, though the two Glock holsters on his sides certainly are, including cuffs and a few other items. And, with the epiphany that bullets hurt, he's wearing a vest.

He's been going from roof to roof, momentarily stopping with his binoculars each time both to scan the other rooftops, and see if anything strange is happening on the ground… mostly Refrain-related strange, or that crazy Terrakinesis guy. But on this particular rooftop, he spots the fuzzy-bald man and the marine, deciding to stay low (After a quick sniper sweep, quite paranoid about that lately) and simply watch what they're doing, and see what's so interesting about that trunk.

"Looks okay," muttered without feeling, Danko squints into the trunk. So does the marine, who — doesn't reach into grasp for whatever it is with any kind of immediacy. A few seconds pass in silent stillness before Fuzzy and Bald looks slowly over sideways at his companion and the larger man finally moves, shoulder ducked down and in to drag a metal briefcase out've the trunk's interior. It scrapes, bumps, scrapes some more on the way out to the guy's side, but nothing explodes or melts or crackles with electricity and with an air of dull finality, Danko reaches up to clap the rusty trunk shut again. Clomp.

Briefcase, briefcases are good, and hey… it's that bald guy! Who did Cardinal say he was? Manga, mango, manko… Danko! Now Magnes just has to figure out how to get the briefcase. He's not going to act quite yet, simply keeping an eye on them, intending to follow them in the shadows for a while… hey, so that's why Cardinal does it.

Odds are, following in the shadows isn't going to work for long. Rather than head inland, once Danko has flicked the stub of his cigarette away and relieved his bruiser companion of the crowbar, he starts to pick his way out for the nearest cement dock.

The tide's in and the water's up enough that the ghostly outline of a rugged-looking little speed boat is faintly visible in a slow, bobbing drift along the dock's far side. That appears to be what they're heading for.

Magnes knows that approaching them directly will probably get them shot, but whatever their plans are… probably not good. He does what any reasonable person would do, drops down into an alley, grabs a large green dumpster, then flies high into the sky, heading for the boat, trying to get there before them so he can just drop it with far more weight than a dumpster would normally have. Who knows what it'll do to a boat, but as long as he can send some blow to Humanis First…

Bad things. Bad things are what a heavier than normal dumpster does to a speed boat when dropped from a great height.

The entire back of the boat plunges backwards under the surface with the force of impact, rank water thrown up in a grimy white-yellow spray some twenty or thirty feet straight up as if a goddamn mine has detonated just next to the dock. Something sizzles, stutters, and sparks — smoke belching in black starts from god-knows-what while the dumpster starts to sink (glug, glug, glug, blop) and the boat keels and lolls at a sickly angle, like a seal that's had its fluffy, button-eyed head bitten right off at the neck.

Now damp, smelly, and breathing hard, Danko is quick to swing his sidearm out've its holster under his jacket when he jags sideways for cover behind the nearest mountain of broken crap. The marine follows at a lope, suitcase in left hand, assault rifle dragged off its sling across his back with the right.

Magnes flies up, up, then moves a few buildings over, trying to make what he does next harder to pinpoint. He turns a knob on his collar, turning the volume up, then yells in his distorted voice, "Danko! Anonymous does not forgive, or forget! You can stop worrying about whatever groups want your head, because we're watching you, we're everywhere and everyone. Watch your back, and the people you trust."

Yes, he's being cryptic, and trying to get into Danko's head before just moving to fly off into the sky, lest he stick around and risk death.

"Jesus Christ," is all Danko can force himself to wheeze in the midst of this — Magnes's warning and the boggy, slogging sink of the boat (HIS boat) into the harbor at his back. Dirty water slings cold off his bare skull when he whips around to try to get a better read on the damage through intermittent pieces of junk, brow knit and jaw slack.

Less worried about the escape rout and more concerned with pulling the trigger, Danko's marine lets fly a few short burst of erratic fire in the direction of Magnes's voice. Not aimed well enough to cause damage, but the hiss of bullets through the boy wonder's breathing air is pretty pointed nonetheless.

"Crap!" Magnes exclaims to himself when his volume is back to normal, picking up speed with the hiss of bullets. Definitely getting the hell out of there, less concerned about the briefcase, more concerned about explaining to Claire why he's been violated in the ass by Danko's bullet.

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