Oh Joy, Bodysnatching Technopaths


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Scene Title Oh Joy, Bodysnatching Technopaths
Synopsis Reed in Mallory's body pays Liz a visit.
Date May 5, 2009


It's only a matter of time before Mallory figures out how to navigate 'the net'. Reed needs more time, unaware that the siblings have been in touch. She decides to kill a couple of birds with one stone and head down to NYPD and see if she can find out anything about Harrison and Baxter.

The technopath takes a series of busses down, making no conversation with anyone as she keeps to herself, not wanting to draw too much attention. Plus, she doesn't want to take the chance of running into her brother — while it may be a long shot in a city this size, sometimes fate just doesn't work that way. She enters the building, stopping to look around before heading over to the desk sergeant and asking to speak with someone who deals with 'evolved'.

The desk sergeant points the girl toward the SCOUT squad room, and as luck would have it, Elisabeth Harrison is manning a desk this afternoon. She appears to be filling out reports (on an Evo-related domestic violence call… suck) when Mallory/Reed enters the room, but she's always got an ear peeled these days for people coming in the door behind her and turns to glance when she hears the footsteps. The sight of Mallory Allistair, whom she knows from Washington Irving during her days as a sub and also from her relationship to Simon, brings Elisabeth to her feet in alarm. "Mallory?" she asks as she heads for the girl. She keeps her voice low, worried blue eyes searching Mallory's face. "What's happened?" Because only something drastic would bring Mallory to the police station. "Is Simon okay?"

She has taken necessary precautions before she entered, rubbing her eyes to make them red as if perhaps she'd been upset. But of course, what she knows about Mallory, she knows that Mallory isn't going to cry in front of anyone — but that doesn't mean that maybe she doesn't cry alone. "I — I'm not sure. I think he's in trouble." she stammers out, glancing around a bit nervously. Reed isn't entirely a novice at dramatics, and what she's been able to find out about Detective Harrision, it has taken some time to come up with just the right thing to say.

Now it's all about the delivery. "And.. I think Robin Hood is after me." she near whisper.

Elisabeth looks at the ceiling. Oh shit. "Okay…. sit for a minute," she tells Mallory. "You want a soda or something while you tell me about this?"

Running her fingers through her hair, pulling it back, Reed looks at the detective and sighs. "I don't need anything. I'm okay, I think." she takes a seat next to the desk. "There have been some people watching us.. I.." she glances around nervously again, then leans forward. "You know I can talk with computers, right? Well, I caught a transmission that they are going to try and lock him away. They think he's dangerous. He said something about Homeland Security when I saw him last and I think that's who it is!"

When she sits down across from Mallory, Elisabeth frowns at the girl. She didn't know what Mallory's skill was, but the fact that she's a technopath? Yeah, that sort of freaks Liz out a little. And the fact that the girl is *sitting in the police station, TELLING* Liz that she's a technopath? So not Mallory. "Tell me where the transmission came from, and what it said," she invites. "Actually, give me a second, I want to let my partner know I'll be late," she tells Mallory. "I'm supposed to be meeting him in half an hour." She pulls out her cell phone and texts someone on it, and then looks back at Mallory. "All right…. so now…." A silence bubble pops up around the two, muting the constant ringing of phones, the dull roar that always seems to come from the bullpen as a dozen cops deal with phones or talk to one another about cases, etc. "Tell me about the transmission and why you think Homeland is behind it. And what makes you think Robin Hood's after you?"

The text: Simon, make contact ASAP. Mallory's here, telling me what her ability is and that you're in trouble. WTF is going on? Line's secure. —EH

"It just seemed really.." Reed pauses for a moment before she speaks. ".. official, I guess. I mean, it was just something I sensed. It came from a transmission from a van that was outside my house with Simon left. I didn't catch it until too late and I haven't been able to reach him since then." She leans back, letting a 'huff' come out from her and blow her bangs upwards out of her eyes.

"Robin Hood was in my computer. He told me that I should watch my back. That perhaps another technopath was going to try and snatch my body! I am almost certain that he was talking about himself. Just.. the way he put it, I mean. Then he was gone. I haven't heard from him since, but I'm a little freaked out here. Not only is Homeland stalking me, some fuckin' psycho creeping around the net is trying to get me."

There's a frown at that, because Simon still hasn't responded to the text she sent. And that makes her a bit nervous. "He told you what?" Elisabeth demands of Mallory. She's not even sure that's possible… is it? Phone call to Hana also now imminent. "Wonderful." Liz pauses. "All right, Mallory, here's what I want you to do for now… stay off the 'net as much as possible. Robin Hood's definitely been causing some pretty major trouble, and I don't want you to get sucked into it. Just in case he actually can do what you've just said he threatened you with." Boy, that thought scares the hell out of her. "And stick close to Simon — if you two see anything else that looks hinky, call me, okay? If you don't hear from Simon by tonight, call my cell phone. Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do about tracking him down, okay?"

Taking a deep breath, Reed stands and nods. "Okay. I'll do what you say. I'll head over to see if I can find Simon right now. I just hope it's not too late.." Dramatic worried sigh. Yeah, right! "I just hope this Robin Hood hasn't already tried to get in touch with Simon. This is going to get fuckin' sticky.." She stands, pushing her chair back with the back of her knees. She starts to walk off, then turns back, still walking backwards, "Thanks for your help." She whips back around, letting her brown locks of hair whip around behind her as she makes a beeline for the exit without another glance back.

Reed smirks a little as she gets back out into the fresh air and turns to head towards the bus stop. Time to abandon the house. Going back there is going to be a mistake. She didn't learn too much more than she already knew, but the shit is going to hit the fan very soon. The bus comes just mere moments after she gets to the stop and she climbs in, as the bus zooms down the street.

Barely moments after Mallory left, Simon's text message comes through. Not Mallory. Bodysnatcher. We need to meet. Be careful. Elisabeth darts after Mallory, planning on grabbing her and arresting her to keep her here…. and swears roundly as the bus pulls away from the curb. Part of her wants to go ahead and stop the girl, but at this moment, the only thing she could do would be out Mallory as an unregistered Evolved, and that she is unwilling at this moment to do. But she does at least now have an idea on how to catch Robin Hood.

Text to Wireless: Robin Hood took over a teen technopath's body. Can trace the body, but need you to locate the girl if he's not killed her — could be trapped in the 'net. Contact if you get anything useful.

And then one to Simon: Lay low, avoid Mallory at all costs. Where and when? I'll be there.

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