Oh, shit


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Scene Title Oh, shit
Synopsis Not the warmest of greetings, but a fair response to the situation.
Date March 31 2011

Village Renaissance Building - Quinn and Elaine's apartment

Brow pensively creased, Ygraine pauses to rub absent-mindedly at the shoulder above her wounded arm. Though it's still cradled in its sling, the hand is flexing and twisting, attempting to ease tension running up through the bicep ruptured by gunfire in the Dome. For long moments, she eyes the door in front of her… then releases her shoulder and delivers a sharp pattern of knocks to the closed portal.

Efforts to banish the worried frown before anyone answers are not exactly successful. Clad as she is in her highwayman garb once again, the effect might be found somewhat intimidating by some - a frowning, extravagantly cross-dressed freak waiting on their doorstep. Not that she expects either of the apartment's occupants to be unsettled for those reasons.

There's music playing inside, though not too loud that it drowns out the knocks that are placed against it. But loud enough that it would drown out any sign of anyone inside approaching the door to answer it. THat is, if wasn't fot the sound of an approaching voice, Quinn singing along to "But It's Better If You Do" by Panic! At The Disco. Not the best suited song for her voice, but she does well enough, and only stops when teh song ends, ebginning it's transition int the next song. When the door does open, it's quickly, QUinn not even seeming to think about looking through the peep hole. So when she sees who's on the other side, 70 degree heat wafting out of teh apartment and Quinn dressed in jeans an a somewhat tight short sleeve shirt, her eyes widen a bit in surprise.

"Oh, shit. Hey Ygraine.I wasn't expectin' you t' stop by." Though she doesn't immediately invite the other woman in…

But Quinn's not the only one in the apartment. Elaine's there, dragging out an empty laundry basket to put aside as she seems to be straightening up. She glances over towards the door, about to ask who it is when she hears Quinn's voice. She clears her throat a little, not loudly, unsure of where to go. She just freezes in the hallway. To retreat? To stay?

Well, that's one way to get someone to flinch dramatically. 'Oh, shit' as the response to being seen. That's enough to make Ygraine take a half step back, worry turning to distress that she attempts to hide with hastily lowered lashes and chin. Flickering away in search of something else to latch onto, her thoughts settle briefly on the notion that perhaps she should start wearing a broad-brimmed hat, the better to disappear behind….

Not that such extravagance seems likely to be an option for much longer, one way or another.

Whatever Ygraine might have been about to say has been quite thoroughly banished from her thoughts or stopped behind her lips by the reaction to seeing her. But she remembers to fumble a small pack off her good shoulder, crouching down amidst a soft creak of leather to set it on the floor, unzipping it as she reaches inside to draw out a slender package wrapped up in somewhat worn black velvet.

THe reaction gets a raised eyebrow from Quinn, and a look of worry of her own. And while Ygraine seems to be fumbling for a moment, Quinn's looking back over her shoulder, giving Elaine an apologetic look. Mostly because she has no real idea how to handle this situation. It's the firs titme three have been alone together in one place in over a month.

Turning bcak to the hall way in time to see the package, that just makes Quinn's worry grow. "Sorry, I didn't mean t' startle you. I just had- no idea you were coming by. Slowly, catiously, she steps aside, allowing the other woman entrance. "COme on in." Because awkward as it may be, she doesn't really feel she can keep Ygraine waiting outside. "You brought me a package? What's that all about?" SHe doesn't sound displeased by this, jsut curious, looking back towards Elaine again.

The package isn't something Elaine can see, so she's unsure of what's going on other than Quinn's words. However, when Quinn looks back at the redhead, she beckons her inwards. No need to keep Ygraine in the hall, as strange a situation as it might be. She lingers in the hallway, unsure of where to move to or if she should linger.

"Yeah. I swear at every unexpected visitor, too", Ygraine says softly, voice barely loud enough to carry to Elaine, as she carefully lifts out the package, resting it on her bent knee for a few moments as if debating whether or not to part with it. "I can give you the number for my therapist, if you like. He might be able to help with that."

Peeping up, the smile she offers Quinn is sad far more than anything else, though there is at least a hint of her dry humour there. Then she pushes to her feet and holds out the slender velvet bundle - perhaps containing a very narrow box, or a largeish book - but doesn't let go of it as she resumes her soft speech. "Two gifts, and an apology. First: this. Second - if a man called Nate calls you, work with him. I'm not sure I'll ever have been able to do more for you than that, so take the chance, please. Whether you upstage him or bask in the glow, it should be great for you either way. Lastly…." She closes her eyes on tears. "I am probably totally fucked, and I apologise if knowing me brings trouble on you. But since you weren't coming tonight I… wanted to see you again. And say sorry for any harm that comes to you through me. I probably shouldn't be here at all, but… I figured it wasn't likely to bring extra risk your way…"

Quinn reaches out to take the velvet gift, looking more than a bit confused. Ygraine can see ehr eyes slide over to look in Elanie's direction, before centering back on Ygraine. "I know a guy named nate. He sent us a care package before my show, an' came t' see us at it. He was a musician, that the guy you're talkin' about?" And then her head tilts a bit. "Ygraine… what are you on about? Did somethin' happen? Because you can tell- us, you know. If somethin' bad's happened." Because, really, taht's exactly what Quinn needs. But Ygraine is her friend, and even thouh she just volunteered Elaine in talking with Ygraine, she can tell something's wrong and ti worries her. "What are you blatherin' ona bout with risk an' shouldn't be here?"

Regardless of volunteering, Elaine knows emotion when she hears it, even from the hallway. And the words that come from Ygraine are ones that prompt the redhead forward, stopping not too far from the door. "Ygraine, come sit down," she says, looking towards the couch. "Come in. What kind of trouble are you in? What are you so scared of? We won't let you be hurt, if we can help it." We. Regardless of whatever awkwardness or animosity that might have previously been there, it's like it never happened. Her concern is genuine.

Ygraine now relinquishes her grip on the bundle, letting Quinn take it from her - it feels hard but fairly light, under the velvet. "Ah. You do? Good to know I'm as useful and as far ahead of the game as usual", she murmurs, lips briefly twisting into a wry smile.

Elaine's approach prompts her to duck her head, fighting against the urge to flee. To help to do so, she drops to a crouch again, fumbling shut her pack as she takes a deep, shuddering breath, then forces herself to find her voice. "If you truly want to know, I can tell you", she whispers. "But you're quite possibly at least somewhat protected if you don't."

'Bullshit," is a quick response from Quinn, her arms crossing a bit as she bends down next to Ygraine, wobbly as she crouches. "If somethin's happened t' you… I doubt me not knowin' somethin' is going t' help at all." PArticularly if people have eyes on teh Verb. QUinn doesn't vocalise this concern, though. What she does do, however, is lose her balance in her squat, falling back down on to her arse. Which she decides is a perfectly comfortable place to be, and makes no effort to stand back up. "So spill it already."

It seems that Ygraine's worry has Elaine worrying. Her brow furrows as she watches the two women, looking intently between Quinn and Ygraine. "How are we more protected if we don't know what's going on? It's always bad to go into something blind. If you're scared of something, Ygraine, let us help. Neither of us want to see anything happen to you."

"Should've just posted it", the Briton murmurs, before lifting her lids just enough to peep at Quinn once more. "But I wanted to see you. Thought it'd make me feel better. Hah. God, I'm stupid, aren't I?"

Her eyes close once more, then she takes a deep breath. "If you're sure, then inside. Shouldn't discuss this out here where we might have people walk into it. Wouldn't be fair to them, quite apart from anything else."

"No. You're not stupid," Quinn says, before pulling herself up to her feet, a hand offered down to Ygraine. "If you're in a hard spot, Ygraine, I'd rather know than not. That'll make me feel better. An' you… whatever you need t' feel better, let me know. If it's something we can provide, we will." A look back to Elaine, and Quinn smiles. "Mind getting some drinks? An' we'll all sit on the couch an' talk about whatever'd goin' on.

"I was just about to offer," Elaine agrees in response to Quinn's suggestion of drinks. She looks towards Ygraine, shaking her head intently. "It isn't stupid, and I hope it has made you feel better. Just know that whatever is going on, we're here." The redhead moves to the kitchen to fetch some water, figuring that'd be the best option for beverages for the time being. She takes her time, just in case Ygraine wants a moment.

Unfortunately, Quinn's unguarded and presumed-to-be-genuine reaction to seeing Ygraine has left the Briton feeling considerably worse than she was before the door was opened. But she forces herself to her feet, picking up her pack keeping her otherwise-free hand full. With Elaine disappearing back into the apartment, moving through the door becomes a little easier - though the visitor sidles in, careful not to touch the musician on her way past, her head submissively (or fearfully) lowered.

Though she's rarely been here before, she's hoping that the layout is much the same as on her last visit, back in the previous year and what feels like another world, and intends to secure for herself the closest thing she can to a safe corner seat with walls behind and to either side, there to perch with her pack in her lap as a barrier against her fears, fiddling apprehensively with its straps.

The closest thing would bt the table, but there's only two chairs for that at the moment, Quinn and Elaine having not really planned on having proper dinner guests yet. So, instead, Quinn moves to Ygraine, a hand on teh Briton's back as she guides her towards the sofa, plopping down on it once the pair has reached it. "Come on, then. Out with it," she says, looking at Ygraine worriedly. "If it's somethin' we can help with, tell us, so we can get right on that."

Elaine fusses about in the kitchen for a moment, fetching three glasses of water. Walking back over towards the couch, the redhead offers forward a glass to Ygraine, as well as one towards Quinn. When that's taken care of, she'll go back into the kitchen for her own.

Having started in response to the unexpected contact, and now deprived of her hoped-for corner, Ygraine clings all the more tightly to her bag, looking anything but comfortable. Still, she's managing not to bolt - even when approached by Elaine - so she's not entirely failing at trying to be normal. She does, however, let go of her pack long enough to delve into a pocket and confirm that the reassuring presence of her white noise generator is still on.

"I got hauled in by HomeSec for an interview about the party. Last week. Friday. After they'd spoken to Graeme and Jaiden already. They - actually… that's a point. Have you two been spoken to? Given the overt photokinetic displays, I'd have expected you to be a higher priority than me, Robyn, since HomeSec hadn't even realised I was the one who fucked up the first Sylar's invisiblity and kicked things off…."

"No… no one's talked t' eitehr of us…" Quinn looks back at Elaine, as if to confirm this. "I've kinda expected it, since it's been twice now that that's happened, but… I guess I manaegd t' slip through on both a' those." Which Quinn is actually rather glad for. "So… what? I mean… it's not like people have been taken in by HomeSec before. An' if they'd figured out your Ferry or anythin', I doubt you'd be here. Whatever they have now t' replace that Moab place I read about. Are you worried they did or somethin'?" Which admittedly has her really nervous.

Heading back into the room, Elaine takes a seat at an appropriate distance, not squishing herself in, but close enough to be in the middle of the conversation. "No, no one's asked me anything… they certainly couldn't have immediately afterwards, considering I was temporarily deaf, but… no one has come to see either of us. I don't see why Quinn would be more of a priority, though. It wasn't like we were obviously connected to the incident. You and Graeme were clearly trying to get her out, if that's what they're after." She nods in agreement with Quinn. "I don't see why this is as much of a deal… if they wanted you locked away, wouldn't they have done it by now? Sent the secret police and kidnapped you in the night or whatever it is they do? What's got you so scared?"

"I'm all the more so, now that I know that they've kept the potential pool of contamination so small", Ygraine says softly. "Fuck. I am so screwed. They… they barely even seemed interested in what I'd done. I stuck Sylar to a glass, while he was invisible, and revealed him to everyone there by tossing him over backwards. And it didn't really seem of any interest at all…"

Closing her eyes, she sighs. "They don't want to pick me up yet, because they haven't sprung the trap yet. They… arranged to let me see information. It's possible that it was just an accident. It's possible that they thought the drugged-up, one-armed, half-mad foreigner who'd prattled on about French accents was just a safe irrelevance. It's possible that they didn't realise that I could see the memo. That's what I told myself afterwards. 'Cause everyone knows I'm batshit crazy, if they know me at all. Hopelessly sodding paranoid. So if I had worries, they just had to be the darkness getting at me again. Couldn't be real…."

"But I had to pass it on. The information. Because it was too important not to, if it was real. So I let a couple of Councillors know on Friday that I wanted to see them, then told someone else on Saturday morning and she got it to them…"

"And now more information's come out, but only to one specific person. So if that's acted on, then HomeSec know the other person's modifying the info I provided. And if it's not, then I'm the sole leak. And either way, I'm fucked. Because I can't see the Ferry not trying to rescue those people. And as soon as it tries, it's surely proof I told them. And if it is a trap, then they're going to face a lot of danger. And either way… no one's got back to me. At all. It's not quite a burn notice on me, apparently, unless your 'oh shit' was a sign they've told you to avoid me. But it's feeling a lot like being hung out to dry."

"Fortunately, paranoia has its uses every now and then, so I've got other options. But I don't want to run. Was just managing to actually do some good. But I wasn't meaning to tell you any of this, in case they come to ask. HomeSec, I mean. The less you know, the safer you should be. In theory, anyway. At least until they let you see a memo about moving Disappeared people around and you get to decide whether to tell the Ferry about it."

"My 'oh shit' was me bein' surprised t' see you, Ygraine. I… just didn'tt hink this was exactly a place you'd be comin' by." Mostly because of Elaine, but that's one f those things QUinn doesn't think needs to be said. "But knowin' less isn't going t' help us, Ygraine. We can act normal. If someone goes messing in our midns, we're fucked anyway. So don't give me that shit."

All of that is said before she has the realisation of just how dangerous this whole trap thing is. And that? That gets her to echo her earlier statement, though with a much different connotation this time.

"Oh shit."

A set of worried glances is exchanged, moving between Ygraine and Elaine. ""Oh shit, Ygraine. I'm- really sorry. I- Jesus, what are you going t' do?" Her voice is frantic, but certainly worried. The biggest reason being Ygraine, but in the back of her mind, there's also the worry of their association with her drifting back to QUinn and Elaine. "I mean… you can't just sit arounf, but if you're not going t' run, where the hell are you going t' go?"


Elaine echoes the sentiment as she grips her water glass, looking concerned. "It sounds like a trap. People don't just… leave memos like that out, do they? I don't think they'd just underestimate you. It sounds like a trap to me, but… Jesus that sounds like a clusterfuck waiting to happen…" She sets the glass down. "You can't feel like it's your fault, though. You passed along information… what people decide to do with it is up to them. As long as they know where the information came from and how… I think most people are smart enough to figure things out for themselves." She looks to Quinn before her eyes settle on Ygraine again. "Yes… what are you thinking you'll do?"

"It was quite elaborate. Brought in by an assistant as part of a heap", Ygraine murmurs, eyes closing again. "Just happened to be poking out. One agent had brought in doughnuts that were sitting by it. Both wanted me to have them. One got called away. Then the other got up and left. Just briefly. And if I'm not the only possible source, then even if they bugged it I should be able to explain double-taking at the memo - one of the names was that of Colette's Dad. Whom I've met quite mundanely. I gave his daughter dating advice, years back. 'Course I react to seeing that my neighbour's a prisoner…. So at the time, I could persuade myself my fears were unfounded. Or worth the risk, at the very least. Certainly worth the risk. "

"But given how tightly they're controlling who they even talk to, and how at every other moment they didn't want to even leave me alone in a corridor without an escort on hand, and how they're handling the extra info leak I know about…. I'm so scared it's just me. And that means that as of Saturday, once they no longer need to worry about alerting the Ferry, I'm fucked…."

"I… I had been thinking about getting out. Going to Canada. Back to Toronto." Perhaps the last place that Quinn saw her truly happy. "But if I went for the border, they could disappear me so much more easily. And we already know that they've had an entire Ferry group smashed up there. So I'd just be hanging myself up as a prize to be plucked with slightly more difficulty. So… I'm thinking I'll take some of the other options. Go into hiding. 'Cause running's too likely to just get me picked up. But I'm still not healed, and I can't ride properly, and…."

"They attacked a group in Canada?" is Quinn's initial reaction, most because of the implication behind it. What if she ever decides to go back to Ireland someday, or is on tour elsewhere in the world? Ugh. This does not sit well with her at all. But with that thought past, she just looks at Ygraine for a moment, before leaning over and hugging the Briton tightly. "I'm so sorry," Qiunn says quietly, closing her eyes. "I… don't know what else I can say. Or what I can do t' help. I- if you really think it's a trap, I don't know if you should tell me anwyehere you go, at least for a bit. If we have telepaths, so do I, an' if I'm ever fucked, I don't what you t' be fucked too because of it."

Squeezing the other woman tightly, Quinn sighs. "I can pass on to the Ferry that you're running. Or you can try t' vanish t' POllepel. God knows enough people that the government was keeping a watch on are out there. MIght not be a bad idea, at least you'd still be around other people an' able t' help. Just be careful out there. They had a 5-10 outbreak."

"Pollepel might be a good option," Elaine agrees, brow furrowed. Running and hiding doesn't seem to her like a great idea, but staying put doesn't seem to be alright either. "I'm sorry that it's all a big mess for you. I wish there was more I could say or do, but… I'm at a loss. I'm not really in any kind of position to offer you much help."

Ygraine tiredly shakes her headm though after a moment she tentatively leans into the hug. "I didn't come here for help. I came to give you two gifts, an apology, and to try to brighten my day by seeing someone I love. I was intending to be on my way again by now, with you safely in the dark so that you couldn't be tricked into revealing you know anything about this whenever HomeSec do put you in an interview room…."

"But Pollepel's out. My only ways up there would be by taxi, or in the cripple-wagon. And a brightly-coloured little Japanese box with NYC disabled parking tags would be just a little bit unsubtle to leave anywhere up there. That, or I pedal-cycle fifty miles while one-armed, still recovering, and in temperatures close to zero. And I have heard nothing from them since I asked for contact with those Councillors. Nothing at all. So I'm taking other options. Hoping to slip below the radar and stay below it, at least long enough to find out what's going on. And hoping that since the Feds know where I live and'll be wanting me to think everything's fine and dandy, I'm not under surveillance. Spooking me might spook the Ferry, so why risk the bigger trap to bag me early? So I think I should be safe until at least Friday night, maybe Saturday. So I've been running around trying to sort out things. And keep the exhibition on track tonight."

"If HomeSec puts us in an interview room, we'ere already screwed, Ygraine," Quinn reiterates, shaking eher head as ahe hugs Ygraine still. Which she finally breaks to leans back and - gently smack the woman on the back of the hand. "You don't just drive out t' Pollepel. An' even then, how do you think all the other state watned terrorists get back an' forth? Eileen, Ryans, Raith, Catherine… hell, we have Messiah people at there now, goin' to and from. Do you remember the d'Sathe's party that was on the enws back at Christmas, that got raided? Yeah, that. Slip out to the docks with the smugglers. Make your way t' POllepel. It's the smartest thing you can do right now, Ygraine. If they aren't watching you right this moment, an' if they were I an' the Ferry'd be fucked anyway, then make your way out there t'night or ssomethin'. Hell… get on the back of my scooter, I'll turn you invisible and get you close enough t' walk."

"It's not like you're doing us any more harm by talking, Ygraine. We already know enough to get into trouble if someone pries into our heads by force," Elaine insists, folding her arms over her chest. "It's not the end of the world, and it's not something you have to do solo. If you need to get to Pollepel, it can be done. Quinn can get you there if she needs to. Pollepel is safe. It's been safe all this time so far, and the people there can help you, at least. That's what it's there for. Don't take cues from action movies and try and do everything solo. That's how people do get caught and in trouble."

"If they were doing their job, I'd have expected them to pull in any photokinetics at the party to check what they'd seen, and whether they were the ones pulling off those effects", Ygraine murmurs, head lowered after the smack - forcing herself not to lean into the other woman in search of another hug. Instead, her bag gets another one.

"So I was figuring that sooner or later they'd actually, y'know, interview the photokinetic here. And if they had telepaths around, I'd guess that they'd already be in Pollepel. Or if they have them around, then hey - they've interviewed at least two people who know where it is and how to get there by various routes. Maybe that's what this is really about. Lure out some of the 'active' types, and then hit the last remaining base while they're busy…."

Her voice trails off, then the Briton shakes her head. "I asked Councillors to contact me last Friday. They haven't. I didn't get anything back the previous time I contacted one to ask for help. I'm clearly compromised, as a near-certainty, and they've got to at least suspect it. I'm not going to run to the one place they have left, when there's no sign at all that they want me. So I'm using options I had before ever the Ferry got around to recruiting me. They're hoping to rescue the guy who told them to pull me in. If I get through this and they want me again, getting a message to me should be pretty easy if they bother to try."

Witht eh chastising mack done, Quinn's hand returns to Ygraine's shoulder, looking at the other woman intently. "Council's busy. Lynette's in the city, an' when I need her, I call an' go see her directly. She's on the island too, if you need her. That's… kind of a long story." She rolls her shoulders a bit, placing her other hand on Ygraine's leg. "I was out on POllepel the other day. Abby's in a coma. Lynette's there, but there's one of her in a coma too. I didn't see Catherine or Eileen at all, and Joseph's… been busy handling the deaths because of teh flu. I don't know anyone else on council, but I didn't hear anythin' else about them. But you got word out there? Maybe they don't think they need t' now, then, compared to the otehr stuff they're handling. Either way, I still think Pollpepl is the safest place you could be right now."

"They've been losing kids. It's not exactly as if they're all just dicking around and not doing anything," Elaine says with a frown. She sips from her water glass, studying Ygraine for a long moment. "I'm with Quinn. If you want help, if you want to hide with help and not set off on your own, go to Pollepel. There's food and shelter there and there are people who can protect you."

"I've got options that don't involve a fifty-mile trek to reach the last stronghold of a network that's almost-certain to have moves made against its active members in two days time", Ygraine says quietly. "And yeah, I'd expect the Council to be busy. But I've not even had so much as an 'I'm busy' message to my last few attempts to contact a Councillor. Nor any contact about possibly - probably - being compromised by HomeSec."

A shake of the head. "Rather than relying on people who haven't even responded the last few times, and travelling fifty miles to put a load of others in danger - especially with the outbreak meaning they can't be evacuated…. No. I'll take other options. I've had active offers of help from people who know the dangers, and I've got some older options of my own. And… I really should be going. Let you get on to preparing for whatever it is that means you can't come tonight." She attempts to rise to her feet, still tightly hugging her pack. "'Fraid I can't remember what it is, but… hope it goes well for you."

"Ygraine, I've been out there. Please, be reasonable. I personally don't really approve of any other options." Shaking ehr head at Ygraine, Quinn squeezes her shoulder. "Everything is stressed thin at the moment. If they're handling it based on ifo you passed, maybe they don't need a follow up. Maybe they just haven't ahd the time t' direct someone your way. But Lynette made it sound like things are kind bad at the moment." Taking a deep breath, Quinn looks Lynette in the eye. "They need help out there. Even with teh flu, I still think it's safer. Please, at least consider it." When Ygraine gets up, Quinn looks at the present she was brought, raising up to her feet and etrieving it. "Will you at least wait long enough for me t' open it?"

"I have to agree, it's not so bad. It's relatively safe there, flu and all," Elaine points out, letting out a deeply held breath. "You could help out and then there's safety there. I know we'd both feel better knowing you were out of harm's way." She draws her knees up to her chest, hugging them as she stays seated, glancing towards Quinn and the present.

Elaine gets a somewhat odd look for a moment, then Ygraine drops her gaze, hugging her bag even more tightly. "I've already told you more about the other options than I meant to. More about all of this. I wanted you to be safe. But… if you want to." She attempts to back off towards the hallway, still not looking up. "It's nothing, really. Just… hoped you might like it, maybe."

The present is indeed simple. A hard cover. Black cord binding sheets of paper inside. On each and every one is a drawing. Some are simple sketches, others fully worked up. They're done by a competent and technically proficient amateur rather than an inspired professional, but some do show real care and attention.

A couple are of a small lake, up in the mountains. Drawn on a sunny day, with light and shade slanting across the water. A couple more are of Elaine there, clad in a bikini and looking happy. There's another of the young redhead looking pensive, apparently engrossed in something holding her attention off the page. Most, however, are of Quinn. Head-only portraits. Studies of how her hair fell when it was long and unstyled. Her in a little black, backless dress. Her sprawled asleep with her mouth open and face half-buried in a pillow. A page of sketched head-shots of her laughing. A detailed one of her on stage at her record launch, that must have been drawn from the web-feed while in the Dome.

The sketch book is pulled out and flipped through, Quinn looking a bit wided eyed as she looks through it. Surprise - genuine, happy surprise - is on her face. A glance up at Ygraine, then over to Elaine, and abck tot he Briton as she closes it carefuly. "Thank you," she says quietly, smiling. "I have half a mind t' give it back t' you, because that's like admitteing that we're not going t' see each other again. An you know that's not the case. It's not like this is, you know, the end or somethin'."

A hand is reached back up to Ygraine shoulder and - yes, despite Elaine being in the room - Quinn tips up, kissing the other woman on the cheek. "You'll be fine, Ygraine. Even if it means there's some tough times ahead for a bit. We'll get through this. Ar eyou going t' get in contact with Jen, or do you want me to? Because I will, if you don't thnk it's safe." Another pause, the book held in both hand close, Quinn's head tilting. "You have my suggestion. Whatever you do,s tay safe an' keep me posted."

Elaine looks back to the two, offering a tiny smile. "Quinn can keep the sketchbook and give it back when you two meet up again. For safekeeping, you know?" She offers, giving a small nod. "Just… let us know you're okay in a little while, if you can. We worry. I worry." She points out.

When Quinn mentioned giving the book back to her, Ygraine still further tightened her grip upon her pack, as if cutting off any prospect of her hands being free or there being space to accept it. There is, however, the ghost of a smile on her lips, Quinn's evident pleasure so very much better than the responses she'd feared.

"'m not sure I'll be able to get in touch", she whispers, dropping her chin to the bag as she blushes in response to the kiss. "But I've sent a coded message to Jen. An agreed-on signal that I was going to drop out of sight. If you wanted to get in touch with her, I'm sure she'd welcome the support. She liked you, you know. Just… expect her to be pissed off. And I'm sorry if she shouts at you at all. But she calms down after a bit…."

Her voice trails off again, then she shrugs awkwardly, still hugging that pack, and talks another step backwards towards the door. "I'd best go before I start crying again. Done that far too much this year. I want to go back to the start. I was happy at New Year. World wasn't so utterly… sorry. Babbling. Going."

A vague, jerky nod or shake of her head that looks like it doesn't know quite what gesture it might have been meant to be, then the Briton attempts to turn and hurry out.

"Be safe, please. Find some way t' let us know you're okay. Even if it's a coaded piece of snail mail from a fake name. Anything." Quinn gives a quick nod, opening the sketchbook back up for a moment. "I'll give her a ring. Make sure she knows you stopped by, keep her abreast of things if you can't." She looks back upat Ygraine, a sad expression on her face as she moves after the door so she can close it behind the other woman. "Good bye, Ygraine. We'll see you soon!" That, she hopes, is a promise/

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