Oh So Sweet
Owner Abigail Beauchamp
Employees Niklaus Zimmerman, Delilah Trafford, Elaine Darrow, Brenda
Hours of Operation Monday-Saturday 6-9 am, 12-8 pm Closed Sundays
Current Status Open for Business, Help Wanted
People Come Here For… Dessert, drinks, coffee, music, conversaton

The interior of the dessert bar is lit enough to see the drink menus and the tables but dim enough to preserve the intimate atmosphere that is evident in small tables made for two populate the dessert bar that is Oh So Sweet. Here and there, espresso colored wooden tables are pushed together to seat larger groups, straight backed black chairs surrounding them. Single lights on long cords drop down just out of head bumping range, lighting up the darker regions of the bar.

A massive oak bar takes up one side of the main room, a part of the building from ages past when it was just a bar, mirrors lining behind it to give the illusion of more space and reflect what light there is available. Glasses of varying types and sizes hanging down in holders, stacked against the mirror or under the counter and waiting to be used. And old fashioned looking machine rests in it's copper gleaming glory, capable of producing a variety of drinks like coffee, espresso, latte's, the list is endless. Backless stools line the customer side of the bar, red fabric to match the red damask fabric that hangs down the walls to help dampen the sounds of customers when the place is busy.

Across from the bar runs a glass faced refrigerated counter, shoulder height, filled with just about every possible dessert that one could desire and want, lit up and with little placards dictating what they are. The offerings rotate daily, sometimes every few hours and a door to the kitchen behind them gives access to staff to fill the orders and fill the showcase. The back room opens up to the main area, a small raised area for live entertainment to be had when the times are right. A door marked staff only in the far back leads to the kitchens and another to the restroom's and a private area that can be rented out for private parties.

Major IC Events


  • Please Note - If you RP here, the place is run like a restaurant, more than a deli or a little bakery. You should come in, find an empty seat and your waiter/waitress will serve you!. Are you a commuter or take out? Flag down a server and they'll fill your order for you!
  • Those who know the owner of the dessert bar know that she considers her business to be neutral ground. This means that unless you are a cop or LEO of some kind, take your blood spilling outside and two blocks down. Cops… well, they're cops.
  • It's quite possible to come every day for a month and not eat the same dessert twice.
  • It's quite possible to have a coffee or tea here and never have the same cup twice as half the cups are liberated finds from second hand stores like china tea cups, glass mugs, the whole lot. So be descriptive in what your non-alcoholic drink comes in!
  • Special holidays require special treats! So watch out for the holidays and look for what might be the special!
  • Try the dessert sushi! It's wonderful! If you don't know what it is, page Abby, and she'll tell you.

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