Old Bikes


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Scene Title Old Bikes
Synopsis A young motorcycle rider, meet a true biker and she asks him to look at her cabinets.
Date July 8, 2010

Gun Hill

"Don't know that I will, but until I can find me…" echoes a low raspy voice down the hallways. Obviously not a trained singing voice it is still fairly impressive and travels well "..someone who'll stay and won't games behind me…" Wyatt sings as he works. Dressed in simple work clothes he is repairing one of the doors as he screws it into the hinges. He stops his singing to take a long drag from a smouldering cigarette then bends to pick up another screw, singing muffled now around the cigarette perched between his lips as he screws it into the hinge, his work-scarred hands moving with a effortless grace, not wasting a single motion.

The creak of stairs is the first hint that someone is coming up the stairs, followed by the figure of a young woman. When she spots a person she's never met, the blonde woman pauses, looking a touch curious. Her clothing matches the current heatwave, doubled up tank tops — dark blue and white — and a pair of shorts. A backpack is slung over one shoulder, making her lean a little further to one side, a possible sign as to what she had been doing.

There is a moment before, "Uh… Hi there." Her ponytail swings about as she glances behind her. "New to Gun Hill?" She asks curiously, glancing back at Wyatt, gaze drifting to what he's doing. "Not that I've been living here all that long, mind you." A small smile tugs at the corner of her lips.

At the creak of the stairs Wyatt turns around, his motions calm but a bit quicker than normal. He takes a slightly different grip on the screwdriver as his faintly cold grey eyes shift over her. At last he nods once, a brief smile touching his lips as he plucks the cigarette from his lips "Howdy there" he says in his deep growling drawl "Been here a day or so myself. Sent over here to do a bit of work" he says with a nod towards the door "Seemed there was a lack of folks knew one end of a hammer from the other" he adds, smile broadening a little.

"Really?" Kaylee seems a bit amused by that, sliding the heavy backpack off her shoulder to thump on the ground at her feet. "I've been wanting to pitch in, but seems like I'm always off on this business or that." She motions to the bag. "Or at the University."

Taking a step towards the man, she offers her hand. "My name is Kaylee. Live in apartment 202. Welcome to Gun Hill."

She gives him a toothy grin, head tiling a bit in thought, glancing at the door again. "I learned a little bit when I worked to help rebuild Summer Meadows. Not any kind of expert mind you, probably more suited to painting or staining." She did do a lot of that. "I know several of us were working to renovate the place for the owner, then things seemed to get crazy."

Wyatt reaches out to take her hand, his grip politely firm, the palm of his hand hard and calloused from manual labour "Well don't pretend I am much of a carpenter, but I reckon I know which end of the screwdriver goes where" he says as one side of his mouth curves into a smile "Wyatt, most folks call me Sheriff." He takes a step back and leans against the wall as his grey eyes linger on hers "Used to run a custom bike store back in the day. Back before it got knocked down to three foot and glows in the dark" he adds with a wry snort, the half smile on his grizzled face not reaching his eyes.

"A… custom bike… you mean like… Harley's?" Kaylee's brows lift high as she asks that, letting her hand slide out of his, it instead moves to tuck hair behind her ear. "Oh… all those poor bikes." The young woman can't help but grimace. "So… that was your motorcycle I saw out front?" A thumb motions over her shoulder.

"Totally thought it belonged to one of the other buildings." It's admitted with a somewhat sheepish smile on Kaylee's lips. "That is one thing I really miss. My motorcycle. It… wasn't anything like you got outside, but it was a Harley… lost it when I…." Kaylee stops herself, mentally slapping herself for almost spilling something, considering she doesn't know if he is one the Ferry's own or not. "When I fell into hard times."

"Not exactly little lady, although I chopped a few Hogs in my time" Wyatt replies as he gestures with the smouldering end of his cigarette, smoke drifting up past his hard face "Started off with that, once I got my bigger store I started doing bikes almost from the ground up. 'cept for engines of course, can't make those yourself 'less you got yourself a factory" he adds with a low snort of humor that sends twin spirals of smoke from his nostrils "Anyway bike outside was the only one that made it, mostly 'cause I was ridin it down to Texas at the time" he says with a slow shake of his head, his face a little more animated as he talks about bikes "lost it doing work for Yuan Tien perhaps?" he asks, eyes narrowing just a little as they look over her.

Kaylee head tilts a little, with curiosity, looking amused. "Um… no… I fell in with a bad man and when I left him… I left everything behind except clothes on my back and a computer." Her eyes drop to the floor, smile still on her lips and she shrugs a bit.

"Learned my lesson, but lost my Sportster in the process." Her head tilts back up slowly to look at him again, she moves to rest her shoulder against the wall. "But the friends I've made as a result has been worth it." Her mouth pulls to one side in a smirk. "Some of them live in this this building. I'm sure you'll meet them. Colette and Jason." She uses Eric's alias for now, til she knows for sure where this one stands with the Puppet master.

"Lost my ironhead in my shop. First bike I ever owned. Bought it as scrap and spent years gettin the damn thing runnin right. Love the old bikes but you got to baby them" Wyatt rumbles with a shake of his head, a faintly nostalgic smile softening his face for a fleeting moment. Clearing his head with a long drag from his cigarette he exhales slowly then nods his head "Ain't met either of them yet, but been pointed there way. Toby showed me 'round the place with Tasha when I got here. Told me who to look out for, Eric as well as Lynette" he adds, absently flicking his cigarette down into an empty coffee mug.

"Oh!" Kaylee looks somewhat surprised. "Eric… yeah that's Jason as well. Uses both." The blonde seems to relax some, her head nodding a little. "Well, you stick around here long enough you will meet them. Good people."

"Seems like I went away one special business and came back to more people I didn't know about." Not that Kaylee sounds disappointed in that, in fact she's very much a people person. "Another person to watch for is Pastor Joseph Sumter. Good guy, I was going to see if he could help me with some of the cabinets in my kitchen, but with you here… I might drag you in there to work." Giving him a grin. "That way I don't have to bug him too much, but I remember he's worked with wood before."

Wyatt reaches up to scratch idly at the salt and pepper stuble on his face "Well now don't reckon I am good for fancy woodwork" he rumbles as he lifts one shoulder in an easy shrug. Stubbing out his cigarette on the back of his hand he tosses the butt in the imromptu coffee cup ashtray and looks up with a smile "Can't say I have much to do with men of the cloth little lady, they tend to object to me on general principles you could say" he says as his smile turns faintly wolfish for a moment. Rumaging in his jeans he pulls out a pack of cigarettes and politely offers it over "Anyway be glad to check out your cabinets any time" he adds, rumbling voice deadpan.

There is a chuckle from the telepath, "Well… you'll have to meet him to judge him. He's one of the gang… so to speak." There is a lot of respect in her tone when she talks about the pastor. "I would really appreciate it tho'… the looking at the cabinets I mean. A sections of it is pulling away from the wall and a couple of the doors are looking like the screws on the hinges are stripped. So they are hanging funny."

Leaning down, Kaylee snags a strap of the back pack and yanks it up off the ground. "Not.. like needing anything really built." She assures as she hefts the bag up on her shoulder. "Anyhow… I have a puppy waiting for me in my apartment and I better go see to her."

Settling the weight of the pack, Kaylee studies him for a long moment. "It was really nice to meet you, Wyatt. I'll make sure to check with you again on those cabinets."

Wyatt nods slowly as he listens to her, then bends to secure up his toolbox. Reaching behind it he pulls out a worn looking vest that has his Hells Angels rockers on the back. He puts it on with an easy practiced motion as he offers a brief smile to her "Pleasure to meet you too little lady" he rumbles with another brief flash of a smile "Will be settling down here for a spell, so easy to reach" he adds softly "Not too long though, I tend to attract a fair bit of attention" he adds dryly with a nod to down to his colors and a smile to match his dry tone "If you are in the market for another bike let me know, still got a few contacts out there"

There is a somewhat impressed look when she sees the vest. "I dunno… should see most of us… we gather a fair amount of attention ourselves." Kaylee glances at him and chuckles, brows lifting as she says, "Seriously… we are quite a miss matched bunch.

"And looking at that vest there, I'd say you'll fit in just fine." Kaylee looks very confident as she says that. Lifting a hand in farewell, Kaylee moves past him giving a cheerful, "See you around Wyatt," on the way to her own apartment.

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