Old Comrades Reunite


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Scene Title Old Comrades Reunite
Synopsis Not long after escaping prison and becoming a fugitive, Vinnie bumps into a comrade, Ethan, from the good ol' days in the British army.
Date December 28, 2008

The Industrial District

A lonely patrol car flashes its sirens briefly. It’s just a warning to the woman standing rather provocatively on the corner. It leads to the woman walking rather swiftly in the opposite direction.

It's late very late. Tall buildings, without much activity this time of night. In the network of alleyways there are several different types of populace. Drug dealers, bums, prostitutes, as well as British fugitives on the run.

It's wet out, after a long rain the day before. Dim lighting lets darkness reign most of the area, a few angry dog barks call out from the distance, as well as the sounds of industrial New York that are common but difficult to place…

Sporting the wonderful prison fashion, Vinnie makes his way down the street, his head kind of ducked forward where he can still look ahead but keeping his eyes partially shielded from the rain.
"Fuck'n rain. I hate the fuck'n rain." He grumbles to himself.
He notices the siren, he dips off behind a corner, waits there for a moment or two, peaks out at the patrol car as it passes by and then he slips back out after it's done passed by him and he continues on down the street.
Vinnie stops and looks around momentarily, then looks at his self, contemplating for a moment he continues on down the street, glancing around a little more as though he's searching for something.

"What the fuck?” comes a masculine voice. A middle aged man with mottled hair beyond belief. His fashion isn't much better than Vinnie's though it certainly is a step up from the prison jumpsuit. The man is most obviously a bum; he stares at the other man dumbly for a minute. "Did you just get outta prison… shit… you just got outta prison. I gotta c-call the cops."

Vinnie comes to a halt, glancing over toward the man, narrowing eyes on him intently. "If you do, I'll kill you and by the time they get here, I'll be long gone. So why bloody fuck'n bother?" He lifts his head upright, staring the man down with a brutally cold gaze for a moment.
He then smirks a bit,"Hey, that's a nice jacket… I really could use a jacket. How about you give me your jacket, then you can call them and tell them you were robbed by the bloody fuck'n boogieman, aye?" It doesn't take much to set the man off, in fact; he's already balling up a hand into a fist, ready to pounce.

The man draws back in obvious fear, his mouth wide open as he stares. "I…” He starts. Shutting his mouth. The jacket is quickly taken off as the man stumbles backward and thrown in front of him. The man staggers so much he actually falls down in his escape attempt, though he crawls rather than runs now.

An obvious, British heritage from the rich accent he holds. He watches the man throw the jacket down, he gives the man a bit of a sadistic grin. He takes a few steps toward the man — then reaches down to pick up the jacket, he skims the ground momentarily, he reaches for a couple pieces of glass scattered on the ground, very small pieces, probably about the size of quarters. He then slips the jacket on and starts to shake the glass around in his hand casually. He takes a few more steps toward the man again, easily keeping pacing with someone whom is crawling. "Those shoes look pretty nice too. And those pants…." He tilts his head to the side slightly. The glass in his hand begins to glow dimly, and the illumination from the tiny pieces of glass chase away some of the shadows that were hiding Vinnie’s grimacing, sadistic expression.

"Hold it." Comes another British accent. This one cockney, attributed to his slightly more harsh upbringing in London. The owner of the voice doesn't keep to the shadows. He stands in the mouth of the alley behind Vinnie. A man Vinnie would know, Ethan Holden.

"Killing bums Vinnie? That's really 'ow you're going to use your freedom?" He asks, tilting his head at the other man.

The bum himself hastily gets to his feet and makes a full on retreat away from the psycho glowy man.

Vinnie comes to a halt, watching as the other man makes a hasty retreat. He grins broadly, that voice clearly familiar — there's never a day he'd forget that man's voice. He turns around to see Ethan make his appearance,"Ah, mate, what in bloody hells are you doing 'ere?"
Vinnie takes the glass and tosses them away — over his shoulder. When they impact on the ground, they're like a few fireworks going off, exploding harmlessly.
Vinnie then approaches the man rather suddenly, offering a hand out to him. "Oh… forgive me." He withdraws his hand back, instead bringing it up to salute the man instead of trying to shake his hand. "Sergeant Holden."

"Fuck me." Ethan says coldly at the exploding glass. He slowly walks forward. "You want to be caught by the fucking yank cops?" The Wolf asks a bit angrily. "Just because you 'ave a power mate, doesn't mean you can get fucking sloppy." He waves a dismissive hand at the salute.

"I'd been told you crossed the pond. You already started killin' people and gettin' caught eh? What are you fuckin' doin' 'ere Vinnie?" He returns, stopping short a few feet away from him.

Vinnie shrugs his shoulders, “Not like it matters, I ain't got nothin ta live fer, Ethan." He sighs, glancing over his shoulder and then back to the man from his past that stands before him.
"Ah, well… You know me, I'ma man of action, not wisdom…" He reaches up to the collar of his jacket, lifting them up around his neck, attempting to cover his neck the best he can, he then says, "It's a bloody long story, but I'll tell ya, iffin' you want to 'ear it?"

"Fuck Vinnie." Ethan mutters. "C’mon, we've got to get you the fuck out of 'ere and cleaned up so you don't get nicked again, you fuckin' idiot." The Wolf says a little angrily, jerking his head over his shoulder down another alleyway. "I've got to do the fuckin' thinkin' for you." The man turns his back. And starts to walk the way he came, assuming Vinnie will follow. His hands are tucked into his coat pockets as he walks down the alley.

Vinnie watches the man for a moment, before he tucks his hands into his 'new' jacket and obediently follows behind Ethan, lowering his head down a bit ashamedly. As they walk, Vinnie says, “I can tell ya this much, Ethan. That old bastard ain't gonna be botherin' nobody again." He smiles, a little sadistically, at that.

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