Old Dispensary
Old Dispensary
Owner Vanguard Remnant
Current Status Private Property

Sheltered by dense trees on one side with a view of the Atlantic ocean on the other, the Dispensary is derelict old building with a dark brick facade and tall, narrow archways decorated with crumbling white plaster accents that hark back to a much earlier era. The property covers several acres of waterfront and woodland, and is surrounded by a rusy chain-link fence that was erected after the main building was abandoned but before the bomb, and from the road dissuades tresspassers with antiquated windows like dead eyes with a view of everything.

To the Dispensary's right, a smaller satellite building has been transformed into a large garage with a door that pulls down and fastens at the bottom with a simple metal padlock even though a skylight in the garage's ceiling provides an alternate point of entry but is also covered with a metal grate as an additional security measure, and there are many.

Behind the main building, stretching out into the Atlantic, a concrete pier used to tie up boats is in an apparent state of disrepair and covered at low tide by barnacles when the stone supports are visible and the water laps against the rocky shore, which is protected by a natural outcropping that forms a small cove with a hidden entrance.

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