Old Dog, Old Trick



Scene Title Old Dog, Old Trick
Synopsis You know how the saying goes…
Date January 31, 2019

The clock on the wall ticks softly. It’s 11:05 am.

“Honestly, I’m surprised you agreed to come.”

A tall portrait of President Raymond Praeger hangs on the off-white walls of a naturally lit office in Fort Jay. What once belonged to the now-departed Donald Kenner has been transformed by its new occupant.

“But, I’m happy you did. This agency… is facing its greatest challenge yet.”

The avocado-colored lamp and potted plant from Kenner’s days are gone from the sleek black desk. It is replaced photo of an elderly Chinese couple embracing in front of trees, replaced with a snow globe depicting the city of New York as it once was, replaced with a name plate that reads Executive Director Madeline Choi.

Fort Jay

Governor’s Island

January 30th

11:06 am

“Adam Monroe may well be the world’s greatest threat right now, if everything in his file is true…”

Madeline Choi has not taken it easy since her appointment to the role of Executive-Director. Hands steepled in front of herself, sitting forward in her desk with a hawkish eagerness, she stares at the man seated across from her with a mixture of reverence and hope. Two dangerous things to have together in this time. “I want to put you at the head of our task force to find and eliminate the threat Adam represents.”

Folding her hands together in front of herself, Choi’s brows furrow with uncertainty. She’s made her pitch well over the last two hours, laid out in the files on the other side of the table the connections he has: Praxis Heavy Industries, the Institute, the Ghost Shadows. Choi hopes beyond her hope that it’s enough to sway a critical mind, that the sum of all fears represented in those documents is enough to drive inaction to action.

The man across from her, in a steel gray suit that looks crisp and well cared for, tie black, and hair combed and freshly cut. At the moment he’s holding a photograph of Adam Monroe, brows are lowered in thought, eyes intent on the image of a man hated and feared by so many. With a slow sigh out of his nose, the picture is dropped haphazardly on the open file before resting back on his ankle where it sits on his knee. “I must admit. I almost didn’t come here.” Well, at least he’s honest about it. “But I was curious why you all would be interested in my help.”

A hand motions to the fold in front of him, “Now I understand.”

Fingers rake against a freshly shaven face, considering what she is asking. “I shouldn’t,” he starts, but just as quickly stops and give a low chuckle. “But I do love a good hunt, especially his type.” A challenge is what he doesn’t say. “I will even do my best to bring him in alive, if possible.” He wasn’t so delusional to think there wasn’t a chance the man would die in the process. “Pretty sure there are plenty of folks that would like to have a conversation with him.”

Fingers drum along his ankle, eyes falling to the photo. “Me especially.”

There is a lingering moment, Choi can see him really weighing this carefully. Finally, he gives a short nod of his head, “I’ll do it,” he confirms.

“If you found a way to not bring him in alive, I’d be impressed,” Choi says in a moment of candid black humor, “he has a reputation for survival.” Slowly rising from her seat, Choi reaches across the table to offer her hand to her guest. As he rises and returns the gesture, she levels a steady look at him and furrows her brows.

“Welcome to SESA, Mr. Ryans.”


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