Old Leads


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Scene Title Old Leads
Synopsis During her visit to the city, Kameron attempts to find someone who knows about Cally; and is partially successful.
Date February 27, 2009


When you're raised by overprotective parents who spent the entirety of Kam's life keeping the girl locked away and sheltered, you tend to grow up wanting anything but being sheltered. Hence Kameron's presence in the ghost town of Chelsea. Okay, she did mention she was headin back to the city to check on the apartment, in case she had mail or bills and things. She didn't, however, mention she was going to go walk around and see if she could run ino Cally, in the hopes that the girl wasn't kidnapped. Hopes that were quickly bein dashed by reality, mind. Still, Kameron isn't alone, cane in one hand, dog leash in the other as her guide dog merrily trots just ahead of her, leading the girl into the town. ALONE. Bad Kammy, will you never learn?

Alec sighs and pulls the hardhat from his head as he walks out of the construction zone and drags a handkerchief over his brow. He mutters softly in annoyance at something or other and then replaces the hat before bellowing to one of his 'on break' crew, "When you're done sitting on your ass, manage to line up the foundations settings /properly/ Mike or so help me you'll need the entire union to pry the back-hoe out of your ass once I park it there!" he's not the foreman, this sort of work is, frankly, beneath him. He frowns irritably and turns quickly away, heading for the corner where he can take a moment to calm down. More muttering falling from his lips, none of it complimentary towards poor 'Mike's parentage or assumed intellect.

So far no such luck in finding the wayward Cally. Unless people were deliberately not telling her things in hopes of getting money. She can do that. She can get them money. Legally even. "I don't know, Prince," Kameron sighs to the dog, whose ear twitches back at the sound of her voice. "I'm beginning to think maybe Cally really is.." she doesn't get to finish that sentence, hearing the tirade coming from Alec, which brings a halt to her steps.
PERSON. "Prince, lead," Kameron murmurs to the dog cheerfully, giving him his next target. "Maybe he's seen her - Maybe he's heard about someone," she's within earshot at that point, enough to be able to hear what he's saying about poor Mike's parentage. "Uh…" She hesitates. "Maybe…not.." This to herself. "He seems a little angry." Hrm. "Still.." she starts her approach again.

Alec glances up once he catches sight of the blind woman, and his mutterings cease entirely, a smile setteling over his features out of habit, "Sorry about that. Got a million projects and lazy crews. Didn't mean to be so crass." he misunderstands why she's approaching him, assuming it's about his yelling and carrying on.

At the apology, Kameron is already shaking her head with a soft smile. Granted, it's nice he did apologize for such terrible, terrible language, but she wasn't going to fuss at him about it. "A little stressed?" She asks instead, keeping a hand on the leash as Prince gives a mighty yawn and plops himself down at her side. No growling, no sniffing - he's behaving for now. "I suppose I can understand if you're frustrated, and you probably didn't see anyone else around anyway." As much as she would like to just jump in and ask about Cally, being polite comes first.

Alec chuckles, "You know how it is, to much work, to many deadlines, not enough people willing to do what needs to be done blah blah blah." he sighs, "Didn't see anyone around?" he seems confused, "Um. Occasionally people come and go, but not many. Kinda quiet this side of town."

"You'd think that they'd want to do what needs to be done." Kameron agrees easily. Even though she hasn't a clue what needed to be done, or what was /being/ done. More importantly. "Yeah, I noticed it was a little quiet - but um.." She scritches her cheek, "I'm looking for someone," she notes, "Maybe you've seen her? Her name is Cally, and she's about…" Uh. A hand lifts to measure out an approximation. "Yea tall, with —" …wait. "I mean, she looks -" hrm. "She's .." Kameron stops, lowering her hand to her chin. "She's female, and tall." That's the best Alec's going to get. "Sorry, that description really sucks." She admits, sheepish.

Alec blinks, "So you're looking for a tall woman named Cally?" he says with a small grin. He offers a consilitory smile, only then realizing she can't see it. "Yeah… Sorry ma'am. That fits a great many women who's names I don't know or see."

Kameron shakes her head, "No no, it's just - I forgot that describing people is best left for people who can actually see." She heaves a brief sigh. Never before had she ever wished to be able to see so much. "I-I'm sure she's okay, I just …" Nevermind. "I thought she might be lingering around in this area, as quiet as it is." Abandoned. Perfect for the homeless. She hesitates a moment, "Um - so.. what exactly is it you do here that has you so upset with that man?

Alec chuckles, "I figured she would have at least told you the color of her hair or something. Pity." he looks back over his shoulder, "We're errecting some new houseing here, low income stuff mostly, and some of our colorful construction crew have come down with a heavy case of suck. They sent me in to bang some heads, but that's not really my style. I'm more of a pencil pusher so…" he shrugs, realizes it's a uselss gesture and sighs, "so I yell and fume alot and get very little actually done. It's a whole thing… On a side note, no offence, but shouldn't someone with your condition be in a um, better neighborhood? It's not like it's roses and puppies down here."

"We didn't really get to that part.. and I never really asked." She's.. not really ever asked people anything, and probably should start at some point. "New housing? Really? That's fantastic," she smiles, "Not… not so much the headbanging part, I mean, but.." Well. "Maybe you need some other kind of incentive to get them to work? I'm sure if you smile and ask nicely -maybe explain.." Maybe not. She leans back at the side note, a half grin on her face. "My condition? I'm blind, not diseased." Of course she knows what he means, which is why she raises a hand and waggles it slightly. "And you're half right. There's a puppy right here," she points a the Collie. "And the roses .. well, they're back home." a grin, "Besides, I couldn't just not ..do anything."

Alec eyes her for a moment, "Well, it just so happens I know a cop, on pretty good terms with her, if you like, I could put in a word about your girl? Can't promise anything since the description is a little thin, but… Couldn't hurt, right?"

"You do?" Kameron smiles, "I…" Well Cally was a runaway; she probably won't appreciate having cops look for her. Then again, if those cops actually FIND her, and she's in trouble, then that's good right? They can help her ..wait, Brian was … wait, she might not even be - "Thanks!" Kameron responds before her thought process has a chance to finish processing. "I really appreciate it. I mean, a lot of people around here are very… 'Out for themselves'.. if my father is to be believed." She shifts her weight. "Of course, I've seen more than a few reasons to argue that statement. But I really appreciate it. If there's something I can do for you - ah, my name's Kameron, by the way," her hand wavers up, "And this is Prince."

Alec stares at the blind girl as she takes so long to answer, his face screwing up a bit in a 'Wha?' expression. "Sure." he says once she gets around to speaking again. "Hello Kameron, I'm Alec. Heya puppy." he nods at the dog but doesn't make any attempt to pet on it… which means he knows his way around assistance animals. Most people love on them, which helps degrade their training and ruins them as actual helping hands. "If you had a picture, or a full name, that would help even more. Tall woman named Cally isn't much to go on ya know?"

It's probably a good thing Kameron can't see Alec's face - she'd probably feel guilty over confusing the poor guy. "Nice to meet you, Alec." Kammy smiles briefly. The fact that he doesn't kneel to pet the dog is a surprise, since she's used to a couple of people doing that. "Well.." She considers. "Unfortunately I don't have any pictures… or even a last name." How discouraging. "She said she was heading to Staten Island last, but I haven't seen her the-" She makes a face. "Not seen, but … I've not heard her around. Or something. My friend might have a better description. I mean, he's actually seen her. But he's up in Staten Island too, right now.

Alec nods his head a bit his expression still confused and helpless. "Well, um… I'll do what I… Wait. This Cally girl, she's homeless, about eighteen, likes to steal food and carries a back pack around everywhere?" he asks after something clicks.

"O-Oh!" Perk. In all caps. Kameron, in sudden HAPPY of finally findin someone who knows Cally, promptly steps forward, practically invading personal space. Hopefully Alec will forgive the momentary rudeness, but Kameron's been pretty worried, "Yes! Yes, that's her!" Kameron exclaims happily, "Have you seen her? Where is she? Is she all right? When did you see her last? Where was she going? Is she here?" SLOW DOWN Kameron. Breathe!

Alec blinks, "A week ago she stole some food from another kid I met and they chased each other through the streets. Maybe two weeks." he shrugs appologetically, "But at least I know who you're talking about now and can give my friend a better description. You know, she's prolly a run away though, and in this city that doesn't bode well." his tone is appologetic. He awkwardly patpats her shoulder.

…old news. Kameron's hopeful smile vanishes. "Oh.." She struggles to keep from sighing, "Two weeks ago..?" She puts a hand to her cheek, taking a sheepish step backwards. "Sorry," She gives an embarassed smile at the awkward pat on her shoulder. "I-I know she's a runaway. I was .. I was going to offer a safe place for her to stay, but she vanished the day before I could -" she frowns. If only she hadn't let Lori take her clubbing.
Oh, no, that's not fair to Lori. Still, Kameron looks a bit more relieved that he knew who she was talking about. "All right. Who is your policema— woma - Policeperson friend anyway?" Not that Kammy knew any cops around here but!

Alec chuckles, "She's a detective, not sure what all it is she does, but whatever it is it couldn't hurt to have a cop aware of the situation. I'll give a line on it tonight, we have a date." he smiles warmly, "We usually don't talk shop, but a missing kid is a missing kid."

Kameron puts a hand to her mouth, "Oh -! Uh - I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean - I mean you don't have to - I mean," … "Wait, what do I mean?" Bah. She hadn't wanted him to go out of his way and bring it up on his date, for heavens sakes. "W-well. Um." Here she reaches into her jacket pocket, "If you do find anything out about Cally, could you call me?" she draws out a piece of paper, with her phone number already pre-written on it, and offers it about half a foot to the left of where Alec actually is.

Alec casually takes a step to the left and then accepts the number, as if he had been standing there the entire time, "Absolutely." he says with a grin, "Figure helping someone looking for a lost kid is good karma and we all need more of that these days." He takes her hand in a little shake, "It's been a pleasure, but I still think you should find a better neighborhood to look in. Some of these people down here are desperate, and that doesn't generally breed good manners."

Phone number handed over, Kameron smiles, "I agree there. We all need to help each other out a lot more these days." she shifts her grip on the leash, transferring it to her left hand as she returns the handshake with her right, smiling. "All right, I suppose you may have a point there." But then, Kammy's staying up in Staten Island nowadays, and a lot o the manners there are just as nonexistent. "Thank you so much for your help, Alec. I owe you one."

Alec nods his head, "Well I'll call in the favor I ever need one." he teases, "I'll get my friend to look into it, call you with news. Sadly, now I have to leave your company to go hang out with a bunch of sweaty overweight white guys who all think they should have my job and whom beleive that a fifteen minute break really means hour and a half."

Kameron nods, rather seriously at the tease, and takes a step back when he prepares to excuse himself. "Ah, yea, sorry about taking up all of your time like this." She chuckles a little at the description, "Hang in there, Alec, it can only get better from here." One hopes, anyway, though reality seems to like taking a butcher knife and going, 'avast with yon poker!' at that theory. But she does turn to go, Prince rising to his feet and proceedin to head off with his owner.
Brian has left.

Alec just tucks the number away in a pocket and watches her leave before putting his hardhat back on and turning back to the site, "Seriously! Get off your ass or I'm gonna hit you so hard people that /look/ like you are gonna need dental work!!" Alec is filled with little gems like this… Hey. They get the work done. Mostly.

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