Old Lucy's
Owner Abigail Beauchamp
Employees See Below
Hours of Operation N/A
Current Status Destroyed
People Come Here For… Staring at the rubble.

All that remains of what was once a popular bar in a seedy part of town is behind a yellow line of caution tape that hangs limply from where it was tied off, warning people to venture no further lest they end up in what was once the basement. Charred wood, knocked in brick walls, pipes, the odd broken bottle of alcohol that survived and a chain link fence in the alley that is half melted but still upright thanks to it's attachment to a neighboring building. The sign from the front of the bar is half burned, proclaiming "Old L" before it too has been decimated and lost to the inferno that claimed this 'hotspot'.

Major IC Events

May 31st 2009 Alone In The Dark Creepy guy walks into a bar, leaves his phone behind, and prank calls the establishment from another cell phone. When Coren arrives to investigate the location of the phone that's been calling him since early May, he makes a rookie mistake. He goes out into the alley before backup or his partner have arrived.
August 13th 2009 Body Shots One happy-hour in downtown New York City for Peyton and Wendy turns into a far longer evening than either anticipated.
September 22nd 2009 Run, Fools! Run! An attempted robbery of Old Lucy's meets a strange and shadowy end. Keene is suspected of being complicit till he and Kaylee have a dueling telepaths contest. Zuzu shows up at the end, sniffing out her gang leader.
January 31st 2010 Please State Your Emergency Old Lucy's is the scene of what appears on the surface to be another random act of violence in Greenwich Village as one of the newest bartenders meets an untimely end on a smoke break in the back alley.
May 15th 2010 Baptism By Fire Abigail's ability manifests during an ambush at Old Lucy's that ends in a fiery conflagration.


  • May 15th, the bar burned to the ground during an altercation with Carlisle Dreyfus and his hired men when Abigail manifested.
  • Old Lucy's seems to the neutral ground for any and all factions save for law enforcement - but even then, most just turn an eye it seems - when it comes to people showing up. Make trouble, you will be tossed out without care for who you are or whether you are a friend of the owners.
  • People over the age of 18 are welcome, though if you are not 21 or can't prove that you're 21, you will not be served alcohol in compliance with the laws of New York.
  • Above the bar is the former apartment of the original owner. The apartment now houses Abigail, Leonard and the odd stray that makes their way there from time to time. Though it's part of the building, it's considered separate and whole from it. There's access through the bar or on the roof or from the side, to the upstairs residence.
  • Isabelle was the original owner, but she died and the bar was left to Abigail Beauchamp
  • Once a month, the bar stays open all night long for a 'curfew slumber party'. Once you're in past 11 pm, you are there till 6 am in compliance with the law.
  • Old Lucy's wallpaper is quite unique, and can sometimes provoke a second look if you didn't notice it the first time.
  • Looking for employment? Come on in. The owners known to give even the most unlikely of bartenders a chance to working, singing, working in the kitchen or even janitorial stuff. Even floors gotta be mopped by someone.



  • Lucille - Tall blonde, smile on her face, former model.
  • Brenda - Flirts with almost /every/ male customer at the bar. Often has boyfriend troubles. PB: Bonnie Mckee NPC
  • Becky - Another shameless flirt who's a redhead. NPC
  • Tisha - NPC


  • Tanya - Blonde, petite. Deceased. NPC
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