Old Lucy's Recruitment Center


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Scene Title Old Lucy's Recruitment Center
Synopsis Isabelle calls Nicolas in to talk to him about joining a faction.
Date January 18, 2009

Old Lucy's: Back Room

This backroom looks more like a living room than just a plain old back room. There are a few armchairs placed about the room and a black rug is in the middle of the room, on top of the rug is a big table with a few chairs around it as well. In a corner of the room is a flat screen TV on the wall.

It's morning and Old Lucy's isn't open yet. Isabelle is wearing a pair of jeans and a blue tank top. Her hair is in a ponytail and she waits by the bar for the person who would be a potential recruit for her faction to come to the bar. Her eyes are focused on the door and she taps her foot as she waits.

Nicolas finally makes it to Old Lucy's, pushing open the door to the bar, looking around the area for a moment, nodding to Isabelle. "Hey. Sorry I'm late. Traffic was horrible. If I had a car, I'd be even later." He says with a smirk. "What did you want to see me about?"

"At least you got here. Come to the backroom." Isabelle says and leads the way to the backroom, she holds the door open for Nicolas before she decides to say anything.

Nicolas nods his head and follows her to the door, stepping inside first as he looks around. "You know, I've seen movies that start out like this. Then the door closes and five big men with no necks and baseball bats come out of the shadows. Didn't turn out too well for that guy."

A laugh escapes Isabelle and she shakes her head as she leans against the table in the room. "No, it's nothing like that. I just wanted to discuss whether or not you would like to join a group of like-minded people. Who are Evolved."

Nicolas turns around to face Isabelle, a confused look on his face as he looks at her. "What do you mean? Like the X-Men or something?" He asks with a slight smirk. "I don't work well with tights and spandex."

"Oh no, not tights and spandex.. more like all black, so that we aren't easily seen." Isabelle grins and folds her arms. "We are against what the government is doing to the Evolved. Treating us like second class citizens and we plan on doing things about it. To /expose/ the government for the bigots they are." She took that word from Rupe, she does learn things! "We could really use your ability for that."

Nicolas nods his head slightly as he listens to her. "Like the Linderman Act and the registration cards. Yeah. I must say that I was never one for that Act. It's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me." He thinks for a moment, looking down at the ground before he looks up at her again. "How do you plan on exposing them?"

"There are plans in the works but I cannot tell you of them." Isabelle drums her fingers on the table. "All I need to know is if you are interested and then you can meet with the higher up in the faction." She grins and studies Nicolas.

Nicolas listens to her and nods. "Obviously you can't tell me. Right." He thinks for a moment, pacing a bit as he thinks. After a few moments, he stops and looks at her. "Alright. I'm interested."

"Good." Izzy strides forward and places a hand on Nicolas' shoulder. "I'll let them know and we can schedule a meet for you. Sound good?"

Nicolas nods his head and smirks. "Cool. I'll be waiting. Where is it going to be? Here in the movie reminder room?"

"Yes, here in this room." Isabelle grins and runs her hand along the table. She looks Nicolas up and down and she seems to be thinking something but it's unclear as to whether or not she is going to say it.

Nicolas nods his head and looks around. "Alright. Just let me know and I'll figure it out." He says as he looks at her. "I'll try not to be late either."

"You wouldn't want to be late to this meeting.. it'll change your life." She grins and begins to walk out the door before she winks at Nicolas. "See ya hot stuff."

Nicolas smirks and nods. "I'll try my best." He says as he walks with her to the door.

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