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Scene Title Old Spice
Synopsis Kendall decides to play with his powers a bit, heavily influenced by a deoderant commercial.
Date August 9, 2010

Little Green House

Kendall is fresh out of the shower, wearing a towel, and catches sight of his blurred reflection in the mirror, along with some Old Spice deoderant he was about to put on. Tapping his chin, he reaches forward and wipes away all the mist except for where his own reflection would be. Then he draws on a six-pack, and suddenly he's older, taller, and a lot more muscular.

"Hello ladies. Is your man not man enough for you?" Kendall is trying to speak as manly as possible, likely influenced by a certain series of commercials.

"Can your man sit through an opera" he waves his hand in front of his face, and a mask like in Phantom of the Opera appears on his own as the area around him turns into a stage.

"…and then go mining for gold" he takes off his mask as the stage turns into a river, and the mask turns into a handful of gold,

"…while showing you a magic trick" he turns his hand over and the gold turns into white doves which fly off,

"…that will set your night on fire?" the doves burst into flame, turning into phoenixes as the area turns into a grassy field with a starry sky overhead.

"Of course not, because your man is not me. But he can smell like me." he lifts up his hand, suddenly holding the Old Spice deoderant. He smiles and even gets that little sparkle on his teeth, and then….

"Kendall, what are you doing? You've been in there for an hour!" must be Melissa knocking on the door.

And just like that, suddenly it's skinny little Kendall, holding a deoderant and wearing a towel and generally…. looking not manly at all. "I-I'll be right out!" his voice sounds a little high pitched there, but then again, if anyone ever found out he did this, he'd be taunted about it UNTIL THE DAY HE DIED.

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