Older Men


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Scene Title Older Men
Synopsis A random meet at the zoo turns into a discussion about older men.
Date October 6, 2010

Central Park Zoo

Having absconded a few dollars from her boyfriend's wallet (not while he was asleep, of course, because rolling a lover is wrong), Delia is at the zoo with a small bag of popcorn in her hand. Needing some time to think things over, she's feeding the pigeons again, this time watching as the birds fight over the few kernels she's scattered on the ground. It's not an all out cockfight, but they are trying to pull the pieces of corn from each others beaks and scuttle away to eat in peace.

Some of the flying rats have even learned what the meaning of sharing is as their pieces break apart.

The birds are much more interesting to the young woman than the exhibits themselves, the polar bears, monkeys, and big cats are ignored while the insect exhibit is given a brief glance over. She used to like this place, until it was tainted by her supposed sister. Those cigarettes are still in Delia's nightstand, perhaps she'll take them with her to Vietnam.

Some people come to the zoo to entertain their children. Some come because they like looking at animals. Unsurprisingly, Tess comes for the photo ops. She's got a jacket on to ward away the morning chill as she wanders the zoo, snapping pictures of not only animals, but the people and scenery as well. Nothing is too tame for her.

Eventually this wandering leads her to Delia. Camera is lifted, a picture snapped before Tess realizes who it is. She lowers the camera a few inches, then beams at Delia. "Hey, it's you! Ferris wheel chick! Hi!" She practically bounces her way over to the other woman. "How's it goin' Delia?"

The face in Tess' picture is going to end up being an expression of stunned horror as Delia's picture is taken. Blinking a few times to recover from the flash, the redhead gives a weak smile to the other woman and tosses a few more kernels out on the ground for the birds. "Hi Tess, I'm good, you?"

So much has happened since the two shared the bucket, it's hard to even know where to begin. Though they're not the closest of friends, the blonde cockblocked a carnie for the redhead, something that requires friendship afterward. "I didn't expect to see anyone I know here. You know, since the zoo is sort of kiddie stuff, or for people with dates."

"Pfft. The zoo is for anyone who likes animals. or taking pictures. Which is why I'm here!" Tess sidles up next to Delia, pretty much invading personal space as she shows a display of some of the pictures she's taken. "See? Lots of pictures. And ooh, lookit this one. Looks like the polar bear's stickin' his tongue out at the camera, isn't it just so adorable?" she asks, grinning proudly down at the little digital camera.

She pauses then glances up to Delia, looking curious. "You're not a kid and alone. Why're you here?" Eyes widen and she looks a touch horrified. "Oh no, some jerkface of a guy didn't stand you up, did he? Want me to go beat him? I've got a wiffle bat just for that reason if you want me to."

Tess actually coaxes a laugh from Delia and the redhead shakes her head. "No, no, nothing like that at all… He's just busy. A lot of stuff on the go, you know how it is." People with real jobs have things they need to do, girlfriends aren't always on the table.

Eying the pictures with the other woman, the redhead absently scatters a few more pieces of popcorn to the pigeons who have a couple of squirrels joined into the mix. "Ooo.. Did you get any pictures of the penguins? I skated with them over the winter." Delia says with a bright smile, it was a fun night. "Sort of, I was falling while they were laughing at me… at least I think they were laughing at me."

"I did!" Tess sounds extremely proud to be able to show off more pictures, and clicks over to the shots of the penguins. "Aren't they cute? I like the bears though. I have a stuffed one. Has a collar and pierced ear. He sleeps with me. And yeah, guys are busy. They're also jerkfaces. Good thing for them they're cute jerkfaces or they'd all have to turn gay in order to get any sex. Which'd really suck for those of us not guys. No sex and dealing with jerkfaces!"

Giggling, Delia just shakes her head at Tess' little speech about men. "Jaiden's not a jerkface, at all. He's… " How does one describe it, she really has no words. "He's… well it's sort of complicated. But here, I don't think you've ever seen him." She pulls out her little phone and flips it open to show the other young woman the background image of a rather muscular looking man smiling. He looks tired and is dressed in a mechanic's coverall. "This is Jaiden, you'll definitely have to meet him sometime. Very soon."

Tess takes her turn to look at pictures eagerly, and she grins. "Ooooh. He's a cutie. And strong lookin' too! You've got a good one there, physically at least." She looks up from the phone to beam once more at Delia. "And you want me to meet him? I knew we were friends after we rode the ferris wheel! I like havin' friends. More the merrier. 'Cept most people are stupid, so just get to be people I hang out with. You're not stupid though. Which is good.

"Will you let me take some pictures of you and Jaiden together? I think I'm gonna be a photographer! Get a good camera, good software, take some classes, the whole shebang. I need practice! Gonna photograph this one band, but that's just one sorta practice!"

Delia beams as she nods toward Tess, "Sure! I bet Jaiden could give you a bunch of pointers too, he's a photographer. Before he came here, anyway… He was in Africa and lots of other places." The large man is obviously a source of price for the young woman who is unable to wipe the smile off her face as she chatters amicably about him. "Maybe when I get back from my trip we can do something all together? Have you been seeing anyone?"

That has Tess looking like Delia just offered her the holy grail. "Really? He is? Was? That's so awesome! And yeah, we can totally meet up. Lemme give you my number, I just got a phone so you can call me now! Where you goin'? Someplace fun and exciting? Hawaii? New Orleans? Ireland? Egypt? And nope, not seein' anyone. Met one guy who's cute and totally awesome in the sack, but only saw him the one day. I really should look him up again, but I think he might be too old for a regular thing, so I should prolly find someone just old enough to buy me booze and have that young guy stamina. Or maybe I'll just be a free agent. I like bein' a free agent!"

A faint blush colors Delia's face as Tess describes her bed partner and she bites her lower lip to keep from smiling widely. "Uhm… Well Jaiden's almost ten years older than I am, so unless your guy is my dad's age it can't be all bad, right?" Then again, according to looks, her dad could be considered an older brother instead of a father. Unless he started in his teens… which he didn't.

Pressing a few keys on her little phone, Delia types in the number she's given and saves it. "Okay, I got it. I'll call you as soon as I get back." As for the matter of where she's going, a strike of worry crosses her features and her smile falters a little before she tries to recover. "Uhm.. I'm going to uhm.. Asia. Just a little trip, nothing major."

Blushing makes Tess laugh. "I'm just makin' all the girls blush lately! I like this. And I haven't even been practicin'! And nah, he's not old enough to be my dad, I don't think. I didn't ask him how old he was though. Like, maybe twenty-eight? Thirty?" Clearly he's ancient. "But he is a friend of my dad's. I think. Maybe. I dunno. Doesn't matter. And Asia? Oooh. Sounds cool! I've never been to Asia. Or, well, anywhere. Yet. I will though! You have fun!"

"Jaiden's twenty nine, so that's not so bad, right?" Delia smiles as she puts her phone away. Considering the redhead's relationship is compared in her own mind to that of her parents, she's doesn't feel horrible about the age difference at all. "My mom and dad were ten years apart… My sister… Well before she left, she was going after this guy who… heh… He's almost fifty, I think. OLD." Someone she uses the respectful title of 'Mister' for.

Tess grins. "Well that depends. How old are you? I mean, you look around my age, so it's not that bad. But your sister. Ewwww…Someone who's fifty? That's too old even if you're fifty! I'm gonna be one those chicks who's fifty and sleepin' with twenty-year old guys," she says, nodding once sharply, as if the fact were indisputable.

"Twenty, I'll be twenty one soon though." Soon being a little less than a half a year from now. Delia's giggle as Tess agrees about the age difference between Deckard and Lucille rings out around them and the redhead claps her hand over her mouth. Another, this time darker, blush covers Delia's cheeks and nose as she ducks her head down and sobers just enough to quiet to a snicker. "Well… I don't think I'll be one of those, I'm hoping that by the time I'm fifty, I'll— Well it's sort of stupid… but I'm hoping I'll have grandkids or something, you know?"

There's a little buzz of the redhead's phone and she gasps as she reaches back into her pocket to get it. "Oh! Speak of the devil… Jaiden wants to go out to a movie!" Her wide grin is accompanied by a little squeal as she raises her hand to wave at Tess. "I'd better scoot so I can beat him to the apartment. See you later Tess!"

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