Oldest Trick In The Book


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Scene Title Oldest Trick In The Book
Synopsis Magnes gets caught.
Date March 16, 2009


The first stakeout probably seems like one of the most exciting things in the universe, until one has been sitting on top of a water tower for an hour, peering down at a restaurant with binoculars. Magnes made the call for Minea Dahl, wanting to discuss Serious Urgent Business, offering lunch at a high-end restaurant in exchange for such an urgent meeting. So now he just waits, looking for someone who fits the description he asked for.

There's an 81 Malibu pulling up, a little out of place for this type of place, though it's well cared for. From it comes a tall brunette, in heels, fine clothing, purse that probably costs about as much as Magnes makes in a year. Can't hurt to see what this client wants. Minea closes the door, passing keys to a valet before circling he vehicle to head into the restaurant.

Unfortunately for Minea, the restaurant was called and told to tell someone by the name of Minea Dahl that something urgent came up, and that she has his apologies. Meanwhile, Magnes waits, continuing to watch the restaurant, waiting for her to come out so he can begin tracking the car. As long as it's not speeding, it's not too hard to keep up with a car from the rooftops.

Christ on a pogo stick. Minea shakes her head, though it's nothing but politeness for the host at the restaurant. Minea's beloved blackberry is back out, notations made with her thumb tapping buttons as she thumbs the keyboard. Wasted time. She doesn't like wasted time. It's a few minutes before the Malibu is back in her hands, Sliding into the drivers seat and seat belt on, the brunette pulls away.

And there's the car, which Magnes starts promptly following to where ever its next destination happens to be, jumping across rooftops to try and stay ahead of the car, so it'll be easier to change routes when the car does. He's certainly never done this before, stakeouts are suddenly exciting.

Minea's oblivious, unknowing for the most part as she starts the ride off to do other things that she needs to do. Seeing a kid on a roof during a glance, it's not uncommon as she makes her way through Brooklyn. Seeing the same kid on another roof.. trick the eye. She's written it off, attention diverted by the ringing and vibrating of her blackberry. The handsfree device is activated and the conversation that ensues in the car is unheard to the jumping gravity controller as she turns left again.

Magnes keeps jumping, trying to keep his bearings on where exactly he is. Keeping the pace isn't so difficult, he has to deliver pizzas all over the city in under an hour. But keeping the pace while making sure he doesn't lose her, or run into something while he's trying to keep an eye on her car, that's a bit difficult. But for now he continues to tail her, and is hoping to God she gets to her destination soon.

Whatever her destination is, it seems soon as the woman pulls over in front of a apartment building, into a car garage adjacent. Easy eough to find out where she is, there's only four floors and the top level. It's the second floor that she pulls into, and parks her car.

Magnes isn't exactly Batman, though he does try, he makes a note-so-stealthy leap into the garage, curling up into a ball as he lands into the second floor. The sound of his skates can be heard rolling across the ground, then the sound of rolling wheels is easily heard echoing through the garage. Where is that woman…

That woman is heading towards a stairwell, her heels clicking across the cement surface of the ground, purse in hand, for all intent purposes looking like she's heading for an elevator that escorts people to the various floors for their vehicles. Minea presses the button impatiently, the down button with a sig, hand planted on her waist.

Magnes keeps rolling when he spots her, then stops directly behind her, just standing there, drumming on the sides of his jeans with his fingers. "So, nice day?" he casually asks, since surely it can't be too hard to pretend he lives here too?!

"Hmm? oh" Minea's other hand is in her purse, bringing out a folded newspaper. "It's getting warmer, spring will be here before we know it, fully" The elevator is taking it's sweet time coming up from the bottom floor. "You getting ready for spring?" A portion of the paper slips, tumbling from her hand and down to the floor. 'Shit"

"Oh, yeah, skating is much easier when there's not snow everywhere." Magnes, like the chivalrous delivery boy that he is, bends down to grab the paper and hold it up to her, getting a look at her face. "Oh crap, you're hot. I mean, shit, uh, here's your paper!" he promptly offers, not expecting his super ultra evil villain to be hot.

Poor magnes. He should have listened to Deckard. As the gravokinetic bends over, the taser from within her purse is pulled and fired. Two darts lancing out to sink their tips through the fabric that protects his legs and fires off voltage enough to down the guy as Minea steps back. Paper tossed to the side. "Who are you?"

"Fuck, not again!" Magnes exclaims as he falls to the ground, obviously not having much of a pain tolerance, at least not for tasers. "My name's Tim Drake, I was told you were a two-faced harpy, so I wanted to find out if you're really evil for myself before deciding if I should remove you from the country!" he spills the beans, except for his real name. "Don't tase me, ma'am…"

"Want to toss me your wallet Tim Drake, before I fire off more volts into you? Because I saw you on the roofs of quite a few buildings, and I have to wonder, how it is, that you kept ahead of a car, from roof to roof" Minea stands there, patiently. It's a private garage, there's no one there right now. "Mind also telling me who it is that told you I was a two faced harpy?"

"It was…" Magnes slowly starts to sit up, as best he can with two needles sticking in his legs. "Shit, I don't know his name, I've never asked what his name is!" he says, utterly surprised. He does not know Deckard's name. "It's an old guy, he looks like a skeleton kinda…" He reaches into his wallet, he's screwed now, but he holds it out to her. Magnes Jay Varlane, not Tim Drake. Other gems in his wallet include a comic shop membership, a library card, a Batman debit card, and a card that says The International Association of Delivery Boys On The Internet, and all sorts of things that point to the downed skater being completely harmless. "I was jumping, it's a complicated science explanation, but it's perfectly normal to be able to keep up if you're on a roof…"

Minea snatches up the wallet, looking to Magnes at that description. Scraggly, old guy. "Really tall, lines on his face, smells like alcohol half the time?" She slides cards in and out with a sigh. "Nice to meet you Magnes Varlane. Not Tim Drake" There's a sigh. "Stop feeding me that line of bullshit, I've seen enough. Do you float? Manipulate gravity? Manipulate electromagnetic currents? Fly?" She cranes her head, a glimpse of that foretelling mark at his neck that screams 'bagged and tagged'

"Gravity, ma'am…" Magnes answers, being polite, since she's the one with the taser. "Yeah, that's him, I've never known his name, even though he's always causing trouble for me. I forced him to give me the names of evil people, I said if he didn't, I'd put him in another country where he couldn't hurt anyone else." he explains, rather serious, but also obviously intimidated.

"Why are you collecting the names of evil people Mr. Varlane" Deckard. Fucker. He just can't let it be. The wallet is tucked into her purse, it's not going back with him.

"Hey, that's my wallet!" Magnes exclaims, almost reaching for it, then he remembers the taser and sits back in his place. "Um, sorry. And I'm trying to find out the names of the most evil people, so I can put them in a country where they can live away from other people, then New York can be peaceful again. But I wasn't gonna do anything until I figured out why you were evil first, if you are at all…"

"I kicked his ass Varlane. I nearly got him put in hail until his sister saved him" Minea sighs, a shake of her head. "Fucking kids. Little baby fucking terrorists" The trigger is pulled again, electricity coursing down the thin wires that connect the gun to Magnes, wreaking havoc with his body and his muscles. There's a reason for that. Because a few moments after she's pulled the trigger, there's an elbow coming down on the back of his neck to send him into unconsciousness.

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