Oliver and Company


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Scene Title Oliver and Company
Synopsis … or Oliver is the Company. The visiting Ferry operator makes new friends at the Brick House in Dee and Alexander.
Date April 19, 2010

Brick House

Delilah's relief in being released from the hospital was somewhat short lived when she was bundled up to go outside of the hospital. Part of her wanted to feint a faint- so they'd take her back- but Else wanted to leave so badly that they were able to track down a ride out to Long Island. For the day so far, both girls have been trying to reassimilate to getting around by spending the time in The Brick House; Samson was there, for one, and Else seemed to simply think the location better for herself. Delilah just wanted to see her dog so badly she went with it all.

She's been in one of the first floor gathering rooms, which is furnished with a good deal of old musty furniture and so forth. The redhead has basically been spoiling Samson with hugs and kisses the whole morning, and now is no different. She's found a recent news magazine to look through, lying on the floor over a pillow with a sidelong giant dog acting as one for her head and shoulders. His big nose is cold against her arm, eyes closed contentedly.

And Al has stopped by, to check on Del specifically, adn the house itself generally. He's in a gray hoodie, black fatigue pants, pale t-shirt. "How you doin', girl?" he asks, leaning in, one arm stretched up the doorframe.

Carrying a load of supplies in from the cellar trudges Tasha, a new face to both; she's just arrived via boat so her face is ruddy and her eyes watery from the icy wind and cold. She smiles and gives a nod to those in the room. She carries the box to a table to free her hands, then tugs off mittens and hat. The box is full of food and paper supplies — tissues, toilet paper and the like — to load up for the coming blizzard.

Delilah is under the magazine tent when she hears Alexander, and it takes her a moment to remember to sit up to look for him. Samson remains lounging. He's cool. Talk away. Dee looks a little skinny around the face, but otherwise in very good condition. She lights up when she sees Al, a big smile coming over her face. "I'm much better! Thank you for taking care of me before." The redhead pauses when Tasha enters from the downstairs door, smiling to her too. "I'm sorry, I forgot your name. Usually I'm good about it but lately I've just been kinda everywhere, y'know?" Well no, she doesn't really know Dee, but at least she admitted she forgot!

HE rambles over to test this by laying a broad hand on Del's forehead, smiling down at her. And then there's Tasha, and he's distracted, turning pale eyes towards her and offering a tentative wave.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"I'm Tasha. You must be Dee, our recovered patient," the petite brunette says with a smirk. Her accent hails from New York. "I brought a kid with me from Boston to the Lighthouse, so in town a few days. Not sure I could get back out if I wanted to," she explains, reaching into the box to pull out a box of Kleenex and a new magazine before heading to the coffee table to set down the tissue. The magazine she hands to Dee. "Something that's not two months old," she offers.

Brown eyes peer back up at Al from just below the edge of his hand. Telekinesis, Dee, not telepathy! You're cool, girl. Dee smirks back up at him, innocently. "Really, I'm better. The hospital kinda stole me, but they did good. No funny business." She looks a little disturbed when Tasha speaks, only realizing she's talking about the magazine a second later. "Oh, thanks. I just grabbed something that they kept- figured someone kept it for some reason. Whassis'un…" A few pages flick open to the contents.

"What happened, exactly?" asks Al, before offering Tasha a hand. "Name's Alexander," he volunteers, and his own accent is…way out of place. South Georgia, one of those honey-slow drawls.

"Nice to meet you both," Tasha says, frowning a little at Delilah's words before leaning against the arm of the couch to listen. "I heard they raided one of your safe houses you were all staying at? That sucks. Sorry you got nabbed. They force you to register?" she asks, dark brows furrowing with anger at the thought.

"Well, they sorta just came in like any other kind of ambulance call. Loaded us up onto the bus and took us off to the hospital. Else probably would have died if they'd taken her in the van." Delilah tells him this at considerable seriousness, hoping that perhaps he'll mention it to someone else. "So if anyone was upset about that, they better suck it up. The doctors did a good job for us, and everyone else. I think there were some older people that didn't make it though. Well, coulda been the hospital food-" Haha, death humor.

"I was already registered, they wrote down Else though." Ooh! Delilah pauses her magazine on what looks like a Spring fashion spread. "I'd say writing her name on a card was a small price to pay."

Alexander agrees, quietly, "It was a fucking mess. We had a little bit of warning, though."

"Wow. Else, she's a singer, right? I'm glad she made it, then, and that you're no worse off but for a few bad meals, at any rate," Tasha says with a bright smile. She glances at Alexander. "You didn't get sick or you're not eligible for near-death evo-flu experience?" she tosses at him. "If that's not rude to ask. I'm not Evo, so I think that's why I'm here for the time being, til the next big thing comes along. I can't catch any germs." She reaches in her pocket for a pack of gum, pulling out a stick to push into her mouth, before offering it to the others.

Delilah lifts a hand. No thanks. "I suppose some people-" She doesn't have to mention jail. "Were lucky, immune, something." She peers down over her magazine while she converses, tilting it a little to see something better. "And yeah, she's a singer. Been with us a while now, here and there. She's a sweetheart."

"Very talented." And….it's as if it hadn't really occurred to him before. "I've been immune, so far," he says, awkwardly. "No vaccine, even."

"You should have one if you can help it," Tasha says, brows knitting a bit more fiercely as she looks at the redheaded man. "We had someone in Boston who thought they were immune - had never been sick with any flu, and was determined they weren't gonna get it, but they did, pretty bad. I'm not sure how he's doing, actually. I hope making a turn for the better. He was pretty bad off when I left the other day." Her eyes glitter a moment with the hint of tears, thinking of someone who's clearly a friend, before looking at Dee on the couch. "That's some dog. He friendly?"

Samson, who has been lying there being Dee's pillow, lets out a loud grunt and shifts his legs and butt around under her. Dee quacks a little, trying to not end up totally on the floor. Stop that! "He knows you're talking about him you know. Stop that, Samson." Hee. Samson and Delilah.

"He's cool, Tash'. Friendly as can be, and what a guard dog." The dog grunts again. Oh, sure, I am.

Alexander stoops to scratch Samson's ears gently, and rolls a shoulder at Tasha in a shrug. "When I get a chance. I'm….we haven't had any to spare here. And I really don't dare go walking in and asking for one, registered or no."

The petite brunette who doesn't look the type to be afraid of much looks a little afraid of the big dog, but still moves forward to greet him since he seems friendly enough. She puts out a small hand for him to sniff, then tentatively pets him. "Samson. Clever. I should get a cat named Boris…" Boris and Natasha, of the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. "And Alexander here can get a … um, who's a famous Alexander with a famous spouse?" So much for history.

Samson likes the attention! His long tail thumps on the floor. "Roxana!" While he's close, Delilah reaches up to scratch a finger behind Al's ear, smiling.

The redhead looks wry. "Well, Alex's my middle name. My first name's Jesse. But people up here don't read the Bible, apparently, and assume that it's a female name. Like, from Jessica. It got easier to go by the middle, see.?"

"I didn't know it was a Bible name," Tasha says, looking amused, "But I know about Jesse James, anyway. Not all us Yankees are idiots." She gives a smirk at Delilah. "I did know Delilah and Samson were Bible names. I'm pretty Bible-illiterate, but I try not to be ignorant." She pets Samson a little more warmly and playfully when he doesn't bite her, crouching down by him to give him proper attention.

"David's mom wasn't named, was she?" Delilah knows her bible too, for the most part. "I like Jesse better though, it's a lovely name. But hardly anyone knows who I'm talking about when I say it." She chuckles, shutting the magazine in one hand and letting Samson get up when she moves to do the same. He likes new people! Tasha gets a few short licks over her fingers from him, and when he stands he seems more like a pony than a dog.

""Right. And exactly. So many know me as Alex now…." The telekine shrugs. "Either of you all need anything?"

"If you wanna help lug up the other stuff off the boats, that'd be super peachy keen," Tasha says, laughing as the dog licks her and then turning to bat lashes playfully at the redheaded man. She's not really flirting but instead it's a parody of flirting. "I should finish that myself. Dee, you need anything, while you lounge and get your strength back?" She flashes the Brit a smile as well, standing as she pats the dog once more.

Delilah holds out her arms for Jesse/Alex/the lovely penny-haired young man standing beside her. "I only need a big hug right now, that's what I need! Gimme, Jesse."

HE doesn't bend down to hug her. Rather, she's gently wafted into the air, held aloft by his power, as he wraps his arms around her, and rests his chin on her shoulder. He smells of that funny frankincense and myrrh soap, as he always does. "Gimme one sec, and I'll be glad to help you," he asides to Tasha.

Tasha smiles as the two friends hug and nods to Alex's words, giving a silent wave and slipping back down the steps for another load — now that she sees Alex's power, she knows he can make her job much easier. But she feels like she is a third party to a private moment, and so leaves the room to leave the two friends to catch up.

Delilah's hugging seems to want to just gobble him up. For some reason, the girl has her arms wrapped as far as she can get them, as snugly as possible. She even spares a couple seconds to put her nose in the edge of his copper orange hair, getting a breath full of those smells. "Thanks again, Jesse." comes before she draws away, a soft smile on her face and one hand giving a tiny squeeze to his arm.

Al kisses her gently on the forehead, following it by a sighing breath, as he sets her gently down again. He lays a hand on her shoulder.

Down the steps Tasha goes to organize the supplies lugged in from the boats that will hopefully get the Brick House through the next few days, as getting to and from the safehouse, already in arduous task in the glacial weather, will only get more and more difficult as the weather worsens and wears stubbornly on.

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