Scene Title Omega
Synopsis My room is still messed up and I know why / Yeah, hey / 'Cause I got high / Because I got high / Because I got high
Date May 13, 2019


The knock comes a little harder than Eve intends but she can't help but feel… like she made a mistake. Bringing up Karen Chamberlain.

"Miss Karen, Miss Karen! It's Eve Mas!" Knockknock.

It's just past four, closer to five. She hoped she wasn't missing the professor. The former seer was hoping that whatever telepath or telepaths Adam had working for him hadn't deep dived yet into Adrienne's memory. Seeing her. Seeing Cesar. "Miss Karen it's rather important m'lady!" Crimson eyes buzz as her face twists in worry and she tries to listen at the door.

It could have been someone else. Someone else who would want Adrienne Allen. Maybe her family broke her out. Eve almost barks out a laugh but contains herself gaze flicking up and down the hallway.

Draped in a long, deep blue trench coat and ankle boots. Blood red lightning scatters over her face, her clothes leaving singe holes as she gets more and more worked up. "Nononono." Eve whispers to herself and then she's raising her hand to knock on the door one more time.

Maybe she should have come with Gilly and Chicken, like last time.

Brooklyn College Library

Brooklyn College

Adjunct Office

May 13th


When the door to the Adjunct office opens, it’s not Karen Chamberlain staring at Eve but an unfamiliar man with a white beard and very little other hair. He regards her over the frames of his eyeglasses, one brow raised slowly. “Miss, I’m sorry, what is all of this racket about?” On a quick look behind him, there’s no one else in this office. More notably, none of Karen’s mountain of paperwork is either.

Blinking and leaning back from the man. "Racket? Well it's been years I'm not sure I cou- Oh!" Eve rubs the back of her head and scoffs the toe of her boots. "Hello, I'm Eve! I'm looking for a friend of mine, Miss Karen Chamberlain?" Her eyes, blood red and buzzing peer over his shoulder and she notices the lack of Karen's things and her eyes widen a touch.

"This is her office right? I get turned around. Heh heh." Oh no. Eve fears the worse and she holds her arms behind her back steadying herself, feeling her center pulling inward. She takes a deep breath. Adrienne Allen was kidnapped, there was no way her visit doesn't come up. What she said doesn't come up, where Eve is heading.

She tries not to panic. "I really need to speak with her, it's of grave importance."

“Chamberlain?” The professor says with a slow shake of his head. “I’m sorry, she transferred back to Oxford two months ago. I’m the new adjunct history professor, Paul Watts.” He smiles, awkwardly, but also clearly disinterestedly. “Are— were you one of Karen’s students?”

"Nooooooo." Eve's head sags and it drops towards her chest, a fizzle of red energy crackling over the crown of her head. "Two months ago?" She almost asks are you sure but she knows how defensive people get when you question what it is they know to be true. Eve didn't get the angst about it, people were asking her all the time!

"So strange that I missed her… yes I am! I was abroad, cave diving ya know. We don't say Indiana Jonesin cuz that's just plain rude," The dark haired woman has a way of saying things in a fashion that she even believes it. "I'm working on studying ancient societies and how it relates to the myths they told. Was Hercules an actual person just gifted with super strength? Zeus? Have gods walked among us all this time." A fond smile as Eve looks off into the air, "My cousin said I should be a theology major and I gasped." ORLY.

Waiting a moment, "Do you know why she transferred? She seemed happy here. I was hoping to speak with her before my next trip."

Professor Watts makes an uncomfortable noise at the back of his throat and closes the door subtly at Eve. Not all the way, but enough to show that he isn’t really wanting to participate in the conversation. “That all sounds fascinating, but we work different fields. I’m a chemistry adjunct. But… I believe Karen transferred because she was tired of the working conditions here. Not everyone has the sense of charity to work in a place like the Safe Zone.”

“I’m sorry, Miss, but I don’t have any other information for you.” Professor Watts shakes his head, easing the door closed just a little more, watching Eve through the ever-narrowing gap. “Now, unless you’re taking Undergrad Chemistry, I’m going to have to— get back to my work.”

Eve is blocked by the door and by a man who does not have time, instead of pressing her lock she backs away. "Chemistry! Could you teach me how to make some killer drugs for my friends? I'm planning a big, big party for after all of this is over." A snort and Eve runs a hand through her hair. It's frustrating, it's scary even. Eve is nosy, she is curious and while Miss Karen might not be here in this very building. Perhaps Watts had more answers than he was willing to give. "I'm sorry to take up your time! Tootaloo!"

Scurrying down the hall and out the first door that leads outside she doesn't look back, she practically skips along humming to herself. She should have brought her skates but Eve wanted to be taken seriously. Well at least the old man didn't call the fuzz on her. They might have found the joint in her bra. Which she also doesn't go for. Not yet at least. Instead the pale woman tip toes over to the nearby bushes and throws herself in with a quiet, "Wheee!" Flopping on the ground and rolling over to stare at the entrance to the building from under the brush. She would wait out this Professor Watts and see where he went after work. "Hmmm, come on mister teacher." Whispering softly to herself she now digs in her bra and takes the smushed joint out of her bra with a huff of breath. She was gonna be waiting that's for sure.

Because this is how Eve Mas spends her new lease on life.

Stalking college adjunct professors.



Sheepshead Bay

After hours of waiting around in campus, most of which were done sober Eve Mas finally caught Professor Watts leaving Brooklyn College. She followed him three blocks, entering into what is clearly a safehouse: a run-down concrete-walled building with barred windows and a neon sign indicating it as Omega. Slipping in through the door after Watts, Eve is like a ghost, slithering in through the door before it's fully shut, just moments before it closes.

There, she finds a darkly-lit safehouse, cats slinking between her ankles and purring softly. Spies, she assumes. The tall Pakistani man behind a nearby counter is likely a security officer, possible of the Commonwealth Institute remnant, judging from the slim tattoo of a bow and arrow on his forearm:

Apollo had a bow
Apollo was a Greek god
The Greek alphabet contains Ω
Omega, for which the bodega is named.

She's on to this. Circles in circles.

“I'll have a… the usual.” Watts says with a crease of his brow after staring into the distance for a long while. Eve was not caught off guard by his clever use of a code word to indicate he was followed to the operative behind the counter. Like a spring breeze, Eve dissipates into a cloud of faint crimson smoke, sneaking up into the air vents and safely out of sight. She can feel the tension in the air— it's palpable.

It's full of truth.

Watts asks something of the security officer, but Eve’s too far away to hear it. But she can surmise their intention with keen senses and keener intuition. Eve can see him fumbling through his wallet. Like this, a cloud, her vision is not like that of a person. She watches the handoff, sees the secret electromagnetic code laced within the paper money exchanging hands. As she exits another vent, eager to get a closer look, she's made by the security officer. He reaches for a gun under the front counter, opening fire on Eve!

Bullets tear through the air, Watts is struck in the crossfire and clutches his face, falling backwards with a wet hand pulling away from his right eye. He's screaming, dropping inexact change to his feet. Eve swirls around each bullet, feeling them whizz past her ephemeral form. She slips between the cracks of the door, hearing the alarmed shouts coming from beyond. She knows — she knows there's more going on than meets the eye. She would be back…

She would be back, she was certain, slithering out of sight into the parking lot.

What Everyone Else Experienced

Omega Bodega

Sheepshead Bay

12:37 pm

It's been about seven minutes since Eve lit up her joint.

Professor Watts comes out of the library building right along with the rest of the lunch rush. Eve, stumbling as she pulls herself up from where she was laying in the grass, followed Watts — completely stoned — for three whole blocks, whispering “Sssh” to him the entire time from about four feet away.

But as Watts ducks off the street and into a concrete-walled business — //Omega Bodega— — Eve lunges like a stoned crazy-person after him, but the door to the bodega swings shut on her while she's only halfway through. The little bell above the door chimes repeatedly as Eve struggles to pry herself out of the door, one sleeve caught between it and the door frame.

Once she finally pulls herself free, after having out a seven generation curse on the door, she realizes she's been beset upon by bodega cats slinking between her ankles and purring softly. The tall Pakistani cashier behind a nearby counter eyes Eve anxiously, then looks over to Professor Watts worriedly. Eve, however, is transfixed on the slim tattoo of a bow and arrow on his forearm.

A tattoo he got when he was nineteen
From a design in the parlor window
Because he thought it looked cool and meaningful
When he was nineteen.

While Eve stares at the cashier, Watts tries to ignore her. “I'll have a… the usual.” He says with a crease of his brow after staring up at a menu above the small deli for a long while. The second Watts says that, Eve sucks in a shocked — and loud — breath and paws at her face before windmilling her arms like a crazy person, exploding into a cloud of electrified has that tears through a shelf of packaged chips, causing the packages to rupture. By the time Watts or the cashier understand what's up, Eve has disappeared into the ceiling, setting one tile on fire and causing it to crash down into a rack of immediately-frothing soda mess.

The cashier stares vacantly.

“I'm sorry she… followed me from class. I think she might be on drugs or something,” Watts suggests with a shrug. While the cashier steps away to prepare the falafel wrap, Watts fishes for some money in his pocket. Fishing through his wallet, Watts exhales a slow and tired sigh. “I'm really sorry.”

Just as Watts says that, Eve moves through the ceiling, causing lights to blow and cash registers to stop working. As Eve erupts out of the vent like a smoky phantom, eager to get a closer look, she's made by the man behind the counter. He shrieks as he sees her approaching, little more than a seething mass of electrified red particles in the air. The cashier grabs the nearest thing on hand — a squirt bottle used for training the bodega cats and watering some plants.

The spray from the squirt bottle flies through the air. Watts is struck in the crossfire and clutches his face, falling backwards with a wet hand pulling away from his right eye. He's screaming, dropping inexact change for his falafel wrap to his feet. Eve sputters and sparks from each spritz, feeling eaxhbdroplet sizzle and spark off of her body. She careens toward the door, electrified vapor blasting soda bottles open, cooking gummy bears, blowing up the one bodega television with a built-in Betamax player. “I know!” Eve screams as she slams her most body against the door, squeegee-squeaks her way down the window then forces her way out the cracks in the doir.

Oh I see, Eve says threateningly to every car in the parking lot. “I see” Her rambling can be heard for at least an hour…

…haunting the forgotten parts of Sheepshead Bay.

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