On Acquisition of a Kitten


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Scene Title On Acquisition of a Kitten
Synopsis Kurt and Joy scour the local shelters and find the perfect pet.
Date October 26, 2009

Animal Humane Society

Joy is all smiles as she heads into one of New York's animal shelters, hand-in-hand with Kurt. "This is going to give me a bit more to do while you're gone during the day," the blonde tells her companion. "You're the best, you know that?" The woman gets up on tiptoe to plant a kiss on Kurt's cheek before heading toward the room housing the cats available for adoption.

Kurt finally agreed that a cat might be the best idea, they still need more space sooner then later but a cat isn't as needing as a dog in that regard. He grins down at the blonde and shakes his head, "Nah I'm a sucker for blue eyes." He jokes and follows after her into the shelters area.

Joy blushes faintly and nudges her beau gently, "I still think you're great." She approaches one of the enclosures with Kurt in tow, peering at an orange striped tomcat. "He's a big one, isn't he?" She glances up at the notation that goes along with the animal. "Ooh. He also goes with that one." A grey tabby is pointed at. "Can't break 'em up, and we really shouldn't have two," she reasons, moving along to peek at the next display.

Kurt wiggles his finger through the cages bars at the tabby and almost loses them to the big cat, "Um I can think of more reasons for not getting him." He says pulling back in time. He follows Joy really letting this be her decision.

Joy makes her way through the room, looking over each cat briefly. She's almost ready to resign herself to the fact that it just doesn't seem there's a cat that fits their situation when she sees a sign on an adjacent wall outside of the cat room. "Kittens?" Quickly, the blond darts across the hall and into the smaller room. The gasp of delight seems to show that she's found something that's caught her eye. When Kurt catches up to her, she's crouched on the floor with her finger up to the plexiglass of the enclosure, and a little flat-faced, calico kitten is attempting to lick her finger through the invisible barrier. "It's a persian," she notes with an excited lilt to her voice. "Isn't she cute?"

Kurt looks surprised at the sudden girlish outburst from Joy, "Alrighty…" He says cautiously and doesn't rush to follow her. Instead he strolls slowly behind and then grins at her find, "Oh it's cute." He says now a touch girlishly and bends down for a closer look.

Joy turns to peer at Kurt. "Her eyes are blue," she sing-songs, her own blue eyes wide and pleading. "Can we get her? Please? She is so adorable. And she likes me!" She drags her finger across the glass and the kitten bounds after it, oblivious to the fact that she'll never break through the clear wall between them.

Kurt chuckles and watches the kitten's energy and grins to Joy, "You want her I'm fine with it." He tilts his head to the side watching the kitten.

Joy squeals with delight and throws her arms around Kurt tightly, nearly tipping them both over in the process. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She plants a big kiss on his cheek and then pulls herself to her feet. "You go take care of the paperwork with the shelter people and I'll go pick out a collar and stuff?"

Kurt chuckles as he almost goes over but stops himself with his arm at the last moment, "Of course, you go do the fun stuff." He jokes and kisses her lips quickly before making his way to his feet and then the front counter.

While Kurt is busy filling out all the necessary papers to adopt their new kitten, Joy is perusing the selection of essential accessories every cat owner must possess. And a lot of the unnecessary ones. "Is pink too girly?" she asks Kurt over her shoulder, picking through a display of collars. "Ooh, no. I think I've found a good one." A collar with a colourful orange, yellow and chocolate brown paisley design is plucked up and held out briefly for Kurt's inspection, though Joy doesn't really bother to check if he's as interested in the collar their kitten will wear as she is.

Kurt hums and grimaces at the pink mentioning, "Um…" He starts then she finds another colour and he smiles, "Much better." The man grins and chuckles lightly, "We want wet or dry food? I know my mum use to give the cats real meat all natural food."

"Maybe wet food for now," Joy muses. "I mean, she's just a little thing. At least to start with. Maybe once I get better at cooking, I can feed her some of what we eat, huh?" It's clearly more incentive for the young woman, and she smiles brightly to her friend. Her attention is quickly caught by a small wicker basket with a sunny yellow pillow set in it and she picks it up, setting the collar atop the pillow as she starts looking through toys.

Kurt is counting money and figures in his head as she looks through everything, "Um I think cats have to eat different stuff then us but we'll figure it out." He raises an eyebrow at the basket, "Gonna take her everywhere or something?" He asks the blonde.

"It's a bed, silly." She tips it so he can see the bowed out sides better. "See?" She tips it back just in time to keep the collar from sliding through the recessed gap where the cat is supposed to enter the bed. "What do you think? Toy mouse, or jingle ball thingy on a stick?"

Kurt hums and raises an eyebrow again at the 'bed', "Okay our cat is gonna be spoiled isn't she." He grins to Joy and then looks at the toys trying to make a show of actually deciding, "I like the jingle ball thingy."

"Of course she is!" Joy gives Kurt a look that asks, 'Was there ever any doubt?' She grins and takes the toy off the shelf, setting it into the basket as well. A litter box and a small bag of litter are then balanced in her arms before she adds enough cans of food to get the new kitten through the week. "Okay. Is there anything I'm missing?" She sets the purchases down on the counter next to where Kurt is filling out the last of the paperwork.

Kurt finally puts the paperwork down and shakes his head after looking over her stuff, "Not that I can think of hun." He smiles to her then hands the clipboard to the far too serious looking woman at the counter.

Joy beams a smile at the woman, and once she's turned away to make photocopies, Joy's exchanging looks with Kurt. She waves her hand and everything in the room, except she and her man, stops. "Rreow!" She mimics an angry cat, "She looks grumpy, doesn't she?"

Kurt chuckles quietly trying to keep it unnoticed by the lady in question, "Yeah…you'd think someone with a job here would be a touch more…um…perky." He finds an alright word the leans down to ask Joy quietly, "So you sure you want that kitten?"

"I am sure I want that kitten." Joy raises her brows and adds seriously, "It was meant to be. She just lit up the moment she saw me. I know I have to have her." With a second sweeping gesture of her hand, time resumes around the pair once more. "What should we name her?"

Kurt nods his head at this solemnly and then hums at her question, "I don't know. You're turn to name something." He winks to her referring to the fact he sort of named Joy.

Joy smirks conspiratorially back to Kurt. He's right, it is her turn, isn't it? "We'll call her Schroedinger," she decides. "But 'Inger for short." Pronounced properly, it sounds much like Inga. "That's suitably nerdy, right?" The smirk returns, with a hint of tongue-in-cheek.

Kurt can't help but chuckle at this and rolls his eyes slightly, "Okay…that works oh nerdy one." He grins and lifts an arm to put over her shoulder, "Inger…it'll grow on me I'm sure."

"You can say no," Joy reminds Kurt. "I won't cry or anything. I just… thought it was cute." She shrugs, smiling apologetically.

Kurt reaches out to try and tap her on the tip of the nose lightly, "It's adorable and suits I think." He says with a smile and an upbeat voice, "You sure we got everything?" He double checks before they end up having to come back.

Joy's nose wrinkles up cutely when it's tapped. "I got everything I could think of. I think we should probably get a tag made for her, but that can wait."

Kurt nods his head at this and taps his finger on the counter waiting for the surely woman to come back hopefully with their kitten, "Hey what if your kitten is a boy?" He asks.

"It's a girl." Joy rolls her eyes good-naturedly. "I looked at the paperwork next to her cage." The train of thought is derailed when the kitten is carried over by the woman working the counter. Joy gasps and reaches out to take the little fluffball. "Oh, Kurt, she's so precious." She rubs her nose against the kitten's affectionately. "Hi, 'Inger."

Kurt reaches out to scratch the kitten's head lightly and thankfully only gets a purr or the best the kitten can manage, "No claws. I like her already." He grins to Joy and says in a baby voice, "Yes aren't you the cutest-widdle kitten in the whole world." Kurt Campbell in never allowed around kittens.

Oh, no. Kurt Campbell is always allowed around kittens. Joy is eating this up. She holds the kitten out toward the man once she comes to a sort of realisation. "We don't have a carrier for her." She's quick to smile though, holding up a finger to prove through gesture that she has a plan. "It's okay, though! If you snuggle her inside your coat, she'll be warm the whole way home. Shouldn't take us long to get there."

Kurt grins at this plan and scritches the little kitten again who rubs up against his finger, "My, my aren't we just a suck up." He tells the little animal and is a gooey-mushy person when it comes to kittens. "Yeah that'll work fine." He says to Joy and leans over to kiss her hair lightly, "Good kitten picking hun."

"Thanks." Once everything's in order and their purchases bagged, Joy relinquishes the kitten to Kurt's care so she can carry their bags. "Thank you for this," she says sincerely as they step back out to the street. "This really means a lot to me." She pauses and then adds, "You really mean a lot to me."

Kurt carefully tucks the kitten into his jacket and spends time to make sure she is comfortable. "There we go." He chimes to Inger and then looks a little taken back by the sudden comment from Joy, "You mean a lot to me too Joy." He says back to her and smiles brightly.

Careful not to unsettle the new little kitten between them, Joy rests one hand on Kurt's shoulder, steadying herself as she leans up on tiptoe to give him a long, lingering kiss. As it seems to be whenever the two share warm, happy moments like this, Joy interjects seriously, "I hope this city never changes you… I hope I never change you."

Kurt bends down to kiss her back and makes sure he keeps one hand supporting the kitten. "Everyone has gotta change a little. Can't promise that I'll stay the same forever but I'll try and stay me." He assures her weakly and then Inger is up trying to get at Joy's hair, "Oh you little brat." He chuckles lightly.

Joy gives Kurt one more quick kiss before taking his free hand and walking with him toward home. "I suppose that's all I could want, then."

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