On Board


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Scene Title On Board
Synopsis Tamsine returns from the vacation Adam imposed upon her to keep her safe, and asks to be let into the loop from now on. He asks her to accompany him on his upcoming "tour."
Date July 26, 2009

Tamsine's Greenwich Apartment

Tamsine was picked up by a man by Michael at the airport. A rather solid looking fellow who appears to be Adam's…driver or something. He wasn't particularly talkative and it would be hard to determine whether or not this is by nature or by orders. But eventually Tamsine is brought to familiar surroundings and back to her apartment. Michael takes up her bags, but the door to the apartment is open and inside is Adam with the little ball of fuzz he bought Tamsine. The place has been decorated with tacky decorations that say things like 'Welcome home!'. Adam says, "Welcome home."

Tamsine frowns a little. Did she give him a key and forget it? She can't remember doing that, and since she's never given a key to man in her life, she thinks she'd remember it. Otherwise, aside from the furrowed brow of worry and nerves, she looks fairly refreshed. A month at a resort spa will do that. She's also learned how to ride horses and water ski, two things she'd never done in her life.

"Adam," she says softly, warmly, despite the fact he's in her apartment without her permission. Still, if he'd asked… she probably would have given him the key, so no harm, no foul. "It's good to be home. There's only so many massages a girl can stand."

Michael concerns himself with getting the bags put away in the bedroom while Adam walks up to Tamsine with the cat in his hand. He holds it forward to her before leaning in for a kiss and says, "Well, some say leisure is a fine art. Perhaps you just haven't had the practice yet to truly appreciate it."

"I hope I never get that used to it… It's not something I see myself doing every day for the rest of my life. I was going a little stir crazy, even with 40 acres to wander," she admits, taking Pandora the white kitten, who has grown tremendously in the past month to a plump "adolescent" cat. She lifts her face to Adam's and stands on her tip toes. "Good to see you. How are things?"

Adam considers the question and says, "Things are…" he pauses, "Pretty much where I thought they would be. Things have a rather predictable way of playing out." he says. He reaches forward and strokes his hand along Tamsine's cheek and along her jaw. "But, the most direct danger was gone so I thought it was safe to bring you back."

Her face clouds a bit. "There's been a lot in the news. I was worried every time I saw anything about New York," she murmurs, looking up at him with those deep dark eyes as he strokes her face. "Can you tell me what the danger was, now that it's passed?"

Adam frowns thoughtfully and thinks about it. "There was a man who wanted to make me angry enough to go after some people. So he murdered a friend and I feared he might target you as well. So…I wanted you to be out of danger. And there it was."

Tamsine's eyes widen. "He murdered a friend of yours? And you didn't tell me?" she asks, her voice still quiet, but obviously upset. "I … I don't know if I'm more angry that you didn't let me in to be there for you, or that you didn't tell me so I could have been on the lookout for anything dangerous…" She gives a shake of her head. "Adam… I went for hikes and horserides where there was no one else around, for hours, and you didn't tell me I was in danger?"

Adam shakes his head, "You weren't in danger there. You were in danger here. No one knew where you were. The…chess board was full of pieces and I had to take you off of it, do you see?" he shakes his head, "You weren't in any danger then and you're not in any danger now. And there was no time to tell you, when it happened, I wanted you gone as soon as possible."

She frowns and nods. She understands, but she doesn't like it. She turns out of his embrace and moves slowly to the couch to sink into it, letting the cat down. Pandora purrs and winds around Tamsine's legs as Tamsine stares straight ahead for a moment. Finally she looks up at him. "Look. If you want me to be with you and help you… you need to be more honest with me. Let me in. I get that some things might be more dangerous for me to know than not to know, and in that case… fine, keep it to yourself, but you need to let me know at least the basic reason for these chess moves you make."

Adam considers this for a moment and then walks over towards the couch himself to sit down in it. He considers her more, "Tamsine. You know while you might agree with the cause…a lot of what I do you don't….like. Are you sure you want to know so much?" he questions, "Hear so much? Revolutions aren't won with pretty words. They are won with brutal justice."

She stares at her feet. They're nicely pedicured — after all, she's just returned from a month at a spa — in pretty sandals, resting on her pretty Persian rug on the hardwood floor of the cozy Greenwich apartment she saved so hard for. But the nice apartment is worth nothing to her, not without the sounds of her daughter's laughter to fill it. And so the daughter of pacifist, self-proclaimed hippies lifts her chin and looks into Adam Monroe's eyes. "I want to help."

Adam tilts his head a moment towards Tamsine and nods a bit. He reaches forward and slides his arm around her shoulder. "Alright…then I'll tell you what you missed." he says, "There was a man, Arthur Petrelli. Father of president Petrelli, in fact. And he could steal evolved powers. So he became rather powerful and to be honest, quite crazy. He was doing human experimentation, in fact. He wanted me to kill Daniel Linderman, of the Linderman group. So, he killed my friend Zoe Porter and made it look like Linderman did it. But it was sloppy and ineffective and only made me turn on Arthur. So, a few days ago, different groups invaded the Pinehearst facility in New Jersey which was filled with evolved zombie people and a nuclear reactor. So, it was messy, bloody and dangerous." he looks to Tamsine, "And exactly why I wanted you safe."

"You told me most of that… and that that was going to happen. I heard about it on the news, and was worried about you. I knew it was the group you told me about, who wanted to take Pinehearst down," she says. "It's good he's gone." She takes a deep breath, reaching down to pet Pandora. "So what's next, now that he's gone?"

Adam frowns a moment, "I have a few more things to do in the city. I want to recruit a few more people. Then, I'll have to travel the country and.." he glances at Tamsine, "Do the other thing I told you about. With the founders of the Company." he pauses, "And…I was thinking perhaps you should come with me…not to be hands on, but to help and keep me company.." he frowns, "I have a feeling some things in the city are going to get rioutous." he pauses, "Because of Staten Island."

"Come with you? Who's watching the bar, while I've been away getting facials and pedicures, anyway?" she says with a little laugh. "I… I mean, it's not like I have anything here except the bar to keep an eye on and if you think it's covered, well…" she babbles a bit. She's never travelled, and never with a significant other of any kind. "How long do you think it will be?"

Adam frowns, "Hard to say.." he says, "Weeks perhaps?" he pauses at the question of the bar, "We've got enough people to run it and since we're not worried about every dollar, the bar should be fine." he reaches over and pats her on the thigh, "I'd really like to not be traveling away from you so much."

"If you don't think I'll be in the way," Tamsine whispers, her words little more than a breath as she finds herself metaphorically melting just a bit. "Did I tell you I missed you?" she says with a smile, leaning forward to brush her lips against his, her red hair falling forward and veiling both their faces.

Adam smiles a bit, "You know, I'm not sure. Why don't you tell me again?" he questions as he leans in and presses his lips more firmly against hers, his hand sliding onto the small of her back to settle there. He leans back a moment and says, "I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, even if you got stir crazy."

Her lips curve against his. "It was the first vacation I think I've ever had, not counting my leave of absence from the social work stuff. It would have been nicer if I weren't worried about you. At least if I go with you, I won't be going nuts every time I hear about an explosion or something… I know you're hard to kill, but I have a wicked imagination."

Adam smirks a bit, "It's cute how you worry about me." he reaches up and brushes her hair back a bit and says, "I'll be fine." he says, "We'll just need to make sure that you are. Especially after you meet my crew. They're.." he pauses, "Quite a group of characters." he says.

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