On Fighting Fires



Scene Title On Fighting Fires
Synopsis At least, he's pretty sure it's Gabriel. A conversation occurs, and it's a little one-sided.
Date June 25, 2009


Who are you?


No… that's not right. My name is Sylar.

I don't know. I think there are different names. They all sound fitting. Gabriel Gray. Sylar. Tavisha— ?

I'm sorry, I— it's dark. I think I'm in pieces.

That's fine. Take your time.

What's my name?


No. No I think you're mistaken. I think I've made a mistake. What did you do?

The house is on fire, and you have to take one thing from it. This is a game. What do you take?

Do you take the game?

Close. Warmer. Hotter.

My name is Gabriel.

Probably. Sometimes. The answer is that you take the fire.

I knew that. I know you know that. Is it still burning?

I— I think so? It depends on the storm.

The storm is over.


Well what do I do now? Stop talking to myself. That sounds good. Maybe get out of the house. Peter did say I need a road map to find myself. I hate him.

Me too. But I can't go. The fire's still here.


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