On Matters Magnes


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Scene Title On Matters Magnes
Synopsis Carrie shows up at Belle's office to discuss the first session the doctor had wth Magnes.
Date July 07, 2009

Company Owned Studio Apartment

A studio apartment the Company has graciously provided for Bella and her clients.

Her first session with Magnes was, in Dr. Sheridan's estimation, a modest success. Young people, and Bella considers herself old enough to think of twenty-one year olds as 'young people', seem rather similar on first appearances. Individuality, idiosyncrasy, takes time to discern. She ponders lightly, brewing coffee in the studio kitchenette, her hair now pulled into a casual ponytail. A portable radio plays NPR's evening music program.

The knock on the door is firm, before it's opened letting in one Carrie Castillo. "Dr. Sheridan?" she calls, glancing around for woman a small frown on her face, she really doesn't like shrinks even though she recommended the sessions. She's such a hypocrite sometimes. Finally spotting the woman, she lifts her voice a bit more. "Dr. Sheridan? I'm Agent Castillo, Magnes' trainer."

Bella looks up, expression one of pleasant surprise. "Ah, you must be Carrie," she moves around the counter, greeting the other woman with an extended hand, "Magnes mentioned you in his session today. I'm glad you found time to drop in. I'm sure we've some things to discuss."

Making sure the door closes behind her, Carrie moves towards the woman to take her hand. "Well, as his trainer and the one that pushed the brass for it, I figured I better find out what you can tell me. See if our thoughts match. Besides, I can only do so much for him…" and as much as she hates to admit it, "..you can help him more."

Bella gives Carrie a skeptical look. "Me? I'm a therapist with a pass to pill-push. You will decide what kind of agent he will become. I'm the stage hand in the transformation you're performing, at best. Would you like some coffee?" She moves back to the kitchenette, takes out two white ceramic mugs with one hand, while the other turns the volume on the radio down somewhat.

That skeptical look is returned. "Maybe.. but unless he gets past these mental issues he's not gonna be able to succeed. Unlike so many of the people in this Company, I actually see the potential there. He's got the makings, but there is a lot.." She taps the side of her head instead of saying the word. A shake of her head and a wave of her hand, dismisses the idea of coffee. "No thanks, but thanks." Hands rest lightly on her hips as she considers the doctor. "I'm trying to be there for him as best I can, but I can't give him everything he thinks he needs from me. I'm hoping coming to you will help ease his mind where I can't."

"I'll try my best," Bella says, replacing one of the mugs and flicking the on/off switch on the coffee maker, "I agree that he's a find. He's an honest, good hearted young man who wants to make and do good. That's precisely the kind of person the Company can use, ones that genuinely believe in the betterment of the human condition in times of trouble. If we can satisfy his need for moral direction, he'll be the kind of person who'll lay down his life. I am not exaggerating when I say that, either. I mean it."

"Glad to see that at last one person in the group sees it." Carrie says blandly, moving to cross her arms. "The whole moral direction thing can go either way for him. it'll either be his acillies heel or it'll be his strength. Tell me what I can do to help that. I'm trying my best, but I have the brass breathing down my neck to have this kid ready n a month.. a month. I've got agents telling me to pawn him off on others and get far away." There is a touch of anger on that one. "There is a lot of stress on this poor kid." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "So tell me…" She motions towards the woman to proceed.

Bella grimaces, pouring coffee into her mug. She moves to lean on the counter, looking towards Carrie, steaming cup between her hands. "I needn't tell you the kind of stress he's under. Butchered friends, near-death experiences, beatings and confinements. But he's a young lad with a special gift… he's resilient. He just needs time to recover. Sadly… if we only have a month, time is pricey luxury. So my first suggestion is simple: let him skate again. He used to unwind by using his gifts in time with his passion. He needs that release again. It doesn't matter where or how, but it has to happen. His parents restricted him enough; keeping him on lock-down is precisely the /wrong/ tactic to take if we want him to stay with us."

"It might be the wrong tactic, but it's part of the conditions of his training. I'm sure you've read the files. He screwed up bad when he was given a lot of slack. He's on his last strike." He's not the only one under a lot of pressure here. Carrie runs fingers through her hair, pulling the pony tail out of her hair, since she only wears it for her cover job. "And I know the stress.. I see it daily. I've got him living in a tent, since the new place is completely.. Let's just say it is a mess. So I'm with him a lot." The woman begins to pace, as she starts thinking. "I'm sure I can let him skate again.. He can.. " Pausing mid step she closes her eyes as she forces herself to say.. ".. skate on the way home from the Police Academy. I'm sure there's places at the facility. That's not a problem."

"Find a middle road," Bella says, "It's crazy to say it's either all or nothing, total freedom or total restriction. Ideally you should aim to give him the /appearance/ of choice, the sense of freedom without the risks. All that stress could help us, if it pushes him towards us. But we can't appear to be one of the things he has to run from. I'm happy to back you up if push comes to shove with our mutual bosses."

"I guess.." Carrie says softly, moving to lean against the counter. Her rubs her hands on the legs of her work pants. "I'll let him skate. I guess more trips to the cabin are in order." Quit for a moment she quietly adds. "I'll see if I can get him permission to go to the funeral for this Isabelle." Fingers taps lightly on her leg. "I can't do anything that will blow his cover and undermine his training."

"I'm certain you've got the most effective path in mind, and that it's the Company strictures getting in your way," Bella says, "The best I can do is give Magnes a vent for his frustrations and fears, and pipe any information I learn to you." She takes a sip from her coffee, makes a face. "Oof. Too hot." She leaves the mug on the counter and moves to the table by the big armchair. She lifts a folder from it. "I wrote up a preliminary report on the first session. Feel free to peruse it. I'm sure I'll figure out more, if he comes to more sessions." She offers the folder to Carrie, "Can you make time for it? I do think it is important."

Taking the folder from her, Carrie flips it open and scans over the contents as she steps away from the woman. "It has to be after his Academy day." A finger runs along the file. " Elle…" There is a soft sigh from the Agent as she glances back at Bella. "I'm not sure about her, but I'm trying not to get into his personal life if I can help it. Like you said he's young, he's still learning to be a man." Her eyes run over the words again slowly, though she doesn't exactly read them. "He needs someone that isn't me." There is no doubt she cares for the kid. Giving a shake of her head she reads further through what's there. "Recreational use of his ability…" She turns thoughtful. "I think I know how to do that.. I took him up to the lake over the 4th to get him out and relax, but I think I can come up with other things." Snapping the folder shut, she offers it to the doctor. "I'd like to be kept up to date."

The folder moves from hand to hand, and Dr. Sheridan tosses it onto the chez lounge. "And of course I'll keep informing you," her smile is somewhat sly, "It's nice to not have to worry about doctor-patient confidentiality." She returns to her coffee which, now at a bearable temperature, she sips, "I'm going to try to get him to bring Elle in for a couple's session. I want to size her up myself. But if you could give me your impressions, I'm sure you're a fine judge of character. You're backing Magnes, after all."

"I haven't met her." Carrie admits with a shrug. "I only know what hear from him. And I'm not liking this shocking thing. It doesn't set well with me." She doesn't should happy either as she talks about it. "I've seen the damage she can do to him if she shocks him too much in on place." She gives the doctor a significant look. "You know how these evolved /can/ be. All she has to do is to decide he's pissed her off.. and.. Zap." Fingers rub at her forehead. "I'm curious if he can get her in and what you get from it. I'm.. worried about him with her."

Bella pulls a face at Carrie's implication. "I will do my best. But I have to be gentle since he's not coming to me at his own compulsion. If you're worried, though, then I imagine there is reason for concern. I promise to look into it. I think I got off to a good start with him."

There is a short nod. "Good." Carrie says firmly and thoughtfully. "I'll be checking in now and then to get the latest on him." She looks about ready to leave and she looks back at the doctor. "Did he… happen to mention the evolved cage fights?" She asks her voice soft with worry. "He told me about it one day.. and it prompted me to ask for this."

Bella gives a single nod. "That's what he wants to talk about with me next time," she says, "So," she fixes Carrie with a look over the top of her mug, "Make sure he comes in again as soon as he can."

Carrie seems to relax a bit. "Good… No one… not even someone as young as him should ever have to go through an experience like that." That whole thing seems to disturb her. Giving a bit of a wave, the agent starts for the door. "I'll be in touch, Doctor. Have a good day."

Bella lofts her mug, "Take care. And remember, my door's open to /anyone/ in the Company." She tips a wink.

The though going through Carrie's mind as she shuts the door behind her… Not gonna happen if she can help it. Last thing she needs is someone poking at her own personal demons.

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