On Optimism


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Scene Title On Optimism
Synopsis Adelaide and Ling meet in the Corinthian, one taking refuge from the snow and the other taking refuge from past events. Brief talk on positivity and optimism ensues
Date May 12, 2010

The Corinthian

In 1899, William Stokes resolved to build the "grandest hotel in Manhattan": an eighteen-story steel-frame structure with a Parisian-style mansard roof with round turrets and an exterior inspired by neoclassical architecture. When the Linderman Group bought the property in 2007, it preserved the building's outward appearance, which includes grand, arched windows looking out over the Upper West Side with a view of Central Park and the Hudson River beyond.

Past the metal detectors erected just inside the Corinthian's doors, the hotel lobby is a vast and expansive place. It's wide enough for a person to lose themselves in, longer than it is wide, and the vaulted ceiling reaches up a full three stories before budding the glinting, glimmering crystal chandeliers which provide a lion's share of illumination.

The gleam of yellow-tinged light softens the austerity implied by white walls into something warmer, elegantly welcoming. Gold tones pick out a vining pattern across the large, matte-white tiles of the floor, merging with a thicker border of autumn shades around the edge of the room. Rows of corinthian-style columns outline the central stretch of the lobby, base and capital shaded in honey-brown to accent the white of the column's length; tall, narrowly cylindrical pots sit at the base of each pillar, miniature palms heavy with verdant greenery.

At the far end of the column-edged path is a broad flight of shallow stairs, brown and gold edged by white; these lead up to the second floor, its promenades with wrought-iron railings, and the many other spaces to be found within the Corinthian.

Sitting at one of the lobby chairs, reading a story book to some of the younger refuges, or rather making up a story- and playing round-robin with the children, Adelaide leands foreward and begins to play with some of the kids in the hotel.

From a distance, Ling watches the various goings on in the lobby of the Corinthian with a careful eye. It was rare that she left her own room in the hotel, but today she believed it would be best to mingle with some of the others trapped in teh hotel - of course, not that she was among them. Still, knowing your surroundings is always better than otherwise.

The first person to really catch her attention is a young woman playing among the children, a curious way to spend one's time during the blizzard. Quietly, Ling approaches the small group of children, arms folded as she watches for a few moments.

Adelaide looks up after a moment. "Hello." she sats politely, to the woman, as the children, now finished with their story telling. Thought the children chatter excitedly about the adventure they helped to construct, about ferious smoke creature who used its form to ferret out bad guys. Adelaide straightens up. "Ahh.." she says.

Ling waves a hand dismissively as the woman looks up at her. The smirk on her face is one of amusement, though it's hard to tell what about. "No need to stop on my account," she replies with a motion of an arm. "I'm just… seeing who else is among the refugees," she continues with an unusual amount of honesty.

Adelaide nods. "I see." she says softly. "I mean, why looking for someone inparticular?" she stands slowly. "Perhaps I can help out? I've been getting to know people well since we've been in here for a while."

Ling shakes her head, unfolding her arms and taking steps towards Adelaide. "No, but thank you." A better time than ever to make nice, at least. She etends a hand to the young woman, feigning a smile. "Ling Chao. Have you been stuck here since the snow started?"

Adelaide chuckles. "Adelaide Naimarc." she says softly. "No I came in a days ago, once it started getting bad."

"Mmm." Ling seems to consider this for a moment, nodding. A hand at her chin, she looks around the room, a thin smile forming on her face. "Do tell me about some of the others, though, if you don't mind."

Adelaide shrugs. "Parents, kids, their families. No hot single guys looking for a single girl." she grumbles. "No even another single woman so far. It seems mostly just…" she smirks.

Ling chuckles, shaking her head at Adelaide's remark. "Interesting," she remarks again, continuing to look over the visible assembled group of refugees. None of them looked outwardly worrisome, though she would never expect for them to be. It was comforting regardless, and she feels her shoulders relax just the littlest bit, her mind at the littlest bit of ease. "I can't say I echo your sentiment," she replies, "But at least take comfort that you're not the only single one." Not that Ling really cared to have it any other way.

Adelaide nods. "True. I would think that spring would get people together or get people to talk to each other."

Ling glances off to the side momentarily, then back at Adelaide. "The weather doesn't suit bringing anyone together, despite the close quarters."

Adelaide says, "I would think it might, but then I guess I am an optimist.""

Ling turns, beginning to pace around a bit. "It's hard to be optimistic sometimes," she states plainly, beginning to circle around Adel, in a manner. "Unless, of course, everything is perfect. hardly the case here."

Adelaide nods. "I agree there, but I try and keep positive. If I didn't then I think I'd be a very tired person. Unable to live my life. I mean if I did think that each day a new start in the sky grew a little brighter… and each smile brightened one more person's day… I don't know if I could keep going."

An actual laugh escapes Ling at that remark, drawing some attention to her from the crowd; it doesn't sound like a particularly mirthful laugh, however. "I see," she says simply. "I've known people like that before."

Adelaide says, "You sound like you're fond, of them, or perhaps a little envious.""

The grin on her face widens, and Ling crosses her arms once more. "They amuse me, if nothing else."

Adelaide says, "Amuse?"

The Chinese woman wrinkles her nose as she looks over at Adelaide. "I don't know how else to put it," she remarks with a hint of annoyance. "People like that keep things interesting, though I can't say it's always in the most productive manner."

Adelaide nods. "True. I think we try to live our lives with a positive attitude.

Ling chuckles again, nodding. She unfolds her arms, taking a few steps away before turning back to Adelaide. "Just don't let being so positive get in the way od doing what you have to. It gets in the way sometimes."

Adelaide thinks, she looks at the Chinese woman and then exhales "Maybe, but as a student, and a future doctor, I think I'll have my optimism crushed by my work… so I've gotta learn to build it up now."

A Doctor? Intriguing. "Fair enough," Ling responds, turning away again, she pauses, raising a hand and waving it to Adelaide. "A pleasure to meet you, Adel. I hope if we meet again, it's in good faith," she remarks before continuing away.

Adelaide waves . "Thanks." she says. She stands as one of the little girls rushes over to her and grabs her wrist.

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