On the Edge of Oblivion



Scene Title On the Edge of Oblivion
Synopsis Elias adds his chips to the pot….
Date January 11, 2009

Cliffside Apartments - Elias' Apartment

Stepping into Elias de Luca's apartment is a lot like stepping into a bizarre time vortex. The sink, stove and refrigerator in the kitchenette are about the only things that seem like they were here before Elias was; the rest is an amalgamation of what seems like everything. Persian rugs of varying patterns cover large sections of the beige carpet, while the carved wooden legs of the sofa make the thing seem like it's come from Indonesia. The square coffee table in front of the sofa is plainly from Thailand, given the gold inlay just around the red surface, while the the short stools that sit at each side not occupied by the sofa are made from dark, Balinese wood. The white walls are covered with lacquered panels from Vietnam and masks from various parts of Africa. The curtains are made from heavy wool, but realistically could be from anywhere. Where he acquired all this swag will not be obvious to anyone, except for those who know him really well. Those same people will probably harbor doubts that he actually paid for any of it.

Elias doesn't use his apartment for much more than what he needs. Sleeping, eating, the normal behaviors associated with living and as storage for medical emergencies and the occasional drug deal. But tonight, and the past few nights, he's used it for another purpose.

Spread across his coffee table are the various small sheets of notes that he's drawn up during his brainstorm. Everything that came to his mind, everything he was able to learn, written, compiled and organized for his review. Chief among them is a typed and printed list furthest from him on the table concerning Kazimir Volken and, perhaps more importantly, Lucrezia Benatti, although while there is a photograph to go with the second, the only name given to her is 'Woman in Socks'. Listed with her is little more than a question of how dangerous she is. Elias will ask Amato for more information later.

Nearby the sheet about Kazimir is another with only a few details scribbled down about Flint Deckard, chief among them being that he 'Will provide equipment on notice'. Immediately below that, from Elias' viewpoint on his couch is another sheet with 'Phoenix' written on the top, along with the notes 'More info pending meet' and 'virus'.

Across the coffee table from the Phoenix sheet is the eponymously labeled 'Virus' paper, with everything Elias knows about that little detail likewise listed. 'E.E.', 'unknown doctor, extract. vaccine?', 'Knutson, voluntary? Do not trust', and 'Unknown security pending recon' are included is this list, and perhaps most importantly the final note 'EXTREME CAUTION NEEDED'. This is, of course, a highly infectious agent he's dealing with. It won't do any good to kill Kazimir if he dies from the virus.

Sitting center and closet to him is his most important document, however. The members of Vanguard he does know about, their abilities and, most importantly, the role they will have to play. Wu-Long is listed first, the first one that Elias knew he could count on. With his ability to blend in with the shadows and even kill the sound of his own footsteps, he is already invaluable. 'Military background, stealth, sabotage, recon. Nothing to lose, trustworthy'. Ethan comes next, his notes less glowing than Wu-Long's. 'Dangerous, temperment uncertain. Unreliable. Keep uninformed unless necessary'.

Next are the wildcards. Eileen, supposed to be deceased or at least missing, represents an unknown. 'Won't lie down, will resist being kept away. Ability useful for communication? No combat training'. Sylar is listed with only brief notes, valuable because of his many abilities, but independent and unpredictable. 'Can be controlled. Untrainned dog, use thick gloves'.

Finally, the new player, 'Salucci'. 'Inner circle, source of info, close to Volken. Equipment delivery. Eileen is leverage, can be compromised. Handle with care. Ability powerful, narrow, try to expand'. In all of this, Amato is going to be the most vital actor, and he will have to be kept on course at all times.

Reviewing everything he has a final time, Elias carefully pulls all of his papers into a neat stack, lifts them from the table and returns them to the newest hollow spot in his wall, refitting the removed section of wall and rehanging the African mask that covers it. Once again, his apartment is simply a normal, if somewhat eccentric dwelling, inhabited by any nameless, faceless New York drone. How much longer it will be inhabited in this way, Elias cannot say. Walking into his kitchen, he turns his attention on the stopped, antique clock that hangs on the wall, visible to anyone who looks in through his window with a powerful enough telescope, and resets the hands to reflect the situation. Ten days until he makes his move, ten minutes to midnight. And then, they'll strike, even as the world stands on the edge of oblivion.

January 11th: Matthew 15:24
January 11th: Didn't Think You Were Capable Of Cursing
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