On The Hunt


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Scene Title On The Hunt
Synopsis Audrey is determined to catch him this time! At least… one of him, anyway.
Date June 02, 2011

DHS Facility

Lunch time. Sacred time. Sometimes, it's synonymous with work time depending on who you are and your job. Or your ferocity in relation to your job. Audrey is one of those people and she's camped, in her office, deli spread before her - Jane was so kind to play delivery woman - and is currently masticating a pastrami on rye with sauerkraut to death. Like a cow. Bad habit of hers, eating with her mouth open.

"So they're telling me, that they found an old lady, in Jersey. Couldn't tell me much else, just that she burned to death in her house, in Jersey" You know, Jersey, where one of those red pins are on daddy gray's map, indicating it's been his playground before. She's looking over the file that showed up on her desk earlier, spread out so that Jane could see. "Lit a cigarette and fell asleep. Next thing you know, she's dead"

There's a pause in chewing to take a sip from the Dr. Pepper, bit of a dill, and then carry on eating. "Bone manipulator. What do you make of it?"

Jane is one of those people who usually keeps lunch holy. And actual break, no work, maybe a little music while she munches. But for this case, for Audrey, she's taken her lunch off her usual work to come and do this little extra work. Currently, her feet are up on Audrey's desk and she has a manilla folder in her lap as she eats her own sandwich.

"Well. We know fire is a good way to cover all manner of naughtiness. And we know who has been known to prance around Jersey. But, at the same time, we know old ladies are apt to be clumsy. Might just be an accident. Might be worth looking into, though," she notes as she lifts a shoulder.

The sudden opening of an office door, hard enough that it bounced off the wall, heralds in Thomas Cooper. His hand catches the door on it's swing back, wincing a touch and offering Audrey an apologetic look. "Sorry."

But he doesn't seem sorry long as a few long stride take him right to Audrey's desk where he drops a folder on her desk. He's wearing a grin, toothy like a cat that ate a canary. "Audrey, my dearest partner… I've got news that will have you wanting to take me on this desk right now." It's about then that he spots Jane, giving her a bright and cheery smile. "Hi Pak."

Whatever he must need to tell, he found it important enough not to brush the powder off his tie. "DNA's back." He declares as brightly as if it was Christmas. "It states clearly that either Sylar has a sister or mother kicking about or he was there. Not daddy dearest, however."

"I'll have to go to the courts and ask for an exhumation order, see if she can't be dug back up" Provided the woman wasn't cremated, or the body wasn't turned to ash in and of itself. "Nothing better though about her ability, think you can dig up anything else about it?" It was vague, very vague. She's about to take another bite of her pungent sandwich when Coopers bursting into the office, the only reply to his initial entrance is a plop of sour cabbage hitting the wax paper before she's saving the file from imminent desecration from the sandwich and swallows.

"Say that again and slower? There's… it's either a sister or a mother, or… him?" That's a surprise for the agent, she's never known him to have either, alive. His mother was dead.

Jane looks over at the door, too, as it bangs open, and she smirks a little at Cooper's apology. "You're lucky we're in a federal building, Coop. People bust in like that are asking to get shot." She takes a foot off the desk to push a chair in his direction before that foot goes right back where it was.

"So Sylar or some female relative was there? Does he even have a sister?" She looks to Audrey for that one, since she's the Sylar expert. "As for the burn vic, I can see if we can dig anymore. I'm sure when I explain she may be connected to the infamous Sylar, we'll be able to swing a lot of leeway for sniffing around the case."

Picking up the folder, Cooper fumbles it open, flipping to the right page in there and turning it around to show her. "The type of DNA they took… that micro… whatever" he gives a dismissive flip of his hand, "it was only able to determine that the owner of that DNA was either a close female relative or Sylar himself. Nothing about male relations. Don't think it could tell that."

He taps the page and gives a waggle of his brows, "It's all right there partner." Thomas looks rather pleased he could bring this news to her. He probably looks a bit like his namesake dog.
Audrey says, "His mother is dead. He has no sisters, and the only other female option would be impossible since he'd had to have fathered a kid in like, puberty, to be old enough to be doing this and the only woman that I know will go near him is Ruskin. So…" So it was him. Had to be him, right? "Right?" She's looking at the other two with raised brows, a napkin to wipe at her mouth so she can read,"

"Do we know if he fathered a kid in puberty or not? I mean, for sure? We don't know if he was a loony by then or not. He might have been perfectly desirable back then, who knows." Jane is probably teasing there, but the only hint of it is a little lift of an eyebrow.

"Well, I have a little information myself, to add to the pot." She sets her sandwich down to pick up her folder, open it, and set it on the desk, too. "There are three vents with weird damage left behind. They lead to the roof and reports say there's stress tearing in there. Empty, though. No one heard anything that night except a pair that says they heard a whining and some sort of vibration. But it was fast. So. Maybe he was there. Maybe not."

"I can't think of anyone else." Cooper gives a small shrug of his shoulders, before tucking hands into pockets and doing a bit of a bounce on his toes. Clearly, he's convinced. "Sounds to me that we have another hit. Cold trail just flared right back up."

Jane's little addition, gets his attention. Both brows pop up with interest. "Whining? Like a dog whining? Or…" He glances to Audrey and adds, "And stress makes it sound like something having to squeeze through there?"

"so we have point of entry, altered MO, DNA of the mitochondrial nature that puts him there, but also any direct female relative" Audrey puts her sandwich down, looking between the presented files, licking at her lips. "What does that give us? What about what Cooper said, have we had anyone pull the ducts? Can we get our witnesses to the sound to sit with a technician and run them through some audio samples to see if it will match up with anything they might have on record that would make that sound?"

"I hope it wasn't a dog, or else we're really barking up the wrong tree," Jane says to Cooper with a wink and a grin. But she looks over to Audrey with a nod, "We could pull the witnesses in and have them listen to some samples. No one pulled the ducts, as I understand it, they just examined them."

The wink gets a grin in return. "I'm just saying." He spreads his hands in there you have it kind of way. "Either way," Cooper turns back to Audrey, "What it gives us is that he's obviously on the move again. So I agree. Find out what sort of whining. Though why would he go through the ducts like that. Seems a bit to obvious."

"Either New York has become slim pickings, or he wanted flesh manipulation to add. And how is it obvious? I've seen him turn into inky sm oke before, who knows what else he picked up." Not to mention that inky smoke can carry other people. "Could…" Could it be? "See Cooper, if we can't get someone combing and sniffing around his family tree. See if his mother maybe got some loving on the side and popped out a sibling, if she had any doings with the child welfare system. I'm not going to rule out any siblings. Not when… His dad has surfaced before and we have the method of accessing the brain different than what he or daddy did"

"If he was smoke, why is there stress on the vent? You know what I mean? If he can become something that can slip through undetected… water, air, whatever, why do this? And if he doesn't have some way to slip through… how did he get skinny enough to get through? Vents aren't crawlable sizes these days." Jane picks her sandwich back up, because she's still hungry, see. "If there's another Sylar family member taking up what appears to be the family business, I'm going to throw something."

"What Pak said… why all the duct warping and noise getting there." Cooper points out. "Wonder if they sent some sorta camera down there. See what it looked like further down the line or if they just looks at the parts they could get too." Shrugs. "Just a thought."

On the whole family thing tho… "Will do partner, I'll make sure someone shakes the hell out of that tree, until Sylars great great great grandpappy drops out." Cooper already has his phone out of his pocket looking for the proper number.

"Get on that, Get the vents pulled, get whatever remains of the old lady exhumed, and…" God, if there is more to that family…. "Fuck, why can't my life be easier. Bad enough there's three of them, probably mo-" Audrey perks up a fraction. "Jenny, the one that he was imitating Jennifer childs… Do we know if she's still out there or if she died and if so, would she have shown up as female?"

"You're the one that would know, Hanson," Jane says, on the matter of the Jennifer version. "But if he can morph into a female… I guess it depends on if he can mimic things that deep. Or not… so deep that he actually becomes the person he's mimicking, down to the DNA. But I can help with the vents and the lady's body."

"Might be something to look into. How morphs work." Cooper comments looking up from the phone to his partner, with a glance to Jane. "Then again there are probably enough different types… You'd think one would be common tho." He stops himself, realizing how he is babbling. "Anyhow… my gut feeling says it's him period. Not him gender changing like Ramna."

"You'd think, but if there's one thing I've learned is that no two powers are ever alike" WHich sometimes, actually helps to pin down the guilty parties. "Cooper, go, I'm going to finish my lunch, you're not welcome, it's girls only. We're going to talk about tampons and maxi pads and the power that the goddess holds over our bodies once a month" No, not really, as if Audrey would actually talk about that. She just wants to get back to her lunch before Sylar takes over the rest of her day. puzzle over her new puzzle piece.

"She's right. It depends on the morph. The person who has the power, it's all relative." Jane Can't help but chuckle at Audrey's description of their lunches, and she can't help but add, "And we can't talk about your ass if you're standing here."

"I have… a daughter…" AKA he's heard/been hearing about it. Still, Cooper doesn't plan to stick around, he has a donut waiting for him in his office.

"Dinner down at that one sports bar. THe one with allll those screens" Cooper doesn't ask really. They live in the same building and it's not like they are dating. "I'm craving the buff-a-lo wings." Jane gets a grin and a nod of his head. "Pak." That was a goodbye, by the way. "Later ladies…." he calls as he leaves the same way he came in — making sure they get a good view of his backside — except this time he is very careful to shut the door softly.

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