On The Same Page Again


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Scene Title On The Same Page Again
Synopsis Adam brings along Kaylee to a meeting with Sam.
Date September 03, 2009

Sam's Room - A Hotel in Seattle

Usually, Sam would be up by now. Or rather, out of bed. He's an early riser sort. Fries himself up some bacon and eggs or, when in a hotel, hits the local diner for something greasy bright and early. This isn't a usual day, though. Late night, bad happenings, confessional time with Sabrina and a fitful sleep 'til the sun came up. Now he's just laying in bed and staring at the ceiling, waiting to see what the day will bring him. Despite that, his room still has a bright, morning coffee smell, thanks to the hotel coffee maker he set up the night before to start brewing a hot cup at six. It's been a while since the coffee was ready, but it's still hot. Probably getting a little strong by now, though.

Adam knocks on the door lightly, as if to alert Sam to his presence. But Adam, being who he is, made sure to get keys for everyone's room, just in case. However, the announcing of his presence sort of takes away the whole surprise that occurs when he then unlocks and opens the door. "Hello, Mr. Book. I hope I'm not interupting, but I thought it was important that we should talk." he enters the room and then brings Kaylee in. Kaylee would have been told to read what she can from Sam, particularly to see where he lies as far as being committed to the cause and all that. "Mr. Book," he says, "This is Kaylee, you've never been formerly introduced, though I'm sure you saw each other at the airport here and there. Kaylee, this is Sam Book." he makes his way towards one of the semi-comfortable chairs hotels provide and takes a seat. He casually crosses one leg over the other and leans back and stops there, as if waiting for Sam to make the first move."

The woman in question gives Sam a small smile even though she looks a bit pale… but then she had just spent the night throwing up. "Hello, Mr Book." Despite her appearance Kaylee's tone is bright. Her ability already focusing on the man and his surface thoughts. "Nice to finally meet you." She slowly and cautiously searches for what her boss wants, even as she settles into a chair, feet tucked under her.

When Adam comes in Sam sits up and looks over the both of them. He looks hollow eyed, it's pretty obvious he didn't get a lot of sleep, but he doesn't look surprised. "I figured you would want to talk." Turning to let his legs hang over the side of the bed, Sam pushes himself to his feet. Kaylee is given a brief, tired smile, "Miss Kaylee." He's wearing a set of silk pajamas in much the same charcoal color of his usual suit. "Before you say anything else, I do apologize for my snapping at Williams. It was unprofessional. I imagine we will be discussing differences of philosophy here, but in this one case, I will admit that it could have waited until we weren't in a burning building on which police were converging."

Adam nods thoughtfully at Sam at his apology. He says, "Yes, Mr. Williams tends also to not take criticism well, so it was doubly a risk. Not that I don't understand your position, tensions were running high, but we certainly have to consider these things." he pauses, "I suppose I should ask what your plans are now, Mr. Book. We're still not finished, we'll be leaving for Los Angelos and there's more.." he pauses, "Unpleasantness when we arrive. I have to know where your dedication lies. Or if you have none."

Elbows rests on the arm of her chair and Kaylee's chin is propped on her palms. Her blue eyes watch Sam's movements as if she's studying his every move, as if trying to figure out what he is about. The mention of LA and more unpleasantness makes Kaylee glances at Adam, her look curious. There is a soft sigh from her and she looks briefly unhappy. However, her eyes drift back to Sam and resume their watching.

"I have a respect for you, Mister Monroe. Do not doubt that I do. And even if I did, you have something I want. I've made it perfectly clear that you do, been quite open about it. I don't believe that Phoenix or Pariah have either the determination or the necessary skillset to help me reach my goal. So I am with you, one hundred percent. But I would like to make a few things about who I am clear." Sam walks over toward where his coffee is, sniffing a little as if to make certain the pot hasn't burnt on the bottom. "I may have seemed glib when asked to perform a demonstration of my power. I probably was. I've always found the idea of a power display to be a little gauche. However, you mentioned that the Company wouldn't have recruited me if I could only perform magic tricks. You're wrong, there. To the Company, my talent was useless. It was believed that I had too many limits on the ability, that my unique form of telekinesis was useless compared to the true telekinesis demonstrated by some evolved. Hell, my partner used to joke that they should partner me with a real evolved, so she could have a better partner. The reason they hired me was because I was a bloodhound for runners. Before the Company I served with the US Marshals as a field agent, bringing in escapees. I was good at that and I was good in the Company. Coffee?" Sam looks away from the coffee, instead looking at the two in his room. Though his attention is on them, a change occurs in his pajama top. Rather than being a solid item of clothing, it seems to break apart, becoming a dozen or so long strips of cut silk. A number strips begin to unravel themselves from around Sam and snake out toward the coffee maker, two capably setting up three cups while another lifts the carafe out of the machine and pours. "That was why I maintained employment, not for any post-human talent I may or may not have had. It is my human aspects that made me useful to them and, whether or not my ability may be useful, it will be those aspects that are useful to you." He tilts his head back and another strip of silk unfolds from his arm, snakes around and comes up, the length flattening, end folding over once and gaining an edge. The edge is then used to quick swipe up once over each cheek, then up his throat. When done, his five o'clock shadow is gone. At the same time his mussed hair begins to pull itself apart, spike outward and then comb itself into decency.

Adam listens and watches the demonstration, whether it's intended to be one or not. He pauses, "Alright, well, I suppose I could have been mistaken, though I have known the Company to be much more pragmatic in their recruiting. But, your skill set was certainly worthy of their attention with or without your power." he pauses, "And you still have Bob Bishop, though as I said, his daughter is mine. And, should you worry, do not be concerned that she is an innocent bystander, she's actually quite…" he pauses as he looks for the right word, "Complicit." he pauses, "But, as I said last night, things will happen. Things that will not sit well with you. Things that I won't be able to reverse as I did last night. Will you still be able to put your cards on the table, so to speak?"

Eyes widen as Kaylee watches Sam. In fact, the blonde slides to her feet and moves to get a closer look. She doesn't hide the curiosity at his ability, she looks like she wants to reach out and touch one of the strips. "Useless? Holy crap.. are they crazy?" Of course, she spoke before thinking and her mouth snaps shut, she glances back at Adam and gives him an apologetic look.

The mention of Bob Bishop and his daughter catches Kaylee's attention.. especially when she catches something from Sam. A glance goes to Adam… "Blonde? She shoot electricity?" Kaylee asks curiously of her boss and then glances at Sam. "I saw her…." She trails off, biting her lip. "Sorry…." Kaylee lapses into silence again.

"I know of Elle Bishop. I believe that she was made what she is by her father, but I believe that she has had many choices to be better than him and has failed spectacularly at every turn. She is also, to one degree or another, a Company agent. I have no pity for anyone who works for them. Especially post-humans who actively choose to betray their own kind." It's likely not really meant to be a demonstration. It's too practiced. Nuanced. This is most probably Sam's morning ritual. It's like a creepy-ass one-man ballet. A shimmy goes up his outfit and the material in his pants shift, no longer pajama style, but instead more professional, suitlike. Cups of coffee are set down before Kaylee and Adam, then the silk starts to come back together. One picks up a napkin from the coffee table and swipes it across the back of his neck, then tosses it into the trash. An imaginative mind might realize that they just saw him shower and wash his hair. Then the jacket goes limp, dropping down into a mass of silk rags. "I don't wholly agree with you about how last night went. Had the girl died in a fire, had her mother used her as a human shield and we'd had no choice, then that is unavoidable collateral damage. Chasing her down and murdering her, then making a joke about it as if one is mugging for a camera that isn't there? That's the act of a mad dog who kills because it's fun. Which is why it is fine for you to have your military structure. Williams and the woman can be your captains, but I would rather only answer to you. In this situation, I can only trust you. So if they're your captains, I'm your private military contractor. Blackwater, as it were. If you want a buffer between you and me, I'd be happy to answer to Miss Fairfax." Sam gives a little smile at that, then turns and picks up a powder blue button up shirt. The only thing he power can't do for him. He's gotta put this one one manually. Kaylee gets a nod. "That's her. I doubt she'd recognize me, but it'd be hard not to recognize her. There were … rumors. Daddy's little girl."

Adam purses his lips a bit. It's not hard to tell from his facial expressions that his connection with Elle Bishop runs deep. "She's…" he pauses, "Some things are broken to the extent that they can never be fixed. That's Elle." he says. He takes a quiet tone for some moments and nods, "Back to the topic at hand.." he says, "Alright. I suppose both Huruma and Mr. Williams…well. They are who they are. Which is why they are such important contributers and soldiers for the cause. But alright. Then you will answer directly to me.." at the mention of Sabrina, he arches his brow, "Just last week you looked at her with suspicion, now you would like her to be your commanding officer?"

Dropping back into her chair, Kaylee still seems a bit in awe of the other man's ability. "Elle.. huh.. She is creepy…. Kinda scary." She murmurs, more to herself really, as she curl up on the chair, coffee untouched for the moment. She goes back to watching Sam get himself ready for the day, of course, she's still in her gray sweat pants and pink tank top that she normally sleeps in. "We all have our little quirks and oddities.. Makes us who we are, Mr Book. Binds us in someways. A misfit band of people."

"I've had something of a turnaround on Miss Fairfax. I don't know what it is her talent is," amusingly enough, Kaylee would 'hear' that Sam assumes Sabrina to be a telepath, "but I do believe that she was hoping for the best for both of us when she decided to bring us to one anothers' attention." Once Sam's shirt is on, his rag-top pulls itself together into a suit jacket. When he turns back to the pair, one would be hard pressed to guess that minutes ago he was an unshaven, poorly slept lout. His eyes are still pretty hollow, but they're kind of that way all the time. To Kaylee he offers a faint smile, "My father used to say that 'it takes all kinds, but they don't all have to be here'. Admittedly, he was talking about blacks. Not a tolerant old Jew, my dad."

Adam hmms to himself, but nods to Sam in recognition of his quick change. He pauses for a moment and then says, "Well, I'm glad we're all on the same page. While I'm the one you'll be answering to, I do hope that you'll realize that you'll have to be polite and professional to the others, even if you do not care for them." another pause, this one longer, "Although, I had had a thought creeping in my mind recently. There will come a day when you have what you want. When I've given you your greatest wish and Bob Bishop is at your mercy. What then, Mr. Book? What becomes of you afterwards? Will you disappear into obscurity or will you continue to man the front, so to speak?"

"That's a hard question to answer. I'd like to say that I see a crusade for the freedom of all evolved ahead of me. Or a continued dedication to the destruction of organizations like Humanis First and Homeland Security. Maybe even the undermining of the American government. But I honestly don't know. There's a lot of blood between where we are now and Bob Bishop. It will give me time to think." Once he's dressed, Sam pulls open his jacket and two strips of silk break away to pull open a drawer of his nightstand, take the Glock 22 he'd set in there the night before out and hold it up for inspection, then deliver it into his shoulder holster. "Worst case scenario, I disappear the way I disappeared once before. Except instead of New York, I'll go someplace no one cares about. I hear Omaha, Nebraska is okay."

Adam chuckles, "You'd think." he says, "But I've heard plenty of stories of people in places like Nebraska and Idaho who were hunted down so they could be secured in Moab. Truthfully, as long as they're still out there, no place is safe." he stands quietly and nods. He holds out his hand, "Well, I'm glad we're on the same page again, Mr. Book. I'm sure we can avoid such unpleasantness in the future, yeah?"

When it's clear Adam is going to leave, Kaylee climbs to her feet. Once Adam shakes the other man's hand, the blonde moves to take it. Her eyes narrow a bit, a small smile on her face. She leans towards him slightly and studies his face. Almost like she's trying to see past the gruff exterior. "Good men come in many forms. No matter your past or what will happen in the future, I think deep down your a good man." One corner of her lips tug a bit higher as she adds softly her words a whisper just for him really, "The world needs good men, Mr. Book…" She straightens slowly and turns to head for the door, "Don't be too quick to take yourself out of it." She glances at Adam and continues on out the door.

"We can, Mister Monroe." So long as, the unspoken voice says, unpleasantness isn't pursued. "I am ready to go on our next stop at any time. I hope this time it's something more along the lines of storming a building of armed mercenaries rather than a home invasion. Six on one means some people just end up watching. At least I got a book out of it." When Kaylee approaches him, says her peace, Sam just blinks at her quizzically. "Er. Thank you." He looks down at his hands, more than a little uncertain.

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