On Your Trail



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Scene Title On Your Trail
Synopsis Carrie wants to bring Minea in, so she starts at the scene of a crime, or at a clue from the scene of a crime.
Date July 8, 2009

Amin Indian Restaurant

Amin Indian Restaurant Delkab Street Brooklyn. The place that the Indian food that Minea had left behind at the 'scene of the crime' came from. THe afternoon lull between lunch and dinner is usually the better time to come investigating stuff. THe place is actually closed for service for the house to prepare for the dinner rush that will start soon. Table cloths switched out, new plates, tables being set up.

She shouldn't be out here like this, she shouldn't looking for her. Yet here Carrie was in her Academy work clothes still. She had told Magnes to go ahead on home and she'd be along in a bit, lying that she had a meeting. The woman wasn't comfortable lying to him, but she didn't want him to know what she what doing. She was being a bad influence.

So in Carrie walked a photo clutched in one hand, a tranq gun tucked under her shirt as the small of here back, and her trusty Home Sec badge hooked on her collar. "Hello?" She calls out hoping to catch some one's attention. "Excuse me, is there a manager or someone I can have a word with?"

There's a few very obviously looking wait staff running around in traditional Indian garb. The one that Carrie wants though is not Indian looking, a tall man of obviously American descent. "Mr. Farnsworth" There's a hesitation at the badge that's hooked to her. "Can I help you with anything?" Suddenly a little flustered.

Carrie puts on a polite smile and offers the man her free hand. "Hello, Mr. Farnsworth. I am Agent Castillo, Homeland. You'll have to excuse my attire I've been helping out at the Police Academy… which is kind of why I'm here."

She doesn't show the picture right away, but holds it in both hands. "One of the Academy's trainees was recently beaten up and landed in the hospital." Tapping the picture against her chest she continues. "A food container for this restaurant was found at the scene."

"Oh dear, I do hope he's okay! I heard about it. I hope this doesn't reflect poorly on us. I assure you that we don't cater knowingly to the criminal element. If there's anything that we can do to help you!" The picture is looked at as if that might give an answer, but obviously not.

"I doubt it'll hurt you business really." Carrie offers with a smirk. "I don't think people will look at you as a hot bed for criminal activity." The picture it flipped around so that the man can see the image of Minea. "Have you ever, by any chance seen this woman in here? Especially, on that day maybe?"

Now that gets recognition. "Miss Dahl! She is a regular! Twice a week up until a few weeks ago. Then she stopped, but a few days ago… yes… That's her! Oh dear. She didn't beat your poor co-worker up did she?" Gasp. Oh dear. Couldn't be. Etc etc etc.

A hand comes up to stop the flow of flowery words of fake concern. With a small shake of her head and a brief thinning of her lips. "She's only a suspect at this point. So don't worry about her really." Looking thoughtful, she lowers the picture. "Would you still have any reciepts for that day.. or any orders from before, especially if she ever had a delivery." She doesn't expect much, but its worth a shot.

"Hmmm, we keep all our records, last weeks haven't gone off to the accountants yet… Come, come with me" The tall dark haired man beckons and leads Carrie back. Past the swinging doors and leaving the bustling activity that is preparing the main dining area and into the kitchen. The smells the waft from the sounds of the line cooks, chefs, sous chefs as they prep. It's overpowering if you haven't worked there and your scent recpetors haven't long since become numb to the smells. But beyond that they go, down a hall. Farnsworth occasionally tossing out some words to someone as they pass and then gesturing for her to step into an office. "Give me a moment to locate it all!"

Gesturing him to lead on, Carrie follows the man through the restaurant. Eyes scanning as they move along, and a wiggle of her nose at the smells. Her hand comes up to hold it against her nose til they are past kitchen. "Anything you can tell me about Miss Dahl would be helpful." She gives a couple of sniffles to clear the smell as she watches the man search.

"Just that she was a regular. She's one of yours that I knew of" He pulls down an Filofax labeled with a date and starts to shuffle through the various section, fingerstips walking over the hours in the tabs till he comes to the one that he wants. Nope, he's not bound by anything to say 'with a warrant' not this man, and that it's a homeland agent, well, has him worried enough. "Aha! Here it is, I recognize her signature" He produces the receipt.

Taking the receipt, Carrie gives it a glance. "Well, I figured I'd ask." Glancing at him, she gives him a smile though it doesn't reach her eyes. She hold it up. "I'd like to keep this…" Glancing around curiously as she asks, "..got a copier I can run you off a scan? I need the original for my report."

There's a little four in one printer, scanner, fax machine on the corner of the desk is. "Anything for Homeland" OF course. Because they can make your life hell yes? I mean, really, how many of those waiters are legally here? It takes a few moments and a copy spits out for her. signature, credit card information, everything. It's handed over to Carrie with a flourish. "Here you go Agent Castillo, is there anything else?"

Carrie takes the receipt trying not to look to thrilled about the info. Clutching it lightly and offering the man a smile. "I think that is it.. Mr. Farnsworth." Her freehand reaches for her back pocket and pulls out a card and offers it to him. "You have been… most helpful. If anything else occures to you.. or if she comes in again. Please, do not hesitate to call me."

"I do so hope that she's not the one responsible" Lost income you know, regular customers just be cherished. "I will call, if there's anything else, please, don't hesitate to call. We respect Homeland security and thoroughly appreciate what you go through on the streets. A meal is on the house should you ever return"

Moving towards thee door Carrie, pauses turning back to the man, looking rather solemn. "I hope not either, Mr Farnsworth," she lies easily. Holding up the reciept she adds. "Thank you again." Then she slips out of the office and hurries out of the resturant.

Once outside, Carrie slips on a pair of sunglasses and a small satisfied half-smile touches her lips. Glancing at the receipt, Carrie whispers softly. "I'm on your trail now, bitch. Gonna pay."

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